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"I have nothing going on."

"Grab a drink with me. F*ck, I just broke up." Indigo looked tearful.

Just like this, Wang Zheng was brought to a pub outside the school by indigo. Within minutes, Indigo had already poured three big glasses of cocktails into his stomach.

"How can heaven do this to me. I was so good to her, yet she actually... I can no longer believe in love." Indigo resembled a reservoir opening its floodgates.

It turned out that Nicole was already with Mirtias.

Nicole was rather calm about the whole situation, but Indigo was a guy who only knew about mecha. At first she was charmed by this face, but the charm faded with time and she lost interest as well.

"Bro, do you think I'm a loser? Is there any way to forget my troubles? I really just want to delete my memory. Should I go for amnesiac surgery?"

Wang Zheng did not know what to say, but knew that Indigo really should not be drinking this much.

"There is one way. You are a mech major. How about we fight a battle?"

"Fighting, I'm not good at that."


"Well, let's go. I do not believe that I, Indigo, cannot find another girlfriend. Well, at least I can live with the mech my entire life!" Indigo shouted as though there was no one else in the pub.

Wang Zheng shook his head… another mech nerd.

Indigo was not as bad a drinker as Wang Zheng imagined; he was just looking for an outlet to vent. After howling and complaining in the bar, he was immediately refreshed upon stepping outside.

He was not a hopeless romantic, but he had really lost reputation this time around. At least the other bastard got a good beating. As for Nicole, he got to see her true colors early. Better to change his girlfriend now than later.

"Wang Zheng, you're captain of the Solar System Federation's IG team?" Indigo looked at Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng did not expect Indigo to recover so quickly.


"Oh, God. How did you get mixed with the Physics Department when you are good with mecha?"

Wang Zheng laughed. "I wanted to join the Mech Department at first, but the Mech Department did not want to admit me. Oh, right, I've been accessing training rooms with other peoples' passes. This shouldn't pose a problem, right?"

"It's okay. Many people do that. Nobody cares. Just don't occupy it when proper lessons are taking place."

Indigo's curiosity quickly returned to the previous topic at hand. Even Wang Zheng couldn't help but be amazed at how quickly Indigo had composed himself with regards to his previous breakup. It sounded like the situation was a matter of life or death just minutes ago, and now it seemed as though it was someone else's business. Aslanians were so difficult to grasp.

They walked to the Mech Department's building C. Indigo was familiar with the path there, so the two made their way over quickly. His mood had totally stabilized now, and he seemed more curious about Wang Zheng now.

He was curious about how an Earthling could accomplish such difficult moves with the Metal Guard.

"Indigo, Wang Zheng, why are you guys here?" Landry looked at both of them curiously. Wang Zheng was nowhere to be found after the ceremony but had mysteriously ended up here.

"Ah, Landry, you are here too. You know Wang Zheng?"

"We are partners in the disciplinary team. How do you two..."

"It's a long story. We are old acquaintances. We are just going to have a battle."

"Wang Zheng, did Her Royal Highness go back?" Landry could not help but ask.

Hearing Aina's name, Wang Zheng was overwhelmed with happiness once again. "We spoke for a while, but she had matters to attend to and left."

Landry shook his head and said, "Ever since I joined the Sword Shield Rose, I've barely conversed with the Princess. Your luck is so good. I want to be an Earthling too."

"Landry, what is wrong with you… Wang Zheng's mecha skills are amazing. He is also the captain of the Solar System's IG team. How did he end up in physics? Please get someone to fix this," Indigo said.

Landry laughed. "You don't even know what you are saying. Wang Zheng is the winner of this year's Milky Way University Science Award. He is a space science genius. The physics professors would murder us if he transferred to the Mech Department."

Landry had always been skeptical about Wang Zheng's capabilities in each field. Although he held an IG captain title, he ought to be relatively better at physics.

Landry opened his mouth wide. "Is it possible that Wang Zheng's mecha piloting level is also amazing..."

A person who could perform tough moves with the Metal Guard, while possessing an inscrutable Ability X...

"Well, we will know after the battle. Wang Zheng, you choose the mech since you are the guest." Fighting was not his strength, but Indigo was still confident when it came to mecha.

"I am fine with any. How about the Metal Guard?" Wang Zheng said.

Landry was looking forward to the battle as it was the first time he would be able to judge the level of his so-called partner. Indigo was strong, but he was more accustomed to the style of lighter mecha instead of the flexible but heavy Metal Guard. This was Indigo's style, he sought inspiration through battle.

Having had experience in piloting it, Wang Zheng was not unfamiliar to the Metal Guard. This tall and mighty mech had also been a former glory of Aslan.

It's long-range firepower was simple but strong. It was not a model that was impressive in battles, but it allowed one to demonstrate their control of mecha.

It could be said that the Aslanian people used this model to improve their mecha control.

Landry's curiosity was aroused as Wang Zheng was making a bold move. The Metal Guard was rare in other regions, and foreigners rarely used it as a practice mech. This meant Indigo had a much greater advantage with this model.

After a short warm up, the battle between the two began. Landry was not expecting much from the start, but he could not believe what he saw towards the end.

Absolute suppression!

Indigo was actually suppressed by the pace of the battle. The opponent's position and judgment were simply superior from the standpoint of a bystander. Indigo was much more aware, but Wang Zheng's control of the rhythm left Indigo little space to dictate the situation. He could only prevent himself from being complete crushed. There was no battle to begin with.

All along, Landry held a little disdain towards Earthlings. It was not blatant, but he never had a good impression of foreigners from the Solar System. Although he never refuted an order, he had never accepted them in his heart.

This scene in front of him made him feel stunned. Indigo also felt it. His opponent's control and observation were still slowly improving! This was interesting.

All the cells in Indigo's body began to awaken, and the movement of his Metal Guard became more and more powerful. The entire mech had the aura of a killer. This was Indigo's strength; he could easily defeat opponents with his stature.

However, Wang Zheng's Metal Guard completely bypassed it. Under Indigo's attacks, he could still maintain his own rhythm as easily as moving his own fingertips.

This… was a bit too old-fashioned. Logically speaking, Earthlings should not possess such a realm of combat experience. Was the Solar System Federation making a breakthrough this time…

All of a sudden, Indigo roared, throwing out his signature move, the gorgeous Pata Leove's multi-strike assault. His Metal Guard made a sudden violent movement, while the hand wielding the titanium knife made multiple killer hacks towards Wang Zheng.

These kinds of attacks were almost impossible to dodge even with lighter mech models, because of the Metal Guard's sheer size and imposing momentum, let alone a large mech like the Metal Guard.

However, after a set of combos, Landry and Indigo froze. His combination of aggressive attacks had not even touched the shadow of his opponent's mech. The distance between them was so small, yet Wang Zheng had made a complete escape.

What a ghostly move!

By now, Indigo was already covered with sweat. If it was not forbidden to fight with Ability X, he would've really wanted to test Wang Zheng's bottom line.

The two came out of the mecha. Indigo wiped his sweat and looked up at Wang Zheng. This man...was not even covered in a drop of sweat.

"Dang... Wang Zheng, you really have some tricks up your sleeve. Don't tell me the rest of your team is this good," Indigo asked could not help but ask.

Wang Zheng smiled. "I'm definitely not the best. I was lucky to even become the captain."

Indigo opened his mouth and Landry could not help but shake his head. "I don't believe that!"

Wang Zheng felt indifferent. Lear or Achilles should be stronger than Indigo, but Indigo's Ability X might be stronger. Overall, he was pretty exceptional too. Only, at this skill level, he could not even hope to be a substitute.

"There will be a show this time. I really hope that the Solar System Federation gives us something to roar about this time around."

"I heard that there might be some adjustments for this IG." Landry frowned and said, "It will probably not be as exclusive as before."

"No matter how it changes, one still needs strength to speak. Basically, once every ten years, there will be a super IG. After seeing Wang Zheng, I feel like there will be a lot more drama this year." Indigo smiled. Although he was not involved in Aslan's IG team, there would certainly be a seat for him in the future. "It is said by the seniors that the strength of this year's IG participants is the strongest, especially with the emergence of a few godlike opponents." Landry laughed.

"Haha, no matter who it is, Aslan is the strongest. No one can match up to us!" Indigo laughed.

Although the Sword Saint and the Sword Magician had different characters, their strength was indeed the same. They were not as famous as some people, because they wanted to keep a low profile. The Aslanians were not like the Arbiters; they preferred not to reveal their true capabilities.

Who would show their true worth and prove their own strength in the end? One would only know at the IG.

Regardless of whether it was the Sword Magician or the Sword Saint, they were only just a bit better than the Sun God. Wang Zheng suddenly realised that he ought to have a glorious nickname for himself as well. He had to think of one…

The Universal God?

… that sounded like such a weakling… Super Invincible something...? Forget it..

Wang Zheng shrugged. No matter who they were, he would leave them be, unless they provoked him that is.

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