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A pitiful scream resounded. At this point, Liao Pin realized that this bunch of people were not the nouveau riche he thought they were

"You… who are you exactly…" Liao Pin did not expect these guys to be so ruthless.

At this moment, Wang Zheng received another message. It was from Zhang Runan. She had only consumed a small amount of the drug and her strong body constitution had allowed her to recover quickly from a trance.

"Runan, you'll be responsible for taking care of everyone. Gather them at the captain's room quickly. Together with Lear and Achilles, we will be in charge of attacking. You all have to get in contact with the fleet as quickly as possible!"

"It's useless. The Federation fleet needs at least an hour to arrive, and you don't even have ten minutes to spare right now. Haha, quickly, release me now, maybe I can still give you a chance to beg me for mercy."


Lear stabbed a knife into the ground right beside him and Liao Pin immediately shut up. "There's no need to talk to this minion, the enemies are already here."

On the outside, the three merchant ships had already taken off their disguises and hung up their pirate flags. The Router pirate group, the most ruthless and scheming pirate group in the Solar System Federation.

"Adam Class Battleships, equipped with a main cannon, ferrying over 180 mech warriors and 500 fighters," Achilles said. This was the cruiser produced by the Moon. There were three of these ships, and on their side, they only had three people.

"The opponents are extremely cautious in their actions as they intend to capture us alive. Therefore, they probably will not use their main cannon. The rest is up to us," Wang Zheng said.

Lear and Achilles exchanged glances. Even with their abilities, it would be difficult to hold these pirates off.

"Wang Zheng, Lear, we have been fighting over the position of leader all this while. Right now we have a golden opportunity to resolve this problem. How about this: whoever kills the most will become the leader."

Achilles suddenly said. When one had the capabilities, one would have confidence as well.

A glimpse of light flashed through Lear's eyes. He was unwilling to take the risk, especially when the investment and rewards were disproportionate, but sometimes one had to just take the risk.

Wang Zheng smiled. "It's settled then. Let's go!"

The three of them quickly entered their cockpits. A mech was capable of creating miracles, especially under the control of an ace pilot. However, that was generally only after numerous failures. It could only be said that the three of them were not all afraid of what the pirates had in store for them.

The target was in sight. The leader of the pirate group, Eric, looked indifferently at the floating target. It seemed like Little Worm had already gotten everything under control and the shining scar at the corner of his eye looked particularly grim.

The batch of goods in store for them was not too bad, especially the three beauties inside. Not only could the pirates sell them for a good price, they could also take the opportunity to have fun with the ladies themselves.

"Boss, we've lost contact with Little Worm. Could something have happened?"

The transaction this time around was pretty big, hence Eric had to come personally. Failure was unacceptable.

Eric frowned. Looking at the whole process, it should not be a big problem, but the problem had to happen at such a crucial time. Based on his prudent habits, right now was the best time to turn back, but such a big catch was right in front of him and the Federation's fleet would only arrive in an hour's time.

"Send out the mecha, board the ship, and settle everything within half an hour!"

"Yes, Boss. Our brothers are ready."

A bunch of pirates went into action immediately and one burly pirate stood beside Eric.

"Boss, could this be a trap?"

"It's not a big problem, such a situation is normal. Even if there really is an issue, there is nothing much they can do with one merchant ship. I'm more interested in what they have inside!" Eric sneered. "If there is a problem, we can also see where the problem lies."

"Yes, Boss. Do you need me to personally lead the team?" Mu Sen said.

"It's just a small matter, you don't have to get involved. It should be done within ten minutes."

A few hundred mech warriors were flying out from the three battleships, heading towards the merchant ship.

On the other hand, three mecha flew out from the merchant ship.

Eric laughed. "They're putting up a desperate struggle. Looks like the old folks from the Federation really cannot think clearly. I'm afraid it's all student soldiers inside."

It was inevitable to say that Eric's ability to infer was pretty strong. Little Worm had confirmed the situation inside, and in addition to the resistance put up, it looked like he did not manage to knock out everyone. The Federation troops were pinning their hopes on a bunch of young punks to stop him? It was like a wild fantasy.

But how did their information get leaked?

Once they were captured, the answer would probably be revealed.

Wang Zheng, together with Lear and Achilles, piloted the three Space Chariot Type Ks from the Moon, heading towards the mecha army headed towards them.

Suddenly, laser beams flashed towards them. To the pirates, resistance could not be tolerated and anyone who resisted would be killed.

Within the ship, Lie Xin and Zhang Runan had already gathered the masses. They laid restlessly in the ship captain's room. Lie Xin's Lie Flame Technique was indeed formidable; she had already recovered a significant portion of her fighting power. However, it was necessary to have someone protecting and helping within the ship itself, and just having Zhang Runan alone was not enough.

Taros was taken into the cockpit by Zhang Runan, and he was really regretting his actions. He also wanted to look good. Had he known, he would not have consumed all that drugged food. His judgment was truly clouded.

It had all boiled down to having a relaxed, careless mentality that an individual held.

No wonder Lear had only consumed a little. Everyone should had been wary when they were nearing their destination.

The rest could only provide mental support for the team. If it was the whole unit that went forward, there was a high chance of delaying the pirates, but now….

Achilles's silver mech was in the center and on both sides stood Wang Zheng and Lear respectively. The real battle had begun.

Achilles could finally give it a go. No matter how good he was during the training, what mattered was showing his abilities and courage during the actual battle.

This was a tough battle to fight, but despite the differences in their styles, they were in unison when facing such a situation.

Achilles's Space Chariot was the fastest amongst the three and performed a high difficulty maneuver, allowing his mech to penetrate into the mass of enemies.

At the instant he stopped, the Space Chariot's guns on its two shoulders opened fire at the same time.

It had an amazing ability to combat in any direction.

Rumble rumble….

Three enemy mecha had been shot down. The Space Chariot suddenly burst forward… the pirates felt shivers as the beam saber slid through their companions. Achilles had already started to kill crazily.

Milo and the rest clenched their fists, for they believed that Achilles was able to save them.

This was the person they have been following all this while.

The fierce and terrifying Sun God!

Lear did not take the spotlight. He allowed Achilles to take the brunt of the pirates' attention and started circling the enemy mass. Without any big commotion, three mecha were taken down. It didn't require any fancy abilities.

Wang Zheng served as a reserve force. When faced with a disadvantage of arms, Wang Zheng knew that harassing the opponents was not a great idea. It was crucial to devise a way to break through the pirates' mecha and quickly attack the opponents' mothership.

The joyous atmosphere in the pirates' ship dampened instantly. When the three mecha had first come out, they were still very relaxed, but after looking at their prowess in combat….

Eric slammed his fist against the control deck. "Hmm, ace pilots? Fine, since you guys want to play, then we'll play along too. Dispatch the drones!"

"Yes, Boss!"

What exactly was the concept of an ace pilot? They were the king of mech warriors! The pirates had fought countless battles, and there were many excellent ones who were willing to sacrifice their lives in battle. However, when dealing with ace pilots, especially when there were three of them, there was a heavy price to pay even if the pirates managed to take them down.

To Eric, each of his subordinates was part of his precious wealth.

In no time, several Shadow Hunter Drones rushed out. They had the form of airplanes, and on their two sides were gatling laser guns. Although they were not very technologically advanced, they posed a big threat when they attacked as a group.

To put it simply, this was the suppression caused by superior arms and power.

Once the drones were dispatched, the pirates' mecha immediately withdrew, forming an encirclement, allowing the drones to assault and deplete their energy.

Undeniably, this bunch of pirates were trained well, and they were efficient in carrying out orders. This resulted in the trio, inclusive of Wang Zheng, being not able to carry out their attacks.

With the drones coming towards them, Achilles gave out an order. "Disperse! The two of you, tie them down. I will go straight in!"

Unknowingly, Achilles took on the role of the leader, but no one said anything. It was because he was destined to be the leader; he had an aura of leadership that had accumulated till now.

It would not be changed because of a mere appointment of the leader position.

At this moment, no one was debating over who had the power to lead and direct. Besides, Achilles was taking the most dangerous task for himself.

He suddenly rushed through the middle.

Wang Zheng and Lear performed a high difficulty maneuver with their respective Space Chariots, widening the gap quickly. However, tens of Shadow Hunter Drones had rushed forward and there were even more of the pirates' mecha catching up from behind.

Eric salivated. In his head, he had this thought: how good it would be to capture these aces alive? However, such thoughts could only remain as thoughts because the price he would have to pay in order to capture them alive was too heavy.

Fine, the Federation military really had the guts to send their elites from the Solar System military schools!

These guys were worth much more!

Little Worm had really accomplished something big this time. If these guys had went to battle in their usual state, they might have obtained a pyrrhic victory, but now…...

Eric sneered. There was enough time!

When Meng Ao and the other two received this message, they were shocked and angry. They had assessed the risk before sending them over. Wang Zheng and the others were equipped with the necessary fighting power for battle, but if there were only three of them who could enter the battle, that was the end for them.

They were sent to complete missions, not to send themselves to their own doom. This was something that the Solar System military could not accept.

"Duncan, order the fleet to charge ahead immediately, at any cost!"

Lie Wuqing shouted.

Crap, if anything happened to Lie Xin and Lie Guang, this was going to be a big problem.

This bunch of people were too careless.

The three of them felt anxious and helpless, for they had thought they were mature enough, but...

The signal eventually connected and, seeing that Lie Xin was with the group, Lie Wuqing heaved a sigh of relief.

"Lie Xin, what's the situation now!?" Lie Wuqing asked.

"General, we were plotted against. Currently, Wang Zheng, Lear, and Achilles are fighting against the enemies, and most of us have lost our fighting power. General, I've already recovered to about 70-80%. I would like to request to join the battle!"

Lie Xin said. The battlefield had already been suppressed by the pirates, so Wang Zheng and the rest could only choose to escape. Achilles was also surrounded, and while they maintained high intensity operations, it was impossible for that to last.

Taking one glance at Lie Xin, it was evident that she had only recovered about 50% of her strength. Sending her out to battle would only mean sending her to her death.

"No, everyone else stays in the ship. In case, and I mean just in case, we fail, you all shall not resist. I will handle the rest!"

The anger in Lie Xin's heart had already reached its peak, but she could not possibly let the group die in the hands of the pirates. Similarly, Wuqing, as one of Mars' generals, was also boiling with anger.

Even if the pirates were rendered into pieces, it wouldn't abate his anger.

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