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This stop at Mars was the final stage of the IG training camp, and it was also the most important. Everyone seemed unusually serious, especially the people from the Moon, whom were being pushed into a desperate situation. On the Moon, their home ground, Achilles had lost one vote of confidence and Mars was Lie Xin's home ground. With Lie Xin's explosive fighting spirit, one could imagine the tremendous pressure over at Mars.

As for the others, this also felt different from their previous trainings. If Achilles or Lie Xin managed to secure this vote on Mars, then their votes would decide who would get selected as the Solar System IG Leader!

The feeling of participation amongst the normal individuals was even stronger as there was the possibility that they would determine who would be the final leader standing. All this while, it had been a battle between the strongest players. Now it was their turn. This feeling, to be honest, was extremely wonderful.

But this was on the pretext that they could not be eliminated ...

Those who were eliminated obviously did not have the right to vote.

Wang Zheng was also being serious. The mech from Aina's country, no matter how one looked at it, felt incredibly great.

The pursuit of perfection and elegance had been incorporated into the design of the Trident mech. It was said that Atlantis was also involved in this development of these mecha.

"Time's up! Okay, time to introduce the next type of mech, the Imprisoned Dragon Series from the Leviathan Empire. There are three models in total. Type A can be used for combat in shallow waters, Type B can be used for combat in water depths ranging from 500 to 2,500 meters, and Type C can be used for combat in deep waters beyond 2,500 meters..."

As Duncan was introducing the respective mecha, he led everyone deeper into the mech warehouse. Soon, a batch of strange-looking mecha appeared in front of their eyes.

Although the mecha belonged to the same series, they differed greatly in terms of their forms and appearance. The Model A mech looked a little hideous, like a monster with spikes all over its body, but on the overall, it was still in the form of a human.

As for the Imprisoned Dragon Type B, its appearance was just like a water droplet that had arms and legs. It was a simple circular design, round, and did not seem to pose any threat of destruction.

The most exaggerated model was Imprisoned Dragon Type C. It had a flat appearance, and there were many sharp needles on top. It looked like a sea urchin that had been squished.

"This is also called a mech?"

Zhang Shan exclaimed whilst staring at the Imprisoned Dragon Type C.

Wang Zheng laughed. "Don't look down on this form, it should have a great advantage when engaging in deep sea combat. Perhaps this might be the mech you have the deepest connection with."

"Hmph, it's so ugly. One look and you can tell it does not have what it takes to be the mech of a true hero. How can this be the mech that resonates with me ..." Zhang Shan shrugged his shoulders. In his mind, his natal mech should be one that was bright and cool-looking. At a glance, it would be looking so cool that girls would be screaming crazily over it. As for these mecha that belonged to the 'wretched' category, he could only give a 'he he' laugh in response.

Wang Zheng sat in the three types of mecha respectively. Although he did not start the mech up, he had gotten a feel for them. It was mainly to see what the operating system was like and some other minor details. The Imprisoned Dragon was actually a very exquisite mech, and in terms of details, it was even better than the Trident Series from Aslan. As for its appearance ... it was not a factor for consideration and had never crossed Wang Zheng's mind.

Ten minutes later, Zhang Runan patted the Imprisoned Dragon Type B. "This is it."

Wang Zheng smiled and said, "The Type B is not bad. It might not be so powerful in shallow water, but once it enters deep water, it can possibly be one that is extremely threatening."

Zhang Runan nodded her head, but Zhang Shan said while touching his chin, "Hey, Brother, I've got to say this: this mech really matches you well. I support you."


Zhang Runan punched Zhang Shan's shoulder without any hesitation.

"Hey, Brother Nan, please go easy on me .….."

Zhang Shan's shout was a little attention-grabbing …...

Zhang Runan's face had turned black, and she gave Zhang Shan another heavy punch with twice the strength.

As for the others, they had made their respective decisions. After all, they were all elites, and there were not many who made their decisions based on appearances like Zhang Shan. The advanced systems in the mech from the Leviathan Empire was able to make one feel at ease and comfortable operating it. Thus, many people chose the Imprisoned Dragon Series. This was true for everyone except for those from the Moon. They, on the other hand, seemed to feel more strongly towards the mech from Aslan.

Duncan coughed. "Okay, let's go and see the next type of mech, the Monster Soul Series from the Naga people. The Monster Soul Series has a total of 16 models. We have only purchased the two most recent models, which are the light blue and dark blue models respectively. Its weapons system is similar to the Aslan's Trident Series. It is equipped with a water splitter gun and an automatic tracking torpedo.

After the Naga people assimilated with human civilization, they managed to forge a path of their own. Although there were differences in their aesthetic viewpoints, their race and by extension their mecha were still forces to be reckoned with.

After all, theirs was a world dominated by water and they had a better understanding of the ocean.

Wang Zheng sat inside the cockpit of the dark blue model, excitedly exploring with a curious mind. It felt a little moist. When the mech was activated in combat, the cockpit would be flooded with special liquid oxygen. It would be slightly unnerving, but the feel of its operations and controls were brilliant.

"I think this might be my natal mech," Yuan Ye said excitedly after he tried out the mech. He did not have Ability X. The Naga's Monster Soul mech seemed as if it were custom-made for people like him, whom were not equipped with Ability X.

Wang Zheng smiled. "It's not too bad. Although the dark blue model was introduced to be used for combat in deeper waters, it is actually quite strong in shallow waters and close range combat. "

"The light blue model can also engage in deep sea combat, but it would cause the pilot additional strain on the body. There is nothing wrong with the mech's own abilities." Meng Tian added. As long as it was regarding mecha, she could provide the detailed specifications as she was familiar with them.

"Wang Zheng, have you decided which mech model to use?"

"I don't know, I feel that the Trident isn't too bad." Wang Zheng felt that other than novelty and curiosity, there was nothing else special about it. The mech felt just okay.

Duncan continued leading the group in a different direction within the mech warehouse. "The next type comes from the Arbiter Republic, Devil's Iron Water Combat Mech."

The Devil's Iron mech was one of the iconic series from the Arbiter Republic. There were over 20 mech models that were sorted into different categories, including land, air, space, water, and urban warfare. The greatest advantage of this type of mech was that its parts were interchangeable across the different types of combat. Some parts of the land combat mech could be used on the air and space combat mech. It was perfectly compatible, and this was an advantage if maintenance was required during combat. By putting together a few mecha that were beyond repair, it was possible to come up with one or two new Devil's Iron mecha using all the different parts.

The Devil's Iron Water Combat Mech did not have any special features; it was well developed in all aspects. Its outer appearance was just like Arbiter's usual style, evil and terrifying, revealing its fierce fighting spirit.

This mech model unexpectedly matched the style of the people from Mars very well. It looked brave and fierce, and the people from Mars did not lose out to the Milky Way in any aspect.

Wang Zheng had a rather good feeling …... but to claim it as his natal mech, it felt a little lacking.

The time for contact was up, and Duncan brought everyone to the deepest end of the mech warehouse. "The last type comes from Atlantis."

As he spoke, the expression in everyone's eyes changed.

A beautiful Atlantis mech stood in front of everyone. It was a beautiful model with perfect proportions. It was obviously a mech, yet it portrayed the form of human beauty. Between the gaps of the armor, there was a faint fluorescent light changing its colors. On the mech's body, there were a few lines of unknown material, and it was filled with a mysterious atmosphere. Everyone knew that this was the power of runes that could only be used by the people of Atlantis, allowing the mech to burst out its incredible power.

It was a well-known fact that the greatest feature of the Atlantis mech was not its powerful force and capabilities. Instead, it was the fact that only the people of Atlantis or mixed-blood individuals with Atlantis bloodline were able to use the Atlantis mech. Humans were not able to even power up the device to kick-start the mech.

Obviously, the Atlantis mech, which was introduced last, was not an option for everyone to choose, but for them to understand the mech better. This was because once they participated in the IG, it would be inevitable to face off with the people from Atlantis. It was good to know more about it and have a chance to get a feel of the power of the Atlantis mech in a simulated environment.

Sure enough, Colonel Duncan gently waved his hand and a screen appeared in front of everyone. On the screen, it showed the Atlantis mech engaging in battle in the water…...

Light flashed and strong attacks were delivered before the mech disappeared in an instant. All of a sudden, it reappeared and advanced aggressively…

One by one, the scenes left everyone dumbfounded. This mech was too overpowered! Achilles and the others were not too surprised by this. In the past, when humans were facing off against the Atlantis warriors, they could only emerge victorious with strength in numbers. However, with the appearance of Ability X, humans were able to even the odds.

"This is the basic performance of the Atlantis mech during water combat, and next, the goal of your training is to try every means to go beyond this level!"

Duncan laughed. "Now the training begins! Go and pick your favorite mech. Your training area, Ithanlis Lake!"


Everyone swung into action, after seeing the performance of the Atlantis mech in water, everyone was itching to go, especially after hearing from Duncan, to go rise above this standard.


Everyone was full of energy.

Wang Zheng chose the Trident mech. Among the four types of mecha, the Trident was the most balanced. Its capabilities were average, but it had the highest tactical potential. This was the characteristic of an Aslan mech. On a personal level… this was an Aslan mech...

The other three series of mecha, more or less, were a little different from the rest. They might be able to work wonders in a solo battle, but from another perspective, this would make them vulnerable to being targeted by others. From a tactical point of view, they might be a little lacking.

Zhang Shan had also chosen the Trident mech, Aslan's style. Needless to say, its outer appearance got 90 points ... If it wasn't compared to the Atlantis mech, this would've definitely been 100 points out of 100!

Meng Tian's choice was a little unique. It was the Monster Soul Light Blue Model from the Naga people, and she seemed to have something planned out.

Zhang Runan really chose the Imprisoned Dragon Type B. Although it looked bloated on the outside, it was much faster than what one would expect when moving on the ground.

On the other side, Lie Xin had chosen the Devil's Iron mech from the Arbiter Republic. Among those from Mars, other than Lie Guang, who had chosen the Trident Series, all the others had chosen the Devil's Iron as well.

As for those from the Moon, all of them had chosen the Trident mech. The aesthetic viewpoint of the people from the Moon was that if practicality was not compromised, all of them would choose the Aslan mech as their first choice.

Of course, the Aslan mech was formidable enough, and the same could be said about the people from the Moon. They believed that the Trident was the result of the most advanced research. As a result, they picked the Trident.

Having chosen their respective mecha, the traction channels opened from the mech warehouse, and in the distance was Ithanlis Lake.

Lie's team jumped right into the lake and started descending into the water. The mecha's engine were totally silent. This was one of the main features of water combat mecha, their silent engines. In deep waters, there would not be any light rays emitted. In darkness, infrared rays could be used to widen one's field of vision in close combat. If the distance was further, they could only rely on radar signals to get hold of their surroundings and the location of their targets. In the water, even the slightest sound would give one's location away.

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