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Gemini Star's Republican Federal Capital.

The center of the planet, the space above Gemini square, was covered by a huge photon screen. There was only one picture on it: IG Fight!

For this IG, Gemini appeared to have produced a pair of strong members. Everyone's hearts was brimming full of confidence for victory.

The Prime Minister appeared on the screen and gave a motivating speech. The Gemini Star had risen over the past few hundred years. Whether it was science, technology, or military strength and talent, they were amongst the most elite. Since being discovered, the Gemini Star was undergoing its most formidable period right now.

"We will prove that our time has come. Some people say that those in the Gemini Star are all dwarves. I have only one response to such people."

The Prime Minister raised his middle finger!

Thunderous roars resounded!

Roar! Everyone from the Gemini Star was overwhelmed by cheers and applause and followed swiftly to point their middle fingers.

"Gemini! Gemini!"

"Kick ass!"

"Weaklings who need compression clothing just to live in our galaxy are not qualified to say that we are short!" The 12 young soldiers from the modern generation appeared on the screen. Every one of them was wielding a heavy hammer, proof of their elitism.

The buzz amongst the people rose again! Ambassadors of other countries looked over scornfully. Even for military generals, most of them had to stay in special gravity chambers in the Gemini Star and wear special suits to survive the suffocating gravity there.

While others secretly called Gemini a dwarf star, they were also referred to as weaklings by Geminians.

However, on a public occasion like this, it was the first time the prime minister had cursed in public.

The Gemini people were usually down to earth and extremely modest. Their actions this time did not sit well with the other ambassadors.

"Actually, there is nothing strange going on here. Have you seen the hammers held by those IG team members? Aren't they the ones held by their past participants?"

"Say... in the past, only two soldiers usually held hammers. The others used to hold flowers..."

"This hammer is equivalent to a military medal in the Gemini Federacy and is only given to people with special merits or who have passed difficult tests."

The ambassadors who had a deep understanding of the Gemini culture and a keen eye said, "This time, Gemini is definitely the hottest hit."

"Oh, won't the representatives of Aslan and Arbiter get jealous?"

"See the shortest on the left with red hair? Rosala is said to be the weakest member in this team. However, in a previous exchange simulation game, he easily defeated the IG captain from Arbiter."

"Oh, that happened last time. This time, we Arbiters will surely surprise everyone."

The ambassador from Arbiter was among the group of ambassadors. He was the only one who did not wear compression clothing and stood 190 cm in height. His stood tall with confidence.

Meanwhile, in the distant empire with people of steel - the Arbiter Empire!

Without a formal ceremony, all the IG members were gathered on a huge steel fortress. Every single one of them was breathless and exuding a blood thirsty aura.

One of the admirals stood at the highest point of the fortress and stared at the audience coldly with his ice-blue eyes. "We are Arbiters. We are the only ones to celebrate. Your expedition will be icy cold, but what awaits you is the ultimate reward for the empire!"

There was no need for more encouragement. The last phrase was enough to ignite the flames of war in the hearts of any Arbiter.


"Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The cheering of the twelve members overshadowed everything. Their bloody scent pervaded everywhere. Except for the admiral himself, no one knew what the group had experienced their recent training sessions. Only, every single one of them seemed to be hiding a devil inside.

"The icy expedition, the return of fire, the true spirit of an Arbiter, only death, no failure!"

All the galaxies in the various countries were mobilizing. This IG was obviously different from the past. It was not just a blowout, but one that took place once in ten years. In this session, there were more deep-seated soldiers, some of which had not participated in the past. Even countries who were participating for the first time only sent their finest.

Locke's Star, Immortal Barbarian Star, Norton Star...

Every country had a different opening ceremony, and some were more enthusiastic. Celebrations were everywhere.

Some were more deserted, with only the military celebrating. There was little to no reaction. It was an understated publicity event comprising of just a headline news article.

Solar System Federation team...

Obviously, there was no point in celebrating with the entire population. In fact, apart from a few relevant personnel, there were not many other people concerned. In general, this was an event far too high-end for the people of the Solar System Federation.

"It is different this time. We have the strongest lineup of our Solar System in a century!"

"The lineup is very strong, but what about the captain? Wang Zheng? I've never heard of this chap before."

"Oh? That guy who won the physics award for the University Student Science and Technology Award, Xiao Fei's proud disciple."

"Physics? You're making me more confused. How can a physicist become the captain of the IG? I heard rumors that the Solar System team is stronger this time, and …"

"Oh, the captain was selected based on true strength. I believe in Wang Zheng."

"Oh, my, maybe some self-comfort is good too, but we have to see the facts as they are. I just received the latest intel. Take a look at who Atlantis sent this time..."

There was a video of an Atlantis IG expedition in the forum. The video was sneakily shot, but still clear. At the beginning, there was nothing. However, towards the end of the clip, everyone who saw the video was speechless, but was thinking the same thing --

Were Atlanteans really human beings? Were they really a civilization that originated from Earth?

This was posted by a small military enthusiast's forum on the Moon. They were resentful about Achilles not being the IG captain. It would be better to return home and take care of children.

Lie Xin, Lie Guang, Achilles, Raston, and Taros had gathered together with no real purpose, except for a short greeting and a word of encouragement.

The Solar System team quietly set off.

The team members had not seen each other for a long time. They chatted enthusiastically in the cabin. They used to be competitors, but now they were teammates. Gone was their competitive rivalry between them; now they were counting on each other to outperform themselves.

Luo Fei was definitely the most popular, and he could not stop chatting. He had many friends in the team, including Milo. However, they now served as representatives, and they had adjusted their attitudes accordingly.

Everyone present was strong of course. When Atos failed to show up, the audience was not so much as bothered by his lack of turnout. On the other hand, who could have thought that this humorous fat man would actually turn out to be a member here?

The list of finalists was as such: Wang Zheng, Lear, Achilles, Lear, Raston.

Substitutes: Taros, Luo Fei, Lie Guang, Masasi, Meng Yue, Zhang Shan, Zhang Runan.

The substitutes were led by Taros. Edison might have gotten too excited; he ended up hospitalized when his computer exploded, so he could not participate. He could only wait for news of the IG battle as he recuperated in the hospital.

Achilles stood amongst the people. The Sun God was actually very gregarious and was very kind to everyone. He naturally stood as the leader in Wang Zheng's absence.

As for Lear, he did not seem to want to associate himself with the crowd. At this time, Lear was standing alone at the front of the spacecraft. He looked into the vast space as they finally set off.

His ambition, his goal, must start from here. Whether it was him, Wang Zheng, or Achilles, the position for captain truly didn't matter. Battles within the Solar System were meaningless; what was most important was the battle at Aslan.

Even if their opponents had the background and strength, one still had to fight their way to the top, and that was exactly what Lear wanted the most.

His family had already made preparations. Everything was ready.

Just how far could this team go?

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