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"Our plans can only be delayed for a maximum of six months, or else construction time cannot be met. If it does not work out in Aslan, we can try contacting the Gemini Star. Although their technology is not as advanced as Aslan's, they can guide us sufficiently. We must keep these matters confidential."

Zhang Lu clenched his jaw. A warrior must have the courage to even break his own wrist. Now that he had to retreat, he did not have time to waste.

Liao Yuqing smiled. "I will try to pacify and extend our deadline on the technical time allowed. We will have to book tickets back to the Moon to prepare our materials."

The three of them quickly developed a backup plan amidst the heavy atmosphere. After all, their mission on Aslan had failed.

Zhang Lu smiled. As the boss, he obviously had to put up with the pressure. He could not be too strict with his subordinates, or he'd risk affecting their efficiency.

"Well, we can just take it as time off to travel. It is not easy to travel to Aslan as tourists, but since we are here with the company, and you managed to meet up an old friend, our time here was well spent."

At 7:30 PM, Wang Zheng punctually reached the Heriz restaurant. At the main door, he saw Liao Yuqing and the others at the reception. Xiayu was the most anxious, and she rushed towards him. "Let me see what Little Zheng's girlfriend looks like!"

"Hey, you two, don't block me!" After Zhang Lu and Liao Qinyu separated, Xia Yu stopped talking.

"Hello, everyone, I am Xiao Shi, Wang Zheng's girlfriend," Aina said, smiling while holding Wang Zheng's arm. She was torn apart about what she wanted to wear, but had eventually come in a simple outfit.

Liao Yuqing and the rest were also casually dressed. This was indeed an old friends reunion, so there was no need to be dressed fancily.

After momentary silence, Xia Yu the chatterbox opened her mouth and was pestering Xiao Shi about how Wang Zheng had managed to scam her. This was just too unbelievable.

"Xiao Shi, just what about him do you like? This guy is not only stupid and silly, he is also poor!"

Xia Yu's mouth was simply too wretched. Wang Zheng could not help but feel ashamed listening to her. It was no wonder they called her 'Downpour' in the past.

"Sister Yu (Rain), please spare me some face."

"Not to mention Xia, I am curious myself too," Liao Yuqing said.

"Wang Zheng is the greatest guy I've ever met, I was the one who chased him." Aina smiled faintly.

The three people were stunned. Zhang Lu could not help but raise his glass. "Wang Zheng, here's to my respect for you. You are my idol!"

"Here's to everyone and our reunion from being thousands of miles apart!" Wang Zheng felt the others' sincere blessings.

One could not help but notice how gossipy Xia Yu got. Maybe it was because Aina was simply too beautiful, but she kept asking about random things, like how Aina took care of her skin, or what make up she used or what her diet comprised of...

"Oh, did you guys notice? Xiao Shi's eyes are so beautiful."

After the meal, the three girls started talking about more intimate topics while drinking tea. Listening to their laughter, Wang Zheng could not help but be on guard. Who knew what kind of past scandals would resurface?

First Yan Xiaosu, now Liao Yuqing. What a tough life he had.

Zhang Lu was conversing casually with Wang Zheng. Although shocked at first, Zhang Lu recovered quickly, congratulating Wang Zheng. Although Wang Zheng looked calm, it was not easy having such a beautiful girlfriend. Moreover, she was an Aslanian, so the pressure on him was certainly not small.

Thinking about Zhang Lu, Wang Zheng could not help but feel that he was in better situation.

"Has the issue been resolved yet?"

Zhang Lu shook his head, patting Wang Zheng. "Learn more while you are here and bring your knowledge back to the Solar System. We are having a really difficult time even with a small issue."

In any era, knowledge was king. Anyone who possessed technology had the power and the say.

In this aspect, Aslan was indeed at the forefront within the Milky Way Alliance. The Solar System Federation, whhich had always attached great importance to human talent, was lagging way behind.

Once you talked about the past, the conversations were endless. Wang Zheng quite admired Aina. Sometimes, she was the mighty and untouchable Princess, and yet she could also be an ordinary girl. She was so flawless, to the point of giving people a headache.

"Oh, it's so late already. I think this place closes at 10, but it's already 11,"

Xia Yu exclaimed. Everyone had just only realized how much time had passed.

"Aslan's service is really top notch. In other places, we would long have been chased out." Xia Yu laughed.

"Wang Zheng, remember to visit us on the Moon next time!"

Zhang Lu said while settling the bill.

"We will find you on Earth. All the best, young chap!"

Liao Yuqing said.

In the maglev vehicle, Xia Yu was still waving to the couple.

Maybe this was the most wonderful thing that had happened on their trip.

"Who would have thought that a guy like Wang Zheng could find such a beautiful girlfriend?"

"Why, do you feel self-pity?"Liao Yuqing quipped.

"What are you talking about? Am I the type who takes advantage of kids?" Xia Yu said, "I wonder what Yan Xiaosu looks like now."

Zhang Lu gently smiled. "Don't you think that Wang Zheng's girlfriend has some kind of status? The waiter bowed 90 degrees towards her when she entered."

"This is Aslan's service. Also, it was a high-end restaurant."

"Nothing matters as long as they are happy!"

"Haha, Yuqing knows best!"

A few hours later, the trio were already on their ride back to the Moon.

Just as Zhang Lu was about to shut down his Skylink, a call rang.

"May I ask if this is Mr. Zhang Lu?" A stranger's voice came from the other end.

"Yes, may I ask who is speaking?"

"Hello, I'm Puyol. I'm very interested in your company's project. I heard that you lack technical guidance."

The three looked at each other. Puyol? God, he was the most elite amongst the elite within this field of physics.

He was a fellow of the Royal Aslan Academy of Sciences. Under normal circumstances, they would never have the chance to even talk to him, much less him taking the initiative to talk tothem.

What was happening? Why was a pie dropping down from the sky??

After conversing for a while, they verified the caller's identity, and their hearts nearly stopped beating within their ribcages.

It was simply miraculous.

What was happening…

"Mr. Puyol, please satisfy my curiosity. How do you happen to chance upon our small project?"

Zhang Lu could no longer suppress his curiousity. If Puyol's institution was willing to serve as an advisor, his company would be looked upon completely differently.

"Oh, it was just a request from a friend from a club." Puyol did not reveal much.


The three looked at each other in speechlessness. What club was so powerful that even Puyol was part of it??

In this world, there was a great scientific club that was not widely known: Genesis Coffee.

Through his dorm window, Wang Zheng looked at the distant starry sky. He did not like separation. He always felt a little hurt by it. Sometimes, he felt that he was too sentimental as a person.

Perhaps it was because there was separation that he cherished their time together so much more!

One would not expect his link to Genesis to be so useful in such a situation.

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