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Tensei Oujo – ch45 The Reincarnated Princess’s Temper.

   “Who are you calling a fool!”

   I threw the pillow in my hands at the head of the bed as hard as I could.
   It did nothing to lessen my temper. When the pillow bounced back, I punched it with all my might.

   “‘Prove your worth to me’? Get off your high horse!!”

   One after another, blows landed on the poor pillow. Feathers scattered through a tear and went unnoticed.
   The anger had gone to my head, and I couldn’t even use venting as an excuse. What little reason remaining had flown out the window, and I would have run through the castle yelling if it had been viable choice.

   Ahhhhhhhh! I’m so mad! Sooo mad! You shit fatherrr!!!

   Clutching the pillow, I rolled around on my bed.

   It was possible Klaus heard everything through the door, but yeah, yeah, whatever. I couldn’t care less.

   I sulked and threw a pity party.

   I couldn’t remember how I made it back to my room after leaving my father’s rooms, the shock was that great.
   I continued to space out even after I was left alone, but what finally reared its head was neither sadness nor despair but rage.

   Face it. I’ve tried so hard, and I get an undesired marriage? What the hell!
   If I said it would’ve been better to quietly accept my fate, then wouldn’t that be a complete denial of all my efforts until now?!

   That’s the definition of calculating.

   But. But… I wasn’t so self-centered I’d be happy to be the only one blessed. It would be good if a future where everyone–the ones important to me, and the people who surrounded them–can laugh came to be, and I worked in my own way toward that goal.

   Who would’ve imagined that the outcome would be getting tied to a Wedding Route with a faceless prince from a neighboring kingdom?

   “Drop dead, you shit father!”

   I hit the pillow with all my strength behind the blow.
   The moment my fist sank in, several feathers flew out from the seams. The fluttering feathers danced around me like a dream as they descended, and I watched while gasping for breath.

   My rough breathing was the only sound inside the quiet room.

   “Ahhh… Geez…”

   With the moment of rage over, I was exhausted.

   The impact of my body hitting the surface sent a feather into the air again, and it landed on my nose. I blew out a breath and closed my eyes.

   “This is pointless.”

   My low voice bounced back hollowly.
   Along with the cooling of my head came a sense of emptiness.

   Screaming and throwing a fit alone in your room, then falling into a bout of self-loathing? You’re a mess.
   What are you doing, Rosemarie?

   Staying like this wasn’t helping, but didn’t want to do anything else today. Maybe it was an effect of the anger, for I now had a dull ache around my temples.
   I doubted sleep was possible, but I intended to get some as soon as the symptom abated.

   That’s when I felt a tiny touch on my forehead.


   I slowly opened my heavy eyelids.

   Immediately, the dark shadow near my pillow meowed.
   The black cat suddenly filled my vision as he peered into my eyes.


   My pet meowed again in response.

   He’d been casually relaxing on the sofa during my frenzy, and transferred himself over when I wasn’t paying attention.

   I had a feeling his marble-like blue eyes were asking, Are you done yet?

   “Nero,” I said, sounding very pathetic.

   I reached for him, wanting a hug. He dodged, his cry sounding like a veto.

   I see. So you hate hugging?

   I was saddened, but I could see why he wouldn’t want to be squeezed by the girl who had been raging not too long ago. I decided to give up and watch him instead.
   As if he sensed the instant I made my decision, Nero settled down above my head.

   For a moment, I was hoping we could sleep cuddled together, but then he started doing something unexpected.

   “Huh?? N-Nero?”

   His put his paw on my forehead one more time.
   Ignoring my bewilderment, he began to make himself at home on top of my head.

   You’re kidding, right?
   I can’t say you’re full-grown, but I’ll have you know you’re actually quite heavy!

   This time my head was literally feeling a great weight.

   I’m glad you seem so comfortable, but please don’t fall asleep like that.

   I must look pretty silly right now, I thought.
   What are you doing, Rosemarie…? Seriously.

   Looking at the canopy above with half-open eyes, I heaved a big sigh.

   Reflecting on my actions again, that was all I could do.
   I was supposed to be a character from an otome game, and yet, why couldn’t I do anything right? I was a disgrace.

   I’ve never heard of a princess burning with a love that cannot be throw a fit when she hears marriage of convenience talks. I think they usually cry?

   Thinking of how I swung my pillow around and threw a tantrum, I cringed. Even Iwould cringe. I had a cat curled up on my head, for crying out loud!

   I’ll never be an otome game heroine.
   And that was why I could only struggle in my own bumbling way.


   Both hands folded on top of my stomach, I took a deep breath. Eyes closed, I focused on my thoughts.

   My father asked me to prove my worth.

   What sort, specifically? There was no clear answer. I needed to judge for myself, and moving was the first hurdle.
   Our conversation was outrageous enough to make my head swim. Would you really give the young princess such a brutal task? You monster.

   But, as luck would have it, I already had two objectives.

   The first was the matter of taking preventive measures against the disease spreading in the future.

   If we discovered a cure, we could produce it for Wind in exchange for great leverage.

   The other matter was tracking down the stone where the Dark Lord was sealed, and placing it under strict safeguarding.
   For Nebel, and the peace of the world, leaving the current situation the way it is, not knowing when the Dark Lord will revive again, was much to dangerous.

   Since both had a record-high degree of difficulty to pull off, they should produce huge results.

   The person evaluating and observing wasn’t someone easy to please. If I was unsuccessful, it would be the same as not doing anything. Results are everything, he would probably say with one brow arched.

   “Can I do it?” I asked hopelessly.

   The questioned went unheard and disappeared into the stillness of the night.

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