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Tensei Oujo – ch46


The Reincarnated Princess’s Impatience.

   “…-oyal Highness? Has something occurred?”


   The carriage made a loud sound as it ran something over, like the wheel had hit a rock.
   The giant jolt as a result returned me to my senses.

   In front of me was Sir Leonhard, his face clouded over in concern. He must have worried about me, spaced out like I was.

   “I, I’m fine,” I stammered over my words.
   As I slowly realized what was going on, my face began to burn up.

   I’m terrible person. He was important, yet after I showed him my blank face, I couldn’t believe I ignored him the entire time.
   Feeling abashed and guilty, I rapidly apologized, but his expression did not clear up. Sir Leonhard stared at me, brows wrinkled and lips pursed.

   An awkward silence fell in the carriage.

   You wanted to talk with Sir Leonhard so you selfishly begged him to escort you to Master Julius’s residence.
   What the heck are you doing, Rosemarie?

   Feeling ashamed, my eyes continued to drop, until a big hand stretched before them.

   Inadvertently, I leaned back.

   But without putting it into words, he understand that. His outstretched hand stopped where it was. When I looked up and met his eyes, Sir Leonhard was wearing a troubled expression.

   I did it again!!

   I had no idea why Sir Leonhard was reaching for me. but that didn’t change the fact that I had rejected him.

   You’re mistaken, I was just taken by surprise.
   I wanted to explain, but couldn’t put it into words.

   Sir Leonhard watched as I mumbled hesitantly, and he slowly asked, “Princess, can I touch you?”

   Touch? What did he mean?
   My head moved stiffly as I nodded, stammering grandly all the while.

   “Uh, um, ah, yes.”

   His hand brushed aside my bangs, and his palm gently came into contact with my forehead, as if he was trying not frighten me. At the touch of his strong hand, all my consciousness flew away, and even my thoughts froze.


   I held my breath. In comparison, there wasn’t even a sign of perturbance in his composure.

   He breathed a sigh of relief and lifted his hand from my face.

   “There’s no fever.”

   His eyes softened, losing its severe edge.
   Getting the full blast of his gentle smile from point blank range put my brain in near-dangerous levels of discombobulation.

   My face burned up even hotter than before.
   My brain stopped working, but my heart was going into overdrive.

   “Eh, ahh, yes,” I replied squeakily. Who answers with ‘yes’?

   “Please let me know if you’re hurting anywhere.”


   “Or if you don’t feel comfortable.”


   “So, is there anything troubling you?”


   I was trying to contain my hammering heart, counting inside my head and nodding each time without thinking about it. It wasn’t even a loaded question, but I fell for it—hook, line, and sinker—and a guilty look to go with it.
   A cautious glance at Sir Leonhard revealed all grins. It was of a different type from the ones previous, and I knew no excuse would save me.

   “Bottling everything inside is a bad habit of yours. As your adviser it somewhat displeases me, but there may be something I can do to help if you share your troubles, no?”

   Ahh, Sir Leonhard speaking casually is so attractive.

   It was either escape from reality, or just me being true to my gut reactions.
   Despite my inappropriate thoughts, I gave a tiny nod.

   But where should I begin?
   Briefly, I turned my eyes on him and he slightly tipped his head to the side, as if he was encouraging me. The sight was like an arrow to the heart.

   To calm myself, I slightly averted my eyes.

   “I spoke to father recently,” I began.

   His eyes opened wide. “You met with His Majesty the King?”

   “Yes. Perhaps I should mention it was for the fourth time.”

   “I can’t tell if you’re throwing caution to the wind, or if you’re displaying decisiveness and the ability to take action in unusual settings,” he said, both shock and admiration in his sigh.

   Rather than the qualities he believed them to be, it was reckless thoughtlessness. At first I was afraid, but the lessons learned in danger was quickly forgotten once the situation passed, and got a taste of my own medicine.

   Even though I’m afraid at the beginning, the lessons learned are quickly forgotten once the storm has passed. A fool whose mistakes comes back to bite her painfully.

   “The first time I was so nervous I thought I’d throw up, but from the second visit onward I found myself somewhat settling in,” I mumbled under my breath. The words sounded like an excuse, and Sir Leonhard’s expression because even more doubtful.
   He tried to look stern but failed and rubbed at his own jaw.

   “I’m troubled. I don’t know whether I should be angry at your lack of wariness, or praise you for being so distinguished.”

   “You should be angry…”

   Or rather, I’ll run away if you praise me. I looked down.
   A bitter smile floated on Sir Leonhard’s face as he appraised me. As if he had made a decision after reflecting, he continued without scolding me.

   “And then what happened?”


   Head still lowered, I began to recount how I was given an opportunity to read books on the Dark Lord, but they were written in an ancient script so I couldn’t read it very well, and decided I’d need to visit any number of times.

   How he called me a fool right to my face.

   And because I took the bait instead of ignoring it, which resulted in a heated exchange between us, I had somehow painted a target on myself.

   Speaking of each instance in detail proved quite the form of self-torment.

   Incidentally, I haven’t made mention of the political marriage yet.

   After I finished, another silence fell in the carriage.

   It was awkward and I couldn’t stand it, so I summoned up my courage and stole a glance at Sir Leonhard. Brows furrowed and silent, his expression was solemn.
   He looked like Auguste Rodin’s sculpture, The Thinker.

   What should I do? Wasn’t this someone in complete shock?



Short chapter, huzzah. Developments (and more releases?) coming soon? Fun fact: Leon is actually very popular in Japan. Hahaha.


Edit: For those who are interested, Nephery has made an awesome ePub version of the first light novel for Tensei Oujo! To my embarrassment, my terrible comments at the end of chapters were kept in. Ahhhh. But other than that, please do head over to her blog if you’re interested!

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