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After handling the procedures, Wang Zheng left the Sword Shield Rose Association. When Aina returned, she would definitely be surprised.

As time passed, his feelings for her only grew stronger.

As he stepped out of the gate, Si Jiali called from behind. "Do you have time to have a meal together? I want to ask you something."

Si Jiali was still cold on the exterior, but she was warming up to Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng thought for a moment and agreed.

Royal Road, located at the back of the Royal College, was the center of the business district, where you could find the best of luxury goods, from leisure to shopping to food.

The No. 12 Food House was the most popular restaurant with students of the Royal College.

"Welcome. Do you have a reservation?"

The waitress was beautiful but dignified and graceful and approachable, making people comfortable without taking attention away from the food.

"Please find us a seat."

Si Jiali opened her Skylink and showed her membership card. It was a platinum gold card with a diamond at each corner, marked with an "S" on the left and a singular "5" on the lower right.

The waiter's face instantly flushed red. This was the Royal V card. It is not issued by the restaurant, but by the Royal Restaurant Association, and it could be used in many high-end restaurants. Moreover, it was a single card!

"No problem. Do you need a room?"

"No, just a quiet place will do."

"Yes, please follow me."

They came to a seat near the wall. The lights were dim and the furniture was extremely similar to that found in the royal palace. The overall atmosphere was quite elegant.

Wang Zheng sat down. In fact, he did not care much about the place where they ate. Si Jiali was very strange. He could tell that she had much to do with his entry into the association, but he did not understand the reason behind it.

"...I recommend the mackeyton steak as it is today's main dish. The chef is Fraser Ale, the champion chef of the star cooking culinary competition. Our first suggestion is either smoked salmon or escargots... Today we have our highly raved forest mushroom soup and five year aged red wine that just arrived from Greentown Round, an excellent match with our grilled foie gras together... " The waiter went on like a gourmet expert and made various recommendations.

Si Jiali nodded. "That will do for me. What about you Wang Zheng?"

"I will have the same." Wang Zheng touched the jewels on the chairs and the gold trimmings along the edge of the table top. All of it seemed like real gold to him..

Wang Zheng took out the Sword Shield Rose emblem, feeling its weight in his hands. "Is this badge made of pure gold?"

Si Jiali smiled. "It should be. I did not take much notice of it."

"It is very beautiful," Wang Zheng said. The sword and shield engraved above a sculpted rose looked extremely realistic. Wang Zheng wore it on his chest. It seemed to match the uniform perfectly.

Si Jiali looked at Wang Zheng and said, "Yu Yan mentioned you to me before. Don't take what she said to heart. She is a passionate person and may go overboard at times."

"She is a good person." Wang Zheng smiled. "If you don't have a boyfriend, I can introduce you to one."

"Are you referring to Chi Muyue?"

"You don't like him? It doesn't matter. I have other brothers to introduce you to, stronger and more handsome than me. Haha." Wang Zheng thought of Xie Yuxin and how he seemed compatible with Si Jiali

"I couldn't tell that you and Yu Yan had a common interest in matchmaking others." Si Jiali had a faint smile. "So far so good." Si Jiali stared at Wang Zheng's natural smile.

Wang Zheng was not the least bit interested in her. How strange, did her charm weaken? This was also good, as he did not want to create unnecessary drama and wanted to maintain a professional relationship.

"Oh, I invited you to dinner to explain more about the Sword Shield Rose Disciplinary Association's rules. Maybe you've already heard rumors from others that are not true."

Si Jiali talked about the relationship between the Sword Shield Rose, the student union, and the Thistle Flower Union.

"In general, the student union will coordinate the issues with the bigger picture in mind, and the details will be executed by us and the Thistle Flower Union..."

"They are not a competitor?" Wang Zheng blinked. From what he heard from Chi Muye, the two were often in conflict, especially in the management of Ability X users. At the same time, he felt that both parties should have maintained a balanced relationship.

"What do you think?"

"That's it."

"However, as long as you understand these things, under normal circumstances, you will not be directly affected, or should I say that you should try to avoid it."

Si Jiali's purpose was to get Wang Zheng more involved with the physics aspect of the association to allow her closer monitoring. At the same time, she did not want Wang Zheng to get hurt.

Wang Zheng smiled. "Actually, I would like to see Ability X users fight. Will they do so?"

Si Jiali laughed. "It is not as simple as you think. With our association and the Thistle Flower Union, most of the Ability X users will restrain themselves. Even if there are exceptions... they will likely conduct an open duel for everyone to see."

The truth was that Sword Shield Rose had the authority to control everyone as the disciplinary association. However, at the Royal Academy, each student was a famous genius and everyone had their own pride and strength.

"Yes, I heard that your president, Oz, is the deputy captain of the Aslan Empire's IG team. How is his strength?

When referring to Oz, Si Jiali's eyes were full of respect, and she said seriously, "Oz's strength in the Royal College can only be matched against student president Aurora, the captain of our IG team."

"That sounds very strong."

"Actually, don't think I'm too direct... With your ability, it may not be appropriate to participate in the IG."

In Si Jiali's opinion, Wang Zheng's real abilities were not to fight but to understand physics and to discover new findings.

Wang Zheng smiled. "This is my ambition. Suitable or not, I will work hard. You do not understand, I have already been deeply trapped in the realm of physics. However, I have a question I want to ask.... what was that test just now? Was the result really bad?"

Wang Zheng was very depressed. He was very serious about it, but the test results were not in his favor.

Si Jiali smiled and nodded. "You passed, do not overthink it. In recent times, the mainstream method of determining if one has Ability X is based upon this."


"Do they not have this in the Solar System?"

"I haven't seen it."

"Oh, it was just released this year, so they probably have not imported it. Maybe you just aren't used to this test method." Si Jiali found an excuse for Wang Zheng. After all, he was still the IG captain of the Solar System. Moreover, she had a lot of questions regarding physics and wanted to maintain a cordial relationship and hence did not use harsh words.

Wang Zheng nodded and could only accept this reason.

Si Jiali quickly talked about physics. From the definition of microscopic physics to the laws of macrophysics, it was lacking in depth. Namely, she only understood very basic facts. Physics was very broad. Oil painting and ink painting may both be painting, but the underlying techniques were completely different.

Wang Zheng's insights about physics... truthfully had already become part of his bones.

Since young, his biggest interest was not mecha but actually debating with Old Merchant. He would get all kinds of benefits if he won the debate, and he used to treat it as a game. It made him respect Old Merchant even more when he became older.

At some point, they entered a deep discussion, and Wang Zheng's old mentality strangely resurfaced. Once started, there was no end. Sometimes he felt that Old Merchant had hypnotized him with some potion in the past…

Si Jiali's forehead was lined with a fine layer of sweat. In the beginning, she mentioned some physical views and issues and got instinctive answers from Wang Zheng. Towards the end, Wang Zheng's words became foreign to her, from a point of view she had never considered before, making her re-examine everything she thought she knew, including some details that she had never even noticed were present before.

However, it was a famous saying: In the field of knowledge, the more you know, the more you realize you don't know.

At this moment, there was a dispute happening between a couple sitting not too far away. The girl stood up. "Indigo, I said I have nothing to do with him. He was merely enraptured by me."

The guy stood up, tall with an oppressive look in his eyes. Wang Zheng blinked. This guy looked familiar…

Yes! It was the guy who skipped class to meet his girlfriend when he first went to mech class.

"Nicole, I know. I didn't blame you. I just hope you won't accept his invitation."

"But my friends are all going to that party. Why can't I join them?"

"If you want to attend a ball, I can organize one too..."

"The problem is not the event, but my friends….."

The girl sat down again, her tone noticeably softer. They had become more aware of their surroundings. Indigo bowed and apologized to the other guests in the restaurant.

At this moment, an extremely handsome man walked out. "Nicole, it really is you. Looks like we are fated. I have a room, do you want to join me? All your friends are inside too." The man directly ignored the existence of Indigo.

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