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With the help of Lin Huiyin, Wang Zheng could see Aina once every two days. Lin Huiyin could not stand the level of attachment between them. The rest of his time was spent on training. The time and competition criteria for the IG had already been confirmed.

Since he was already in Aslan, he had to wait for the arrival of his teammates. Two weeks from now, the participants from the other countries would also arrive.

The specific competition modes were kept a secret, but the atmosphere could clearly be felt. Wang Zheng had started to invest all his willpower and effort into his preparations. Enlightened by Aina, Wang Zheng could better understand the standards imposed for the IG, and the Solar System team would need a killer breakthrough to survive.

Actually, Aina did not demand much from Wang Zheng and had an open mind. For Wang Zheng, he did not participate to prove his love for Aina, but to fulfil his dream, to test his strength, and to satisfy his desire for combat. Now, respect for him back at home was also added to the list.

The further away he was, the more he could feel the outside world's disregard for Earth.

The IG was an amazing platform and opportunity to let military personnel in other countries acknowledge Earth!

When they were alone, Wang Zheng could sense from Huiyin the unfamiliarity towards planet Earth. This was even more prominent when it came to military personnel. Aina had always been thoughtful towards him, but in reality, they were worlds apart. She was Aslan's Princess.

As for Angela, she was less courteous towards Wang Zheng, mostly due to the opinion that Earth was too weak.

Wang Zheng basically completely disregarded things with the Physics Department. In this regard, Xiao Fei helped him a lot. She knew how important the IG was to Wang Zheng, and how valuable the time he had left was.

According to previous competitions, each player could select his or her mech at the final stage, so fully realizing the potential of the chosen mech through practice was critical.

The Overlord was considered quite a good mech. Wang Zheng was still concerned about his ability to perform after looking through past battle videos. This was considered confidential information, but Aina had secretly sent it to him. The level of performance by Aslan and Arbiter's elites were astonishing... as for Atlantis, the same familiar illusion reminded Wang Zheng of Bonehead in battle.

To fight these opponents, he had to be stronger!

The Wind God was necessary. Wang Zheng had already told Ye Zisu that he wanted to use the mech. Although the Wind God had not reached the point of mass production, there were many available prototypes. This was a highly praised model, and it was stocked up in mecha bases everywhere. OMG Group alone provided ten mecha for players to choose from.

The IG was also the best opportunity to showcase mecha models, since it was fully sponsored by arm dealers. The corporation with more popular mecha models would stand to gain the most orders through marketing and advertisements.

From the military perspective, performance was the most logical factor.

The mecha would be fully showcased only when piloted by a King level pilot.

Although the IG was a contest for military school students, it was difficult to define in practice. Some contestants were actual military soldiers but of a younger age.

The Solar System Federation was the most abiding to the rules, as they always had been.

Everyone's power was limited, but they aimed to push their own individual limits. Achilles, Lear, and Lie Xin had the same belief that the Solar System Federation would make it in the competition.

The Wind God was one of the mecha that Wang Zheng would use and the Golden Wheel was another. It was important to choose your mech model according to it's suitability in different scenarios. This tested the depth of understanding of a pilot and the wider the range of mecha they could pilot, the better.

To merely pilot any mech was not an issue; what mattered was the level of precision and understanding of the different mecha models during combat.

One had to understand!

It may sound easy, but it was extremely difficult in reality.

When stability was achieved in the second level of the Primordial Regression Technique, the cycle of the five elements - gold, wood, water, fire, earth - would start working together, achieving even greater strength. Wang Zheng knew about this, but he did not know the impact it had. With Ability X, his situation became better, and he could use it more than once consecutively. Only, he did not know how to control the minute details of the technique.

Sometimes, Wang Zheng wondered whether he had the Atlantean bloodline in him. This was because he he understood them in many aspects and found physical and spiritual similarities with them.

The Wind God and Golden Wheel were two killer mecha in his repertoire. The only type of mech above that…to go beyond these two in capabilities, was an Atlantean mech. Since Bonehead had somehow managed to pilot an Atlantean mech, he could do it too.

However, he needed a high authority to practice with an Atlantean mech, and he could not fake his way to use one.

Chi Muye could no longer help him any further, and he was not familiar with others. After practicing with the Golden Wheel, Wang Zheng walked towards the higher level battle rooms, hoping to finagle his way into one of them…

F*ck... the door to these higher level rooms could only be opened with a Skylink connection.

After scanning Chi Muye's special ID, the door gave an alert. "Your level does not satisfy entry requirements. Please obtain higher qualifications."

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly thought about his status as a Genesis member. Could that authority be used here? He opened his Skylink and connected his normal ID to the door.

"You fulfilled the entry requirements, please enter." Even the voice sounded different. Normally, the authority level would be reported by the system, but this sounded like an all-access pass. Wang Zheng was elated. This was a pleasant surprise. Who knew that this thing given by Old Mu would come in so handy?

Genesis enjoyed the highest level of authority within the Milky Way Alliance. This could not simply be exchanged for money; guaranteed access to almost everywhere was one of its best privileges. It was evident that the Milky Way Alliance attached great importance to science, and so all facilities were open to them.

In reality, from the perspective of these individuals at the peak of the scientific world, them using these facilities was them giving face, not the other way around.

The entire club comprised of only just over 50 members, and it was extremely difficult to join. This was regardless of reputation or how long one had been in the scene. It was determined purely by true skills, leadership, or outstanding contributions.

Wang Zheng did not think much of it. What was important was that he was here. He was with the Atlantean mech.

At this high level chamber, there were not only Atlantean mecha, but also the top mecha from the various countries. Virtually every super mecha known to mankind could be found here, and there were not many users around, so there were no queues at all.

The Atlantis region mecha were mostly left untouched. The players from the various countries had not arrived yet. Wang Zheng could simply hit his threshold here without having to hold back at all.

Atlantis' King of Mirages. This was a model he had used before and had quite a keen interest in.

If he was indeed able to grasp it through practice, he would be further empowered for the future competition. The Wind God was powerful in group and single matches, but his displacement could be traced, and it could lead to his downfall if matched with a strong opponent. If he were to use this mech, that would be a different story. He could challenge anyone.

He wanted to tell Bonehead and Old Merchant that he could do it!

"Zisu, do you have to be so impatient? Can't you wait for the Wind God to be perfected?" Ye Bingwen could not help but laugh. This lass wanted ten mecha, but there was barely enough time.

"Old man, we have to finish it on time. This is our chance for OMG to shine, and a time to experiment." Zisu was full of confidence. If it was Wang Zheng piloting it, he could definitely fully display the Wind God's potential.

The problem was that she wanted the Wind God to arrive at Aslan sooner for Wang Zheng to further his practice. There was still quite a big difference compared to CT.

"This kid. Okay. I will send five down to Aslan first, directly to the Aslan Royal College. You have to watch your diet out there..."

What else could he do? He had to fulfil his dad duties. After this matter, Ye Bingwen could not help but start nagging, playing the part of both parents. She was his greatest pride, his outstanding daughter.

Ye Bingwen was not someone who prioritized money. The company was there to serve him. However, to split a complete shipment into two trips was quite costly.

KING had gotten investments from FCL. This also allowed OMG and Fortune Star to ease over the crisis. After experiencing a brief boom, the market gradually returned to its normal state. After all, the growth of a company was still a profound process, and prosperity could only be sustained for so long..

Wang Zheng was the biggest shareholder in KING. However, with Ye Zisu and Yan Xiaosu in charge, he had no worries, despite the fact that numerous problems were still ahead of them.

On the other hand, both of them had the same opinion that Wang Zheng should stride forward and not be concerned.

Meanwhile, back in the battle room, the Atlantean mech stood quietly. Although silent, it looked powerful, especially the streamlined cut, and a design that was more inclined for human usage. Without activating the mech, the runes were silent, as still as an embroidered painting.

Wang Zheng was not too confident. It was necessary to reminisce the feeling to operate it. Wang Zheng reached out his hand.


He could not help but scratch his head. No response. What he did was obviously right, so why did it not start? In his memory, this was exactly what Bonehead had done, but at an even further distance.

The Rubik's Cube did not have its own strength. Thus, Bonehead had used Wang Zheng's power.

Was it because he was too stupid?



Wang Zheng toughened his expression, but this had nothing to do with the volume of his command.

Si Jiali was just about to leave when she actually heard someone screaming in the training room. As the Physics Department's representative, her level of authority was equally high. She was here to see a demonstration on spatial movement. The Atlantean civilization had a profound understanding of it, more so than the humans.

This was also an aspect they placed high importance on. If one could control spatial movement, one would be able to aid, defend or attack, whether it was a single mech or an entire fleet of battleships.

This was an area humans had to learn from.

The scream came from the Atlantean region mecha... who could it be at this time?

She did not receive news that the Atlantean team had arrived.

This region was only used when the Atlanteans were present.

From the seventh floor viewing panel, Si Jiali saw a familiar figure hobbling on the spot while gesturing. How silly and funny.

Wait... wasn't that Wang Zheng?

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