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"Where is this country bumpkin from?"

"Earth's Solar System IG team. These kinds of rookies only deplete precious resources and training space."

"The Solar System is famous for being first rounders, so maybe they find greater meaning doing this."

Zhang Shan was just preparing to try an Aslanian mecha when he heard footsteps behind him.

There stood a few youngsters. All IG participants wore their school uniforms with their school badges; it was considered a kind of glory. 

They were from Locke's Star.

The famous mercenary star who achieved a historical best score of entering the quarterfinals. Although they were not the top team around, other countries generally tried not to run into them. People from Locke's Star were all-rounded with good team awareness. Even if you did not die running into them, you might shed an entire layer of skin. The IG was a fierce battle, and no one would purposely want to offend the relentless Locke Star team.

A Locke Star man glared as Zhang Shan peered over. "What are you staring for? Looking for death?"

Zhang Shan laughed.

"Where did this bunch of puppies come from, barking aimlessly!"

Triggered, the Locke Star people stormed forward, completely surrounding Zhang Shan. Zhang Shan was just as fearless. These a**holes, even though the Solar System team might not have had strong teams before, they would not let others take advantage of them. People that did nothing would only get bullied here.

At this time, Landry arrived in time and came to the people of Locke. "Remember that you are at the Royal Aslan College. Everyone must abide by our rules. If you are unhappy with each other, battle it out openly. Private fights are prohibited here. If you are worth anything, battle it out at the IG. Don't bring shame to your country! "

As a member of the discipline team, Landry was dedicated to discipline. With the student union adding more students, there would be a higher probability of incidents like these, especially with gangs of energetic soldiers preparing for the IG.

"Remember, I'm Jackman, the captain of the Locke Star team. We will make you cry!" Jackman said, pointing towards Zhang Shan's nose. "Let's go!"

Zhang Shan was angered to his core despite being much more stable and mature now. As the opposing party was just out to get him, he could not hold back.

Landry smiled. "Don't be fooled. That was intentional. From the current schedule, your Solar System team will be up against the Locke Star team for the first round, and they just wanted to secure their chances of winning."

Zhang Shan relaxed after listening to his explanation. How sinister... the Locke Star team was mighty in strength; to think that they bothered to engage with such petty tricks.

The competition had to be really steep.

"Thanks. I will not pay heed to those guys, but they better watch out!" Zhang Shan slammed his fist against the wall.

Landry smiled. "You are part of Wang Zheng's team, right? I hope you guys will do well."

Landry did not say much. There were a lot of things to be done, so he could not stay for a long time. Zhang Shan froze and could not help but laugh. Even when they were in Aslan, Wang Zheng was still something else.

When the training was over, Zhang Shan told the rest what happened. Zhang Runan was immediately furious. "How could you not beat them up?!"

"Runan, it doesn't matter if we beat them up or not this time around. We will leave them with a good memory when we meet again during the IG." If it was the old Zhang Shan, even if Landry tried to hold him back, he would have done something foolish.

"Wang Zheng, why aren't you saying anything?" Meng Tian felt that Wang Zheng was unusually quiet.

"What's the matter? Everything is fine. I am not mad, I'm much more restrained now, so don't worry." Zhang Shan laughed, thinking that Wang Zheng was worried about the consequences.

"Zhang Shan, you don't need to tolerate them in the future. This time, we have only one goal at the IG: destroy and eliminate, one by one!"

Wang Zheng's murderous intent was becoming more and more obvious. He had always wanted to find a rhythm, which was necessary for victory. However, he was not sure what his attitude should be towards the upcoming IG.

Now he understood. This was a battle between beasts, and only strength could win respect!

Planet Atlantis was holding a grand ceremony.

To the Atlanteans, any form of battle was sacred, and every soldier was fighting on behalf of the gods.

Since the start of the IG, Atlantis was undoubtedly the most popular amongst the eight IG powerhouses.

Until the recent uprising of a few other major empires, Aslan had won twice, and Arbiter had won the championship once. The other empires were also very strong, but they had ultimately always perished before the Atlanteans.

Today, strength was not absolute. Consumption of resources, tactics, and relationships all played a part. Atlantis was like the common enemy, and it was not easy for them to make it to the very end.

In the last two competitions, Atlantis had understood this. Therefore, they did not send their strongest lineup and instead kept a low profile. This time it was different. Winning was always a good thing.

"Isn't this lineup a little exaggerated? It's simply not giving us humans a chance."

"They are planning to wipe us out!"

"It seems that after several rounds of silence, Atlantis has decided to regain their throne."

Atlantis was not made up of only Atlanteans. As the country became more open, many ambassadors and businessmen had obtained the right to reside in Atlantis. To obtain a residence in Atlantis was not an easy feat.

At their ceremony this year, several ambassadors from other countries, and even some humans in power, were invited.

At this time, between the ambassadors of various countries, it was clear that they were keeping their eyes wide open for insider intel.

"There are opportunities for Aslan and Arbiter to win. However, it is still very difficult to triumph over Atlantis. After all, this lineup..."

"In the past, even with an average lineup, they put up a fierce fight. This time, Atlantis is regaining their strength, displaying their full force, and attempting to deter all of humanity," said an Arbiter businessman.

"I am afraid that the Milky Way Alliance has been in a sensitive state as of late, and thus they might be displaying their military prowess as a warning!"

Everyone nodded in agreement. In fact, Atlantis' strategy was clearly understood. Without strong backing, how could Atlantis be so powerful in a world dominated by mankind?

Humans who stayed in Atlantis had special tasks and missions. However, after close contact with the Atlanteans, they discovered how truly terrifying they could be.

In addition, their positive image was also very strong. Amongst the younger generation, many saw Atlanteans as fellow human beings, and some even thought that Atlanteans were above humans.

Conservative humans saw this as the cultural invasion of Atlantis. Who knew what was the next step of evolution for mankind? Did the Atlanteans think of human beings as beneath them?

However, staying conservative was not the way. At this IG, Atlantis clearly wanted to shine, and they intended to showcase absolute strength. With their roots from the same origin, Earth, showcasing amicability helped deepen their relationship with humans and ensure trust.

Suddenly, a loud noise interrupted all conversations.

The Atlantean guardian squadron raised their guns towards the sky.

Twelve members of the Atlantean IG team, led by the little prince, Haolin, proceeded out of the temple step by step. Every time a step was taken, the ceremonial guards' phalanx fired once towards the sky. The heavy feelings of grandeur spread like a spark on oil.

At the top of the shrine was an altar standing high above all, representing the exercise of God's authority. The Queen was standing alone, holding the power of the gods in her hands and wearing a gorgeous outfit. Each accessory worn had a historical significance as heavy as a mountain.

Her gaze garnered God's attention.

At the ceremony, all of the Atlanteans faced the ceremonial engraving with common respect and honor for the gods.

"Under the leadership of the Queen, under the guidance of the Lord, Atlantis is alive and will live for eternity. We will bring glory back to the Queen, glory that belongs to us all..."

A melodious chant sang from every Atlantean there. It was like a poem or a song, but different in some senses. It was heavier, laced with history in its melody. It was as though the song had turned into something that physically blessed every Atlantean.

The ambassadors that were observing the ceremony became solemn. Although they seemed to be worshipping like everyone else, they were really worried about the current situation.

Hao Lin took a big stride. His little body was full of spiritual glory, shining as though he was being watched by the gods.

With a pause in the song, a string of the unique Atlantean language escaped from his mouth. It was projected to the ears of the worshippers not with the help of a loudspeaker, but by some mysterious power. It was not loud, but it was crisp and clear.

"What did he say? Is that an Atlantean spell?" Among the ambassadors, some knew the language, but they could not understand what the young prince was saying.

"It is the gods' language, an ancient language. Like runes, this kind of language cannot be learned."

The ambassador's eyes flashed. He was the most advanced expert in the Atlantean language amongst mankind. He was able to read and write in most Atlantean languages, including the ancient Atlantean language. But the words Hao Lin spoke were incomprehensible to him. It was only taught to Atlanteans, so even with his linguistic talent, he could not decipher it.

As Hao Lin's voice quietened, the majestic Queen stepped down from the altar. One could not tell if she was walking or peacefully floating.

She landed in front of Hao Lin and the 12 IG members, who bowed down together.

The Queen's eyes glowed with light, and the scepter in her hand gently tapped the top of Hao Lin's head. "God gave you this honor."

"We swear that we will bring glory back. For the gods. For our Queen."



The 12 members stood up together, with Hao Lin standing at the side. A a strange sound transmitted from the ground in the distance. 12 cages rose. Inside were 12 giant animals.

This was the climax of Atlantis' expedition. These animals represented the identity of each warrior - Star Beast Knights!

"Is this really a star beast?"

"Young star beasts. Where did they get them... and why are they so tamed?"

Half a minute later, the humans on the viewing gallery could not close their jaws. No matter who they were or where they came from, they had the same thought. Atlantis was absolutely invincible!

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