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The waiter quickly nodded his head and respectfully rushed out. However, at the moment of closing the door, there was a vicious gleam in his eyes.

His Skylink was connected and a message was sent out containing only the letter 'O'.

It was a signal that there were no problems, everything was going according to plan. The reason why the Router pirate group was always successful in their plans was because of their intelligence-gathering processes. Even if their intelligence was leaked, the military would not possibly let the rich heirs become the bait. They did not have the guts to do so, as this raid would jeopardize their lives

Hence, the crux of this was to determine whether this bunch of people were really the heirs to rich families.

This could be seen from the details, especially their tastes towards certain things. It was easy to act like a nouveau riche, but it was impossible to act like an aristocrat. At least half of them were aristocrats, so the cargo on this spaceship definitely had no problems.

There was a big box lying in the hangar containing some goods. To be honest, it was just to impress others. The Solar System Federation was generous, and they liked exchanging gifts to show off. This was all done in an attempt to get others to respect them.

When dealing with the outside world, it was of utmost important for one to have a sense of pride and self-respect.

Hence, everyone was willing to learn from the students from Montgomery Finance College.

This would definitely bring about a tidy sum.

Although Zhang Runan was drawing, she was actually observing carefully. It was not convenient for others to do so, and she was playing the role of an isolated individual. It was even better for her to be more detailed in her observations.

It was inevitable to say that it was difficult for many to look past one's appearances, even for spies. Zhang Runan appeared to be fierce, yet she was elegant and classy when drawing. However, as a result of her appearance, others were unwilling to even take another glance at her.

Zhang Runan had noticed the shifty behaviour of a particular waiter who had a mustache. It was his eyes. When others were staring at Lie Xin and the girls, he was looking around, his eyes burning with desire.

The other waiters did not dare to do this.

Everything went as per normal and eventually, Wang Zheng, the nouveau riche, succeeded in getting the ladies to his side. On his left was the icy-cold Meng Tian. Many were interested in knowing if she possessed a passionate inner self beneath her icy cold appearance. On his right was Lie Xin, who was sexy and hot, extremely mesmerizing. With both ice and fire right by his side, it was as though he had the best of both worlds, and even he could not resist the temptation.

While everyone else was feeling jealous and envious, Wang Zheng brought the ladies back to enjoy the beautiful night.

Luckily, Achilles was not left alone, he still had Milo.

The others could only sigh. Both Wang Zheng and Achilles were the two contenders among the nouveau riche, no one else was able to fight with them.

The rest of them went back to their rooms to rest after playing for a little while. In space, there was no day and night, but it was best to abide by the rules of having a fixed resting times instead of playing continuously.

When the door closed, Wang Zheng heaved a big sigh of relief. For him to kill two birds with one stone like this was almost a fantasy. However, this happening in reality was impossible.

There was approximately an hour before the spaceship would enter the designated point of attack, which was the most favorable space domain for an ambush. The Federation's quick response team was already on standby, but they had to delay their actions slightly to lower the pirates' guard. In the hanger were space mecha they specialised in, all primed and ready to go.

"Lie Xin, Meng Tian, inform everyone that we will begin in half an hour."

The show was already over, but the two of them....

Meng Tian and Lie Xin were still leaning on Wang Zheng, and this was when he realised that something was not right with the two of them.

"Wang Zheng, my head is spinning, this doesn't seem right."

Meng Tian was the first to collapse. Lie Xin's face was juicy red, and her lips were about to bleed. "There's a problem with the wine, I…."

Lie Xin had practiced the Lie Flame Technique, hence her body's constitution was different from others'. Meng Tian was already on the verge of collapsing. Although she could still hang on a little longer, she had completely lost her will to fight.

Wang Zheng then realized the severity of this problem. While their performance was applaudable, they had neglected the fact that their opponents would strike before them.

In the words of the pirates, precious goods could not be damaged.

His Skylink sent an emergency signal out, but there was no response over at the other end. In each of the rooms, Zhang Shan and the rest had all collapsed, and a few others had already fallen even before they reached their rooms.

Their opponent had taken action immediately after they confirmed the situation, and in the near distance, three merchant ships were approaching, but… from the direction of the ships, it was obvious that something was wrong.

At this moment, the three merchant ships suddenly accelerated, and Wang Zheng sent a signal for help.

Duncan had received the signal, looking somber. He did not expect to be disadvantaged from the start. "Dispatch all spaceships immediately!"

Upon his orders, twelve Clovis Light Assault ships immediately changed their direction, heading towards their destination at full speed.

However, the three pirate ships would arrive here within ten minutes.

Meng Tian was already completely unconscious, and although Lie Xin was barely hanging on, she had lost her will to fight.

"Psychoactive drugs. Bring me some water!" Lie Xin said as she bit her teeth.

After pouring a bottle of water on herself, Lie Xin was feeling slightly better. Meng Tian woke up, but she was still feeling very weak.

"Give me some time, I think it is possible to recover!" Lie Xin knew they were being too imprudent. Knowing that there were spies around, they still dared to indulge in eating and drinking, and they had never expected their opponents to have the nerve to do such a thing.

The Lie Flame Technique was already in operation.

"You take care of Meng Tian, I have to prepare for battle now!" Wang Zheng said. Every minute gained now was equivalent to another minute of being safe.

It was crucial for them to get into their mecha. If not, they would all end up getting killed, just like fishes on a chopping board.

Just as Wang Zheng thought he would be fighting this battle alone, he received two replies.

They came from Lear and Achilles!

"Gather at the hangar!"

Lear and Achilles were actually heading towards the hangar already. They possessed the same judgement that in such a situation, it was crucial to get their weapons first before proceeding further.

The pirates' fighter ships were charging at them at high speeds, preparing to ransack the goods and moving off before destroying the ship.

Although this ship was valuable, in this star domain, such a merchant ship would only slow down their team. Hence they did not need it anymore. Furthermore, what was valuable were the hostages.

Liao Pin looked at his masterpiece cheerfully. After he set his target, he immediately knocked out everyone with HT9, the most powerful tranquilizer on the black market. It was so strong that it could even knock out a cow. One could regain consciousness from this drug by pouring water over oneself, but they would feel fatigue for about an hour, allowing the opponents to do whatever they wanted in the meantime.

This was a big bunch of people. He had suffered for many years, all for the sake of this large catch. Once it was completed, he could go for plastic surgery, change his identity, and lead a good life.

However, there was still time. He had lingering thoughts about the three beautiful ladies. He still had another ten minutes, so it was still possible for him to do something, to enjoy himself. If the girls ended up in the hands of the pirates, he would get nothing for himself.

Liao Pin's heart was on fire at the thought of it, Looked like this was the place…

Once he looked up, he saw a shadow heading in his direction. Wasn't this the nouveau riche? How did he....

Wang Zheng had also noticed Liao Pin. The opposing party did not have any intention to run away and took out a knife. Although weapons were not allowed in there, such tools could be easily found in the kitchen.

A rich playboy, that was what the opponent had thought of Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng sped up and charged over, grabbing the knife in an instant and disarming Liao Pin. It was like dealing with a baby. He was trussed up and taken along.

In the hangar, Lear and Achilles had already unlocked the mecha.

The two of them were completely fine. Lear did not trust anyone, hence he did not eat or drink. Although Achilles had eaten and drank, he was the Sun God. His ability overcame the effects of the psychoactive drugs.

Maybe it was Achilles' Ability X.

When Wang Zheng met up with them, the trussed up Liao Pin was dumbfounded. He had added a stronger dosage of the drug to their food and drink. Out of which, he had witnessed both Wang Zheng and Achilles consuming it right before his eyes. How could this be….

"You guys better release me. If not, you'll regret it later!"

Liao Pin laughed.


Lear knocked out a few of Liao Pin's teeth the moment he went up to him. As he pinched Liao Pin's mouth, he said viciously, "You'd better have a solution to delay the attack from the pirates. If not, you will not live past tomorrow!"

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