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After returning to his dormitory, Wang Zheng continued with his practice. After entering the second stage of the Primordial Regression Technique, Wang Zheng's daily efforts would definitely accumulate over time. Although the effects were minor, his judgment would be much more accurate in battle, and such accumulations would eventually snowball.

Like Indigo. He would not have defeated Indigo with his past capabilities. Aslan's mightiest was strong, but his improvement speed was too fast. Since opening the box, his increase in strength felt like a dream.

Sometimes, Wang Zheng did not know what to make of this sudden fortune. Was it just him being lucky, or this was the effect anyone who obtained the Rubik's Cube would be bestowed with?

Sinking into the Rubik's Cube, its power seemed to have been completely depleted. After the last time, Bonehead and the anonymous Charcoal seemed to have broken down, and his recent combat energy and abilities had not received a substantial boost.

Was it because he was stupid?

Wang Zheng shook his head bitterly. He had many burning questions to ask Bonehead and that strange Charcoal. It was as though Charcoal had knowingly sought after Wang Zheng.

Not being able to figure things out, Wang Zheng practiced another round. He would replace his stupidity with hard work.

In a galaxy thousands of light years away from Aslan, Old Merchant was sitting in an arduous position. He sat opposite a young and an old chap, chatting happily.

After sending away the retro-dressed duo, the Old Merchant was relieved. The other parties still had reservations about Wang Zheng.

Internally, there were conflicts too. Once one party had a bigger interest at stake, the others would sing an opposing rhythm. Deep down, Old Merchant always believed in Wang Zheng.

Although the look in that young man's eyes was peaceful, they were piercing and seemed to see through everything.

In today's world, both talent and luck were necessary in order to become powerful.

Wang Zheng possessed both, but what was most important was the third quality, which would normally be overlooked.

That was hard work!

Due to having experienced the ups and downs of life and witnessing the super era, Alan Tucker was extremely calm. This was a large game of chess, and he and Wang Zheng were undoubtedly facing the entire chessboard by themselves. He believed himself to be a good knight; although old, he was still very useful…

The place where every tourist visited in Aslan was the Aslan Royal College. As a famous institution of the Milky Way Alliance, it was also one of the symbols of Aslan and also the choice of destination for most tourists. It was said that anyone who studied there would become successful in the future.

"Now, what we see is the main entrance of the Aslan Royal College. This door was designed by Lord Lour. It displays the perfect artistic combination of nature and man while not losing the human touch of science and technology. This statue came from the Aslan Expedition..."

Many tour groups enthusiastically brought groups of people to the Aslan Royal College.

The tour guide was an enthusiastic, witty middle-aged person. From the tone of the introduction, it was difficult to hide the pride of the Aslanian people, but he maintained a balanced tone. He was even telling Aslanian jokes from time to time. The atmosphere of the group was very harmonious.

Soon, from behind the main gates, a student dressed in the royal school uniform of Aslan Royal College welcomed him. This was a student of the tour guide faculty who led the tour groups to visit the Aslan College.

"Hello, everyone, I'm Norman. I'm a sophomore in the tour guide faculty of the Royal College. Everyone, please tell me if you have any concerns. Meanwhile, this is a temporary visit permit issued to you. Please keep it safe. Don't lose it, or you will have to pay ten dollars and I might even get a bad rating. The tour guide job is not easy, and I'm trying to earn some extra pocket money, so I do seek everyone's support.

"Haha, rest assured."

"We won't lose it."

Everyone was happy. The tour guide was quite funny and the atmosphere was pleasant.

The day-trip tour started with the internal college. They also entered non-sensitive teaching buildings and got a feel of Aslan's learning environment.

In the relaxed and cheerful explanation provided by Norman, the tourists took many photos, and soon, the itinerary was over.

"Well, today's visit ends here. I'm going back to class. For your remaining time here, do feel free to explore the college. Remember to return your visiting cards to the main guardhouse before 2 o'clock and give me a recommendation on the card as well," Norman said with a bow.

"No problem."

"Hurry and go to class soon."

The tour of the Aslan Royal College, including the free tours, were always conducted in groups. Of course, the visit permits did not allow anyone to enter any of the college's key buildings, such as the library, laboratory, or the mech training grounds. It only allowed one to view the external areas.

The group soon dispersed as everyone had different interests. The younger couples headed for the forests, while the older couples prefer to relax by the artificial lake.

Amongst them, two women and three men found a resting spot in a pavilion.

"The atmosphere of the Aslan Royal College is so good that even the air smells elite. Unfortunately, I did not manage to enroll here." A 23 or 24-year-old girl said with remorse in her tone while tossing both hands up into the air and breathing heavily.

It was a bit of a shame. Once you had the identity of an Aslan Royal College student, whether you are looking for a job or a boyfriend, one would have gained a significant advantage.

The other girl was impressionably well-dressed, with short and neat hair and refreshing features reflective of a demure beauty. A tall boy stood tenderly behind her. They were obviously a couple.

"Xiayu, I remember you were lacking a hundred points."

"Shouldn't my beauty make up for this small difference?" Xia Yu said innocently. One hundred standard points... which also meant that she scored at most 20 standard points. The entrance examination was famous for being difficult.

"Not meaning to be offensive, but look around. Which girl is not as beautiful as you and me?" Liao Yuqing laughed.

"Hey, in my heart, you are always the most beautiful," the tall boy interjected in a timely manner and a gentle enthusiasm sufficient to melt ice.

Liao Yuqing smiled sweetly. "You are speaking for yourself," she said in a happy tone.

"Can the couple not show off in front of a single person? We've come to work in Aslan. This tour is just for fun, by the way!" Xia Yu could not stand looking at them any longer. She turned her head and glanced into the distance, pretending to appreciate the distant scenery.

"Oh, what's that?"

Suddenly, Xia Yu rubbed her eyes and looked into the distance.

"What is it?"

"I seem to see an acquaintance. Yuyu, that person... You see, he really reminds me of him, especially the way he walks."

"The way he walks?"

"You remember that boy who peeked at you while you were showering?"

"Hey! What's going on?" The tall boy coughed. He had never heard such a thing before!

Xia Yu said, "To be more precise, she's referring to the handsome dude that used to chase after Yuyu."

Liao Yuqing smiled. "Don't listen to her nonsense. He was my neighbor. His parents abandoned him when he was young, and he would often eat at my house before he moved away."

"Our Yuyu is so kind," Zhang Lu said softly. What he liked most about her was her generosity and kindness.

"Haha, you two really ... this kid actually came here to travel, such a coincidence."

"Really? Maybe he is studying here."

"Come on, Yuyu. Based on that guy's intelligence, it's not possible. He was harping on about how he wanted to be a pilot to protect us. What nonsense."

"It might not even be him. It's been five or six years since I last saw him," said Liao Yuqing.

At this time, Wang Zheng was gesturing while walking, trying to mimic several actions he had made just now…

"Just call him."

Although Xia Yu looked demure with her long hair, she was a big, clumsy man inside. She did just that and stood up to wave her hands, shouting, "Hey, Xiao Zheng!"

Wang Zheng froze. This voice... so familiar... especially "Xiao Zheng." No one had called him that for a long time.

Looking up, Wang Zheng froze again.

In a pavilion in front of him stood two women and a man. They were looking at him. The long-haired girl was waving hysterically, while the short-haired girl was smiling ever so slightly.

"Qi Yujie, Sister Yu?"

Wang Zheng blinked and called out a name he had not thought of for a long time.

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