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The Reincarnated Princess’ Nursing (2)

“You! Bring her back here this instance!”

 Onee-san started running with Mia in his arms as curses were thrown over him.

“I'm sorry! Please get out of the way! Oh, please lend me that!”

“Eh!? Ah, yes!”

 I chased after onee-san.
 Passing the servant by my side, I borrowed the fan that he had.

"My cutie pie! Where do we go!?”

“Let's use the first room next to the exit! The sailors-”

“Oh, lil' miss! Over here!”

 Looking around, at the same time I was about to call out to him.
 The same sailor back on the deck apparently heard our conversations and wanted to help us out.
 I flew down the flight of stairs and entered the room just next to it.

“Miss Bianca, if you see my brother can you please bring him here?”


 I looked back over my shoulder and asked her.

“What should we do next?”

 Onee-san laid Mia gently on the bed and asked me for instructions.
 I took a deep breath to organise my thoughts.

 What do you do first when you have a heatstroke?

“…Take off her clothes and cool down her body.”

“In that case it'd be bad if I stay here. Can I leave her to you?”

 Onee-san looked at Mia and opened his mouth after pondering for a while.
 Even though onee-san is what he is, it seems he's still uncomfortable seeing the naked body of the opposite sex.


 Onee-san stood up once I gave an affirming nod. "Please take care of her.” He tapped my shoulder lightly before leaving the room.
 In return, Miss Bianca and Klaus stormed in.

“Mary, I'm here!”

“Mary, here's water!”

“Thank you very much! Brother, please leave. Can you help me, Miss Bianca?”

“Of course, what should I do?"

“Please raise her feet up slightly."

“Got it."

 Undoing her buttons, I opened up her chest area.
 Moving her bangs out of the way, I placed a wet cloth on her forehead. Then did the same with her neck and chest and started fanning on them.
 Miss Bianca inserted some bedding under Mia's feet.

 It'll be good if her temperature would go down with this…

"Shall we wait and see?"

“Let's do that.”

 I kept on thinking while fanning Mia.

 What should I do if the person herself doesn't wake up?
 I'm sorry I had to strip you butt-naked, but it's better to cool down your armpits and thighs, you know?
 That said, it's not an easy task when there's no ice.

 I wonder how much easier this would be if Lutz were with us.
 The moment I muttered so in my heart, I remembered the amulet he gave me.
 I touched the pouch that was hanging from my waist from the outside-



 I was checking the hard feeling through the bag with my fingers when she called my name.
 Following her sight towards Mia, I saw Mia's eyelashes moved as she regained her conciousness.


 Small groans escaped her petite lips and slight wrinkles lie between her eyebrows.
 While we were watching, Mia slowly opened her eyes.


 She naturally wandered towards the origin of the voice. Mia looked back and forth between Miss Bianca and I before blinking multiple times.
 Life slowly returned back to her empty eyes.

“Where am…”

 Mia muttered in a tiny voice.
 Her voice was certainly coarse and dry, but it seemed that she was not hallucinating.
 That's good news.

“This is the cabin closest to the stairs.”


“We’ll talk later. For now let's get you a drink. Can you sit up?”

 Mia was trying to say something but I held up my hand and stopped her before asking.
 She gave us a nod before trying to sit up and I poured some of the water into a glass.

 Mia took a sip of the water while being helped up by Miss Bianca and opened her eyes wide. She stared at it for a few seconds before tilting the whole glass upwards.

"Slow down…"

 Although I only poured about half of the glass, the water disappeared in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, she presented the empty glass to me as if asking 'Please give me more!' so I had no choice but to pour more for her.

 Mia, who gulped down about half of the water jug, breathed out a comfortable sigh.


 Like I thought, it's heatstroke after all.
 'That's a relief.' While smiling, Mia glanced between her glass and me alternately.

"What is this? It's really delicious!"

 And like she said, I remembered that it's not just water.

“It's a mixture of lemon water with a pinch of salt and sugar.”

 With only just those ingredients, it can be sort of like a quick sports drink.
 It's perfect for heatstroke and even though it’s super easy to make, it’s pretty tasty.

“It's already this delicious with only just that?”

 Mia kept repeating that it's 'amazing!' and 'delicious!' while holding the glass in her hand.

“You look a bit better now. That's a relief.”

 When I said that, Mia raised her face as if she remembered something.

“That reminds me, why… Don't tell me, did I collapse?”

“Yes, you did. You lost consciousness while you were talking.”

 It was Miss Bianca who answered her question.
 Mia's face turned blue. Perhaps unconsciously, her hands clenched the sheets so tight it nearly turned white.

“What do I do? Miss Flora! …Ow-!”


 Mia tried to get up in a hurry but since her body wasn't good enough yet, she abruptly fell over.
 Miss Bianca quickly supported her in time. Luckily, she didn't fall out of bed… But that was close.

“It's reckless if you move too suddenly.”

“But without Miss Flora's permission, I can't just have a rest on a whim!”

 I tried to calm her down but she won't listen at all.
 Miss Bianca brought her brows together, clearly frustrated.

“Her permission? …You collapse you know!? That's clearly unreasonable!”

 She has a point.
 But Mia still disagrees. If we have it her way, she would probably stand out there until she breaks.
 More wrinkles grew on my eyebrows in reaction to terrible workplace abuse. I tried to dismiss my frustrations with a sigh and held my forehead with my hand.

“Mia, if you go back to work like that you'll just collapse again.”


“If you're going to collapse again then there's no point in going back. Might as well get a better rest here."

 I stared at her and asked 'Am I wrong?' Mia slipped down looking like a scolded child and muttered a small voice 'No, you're not.'
 Me and Ms Bianca had wry smiles on our faces as Mia finally calmed down.

“In that case, take your time and rest properly.”

 Retrieving the glass from her hand, I then told her to lie down.
 Mia obediently got into the bed. I pulled up the cover to her shoulder and tapped it lightly.


 Mia's body seemed like it needed rest and she soon began falling asleep. Her eyes were closing but then they were open again as if she had remembered something.
 I realised that a vague gaze was directed at me and lightly turned my head towards her.
 Her lips slowly moved and a gentle voice slipped out.

“Thank you for rescuing me.”


 Leaving me there with my eyes wide in surprise, Mia silently fell to sleep.

“You're welcome.”

 I muttered softly as I tended to the wet cloth on her forehead.

TN: “Her permission? …You collapse you know!? That's clearly unreasonable!” The 'unreasonable' here was translated as 'force majeure.'

From Wikipedia: Force majeure or vis major (Latin) - meaning “chance occurrence, unavoidable accident”, is a common clause in contracts that essentially frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties, such as a war, strike, riot, crime, or an event described by the legal term act of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.), prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract.

Meaning it couldn't be helped since an event like collapsing/fainting is beyond one's control and would not need one's 'permission' for one to collapse on the floor because of a heatstroke, for example. But since 'force majeure' sounded out of place, I replaced the word.

And the same as always, if you see any mistakes please comment below and I’ll try to sort it out… Once I get to it. Sorry for the long TN section.

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