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The leader of the humans was a rough African-American. He had muscles that were full of explosive power and had eyes that shone brightly. He was Adams, the strongest Ability X user amongst the younger generation in the Ghana Alliance.

This was the advantage that the humans had. Only humans were equipped with the unique Ability X. Even the people of Atlantis, who possessed the "mighty" spiritual power, had similarly originated from Earth, but even they did not have Ability X.

Adams laughed. "Leandre, you have lost confidence. The next one to be eliminated… it might be you."

Leandre cracked open his purple-black lips and showed his sharp teeth. "Really? Adams, how about I assist you? It depends if you have the guts or not."

"I have never rejected others. Gracholas, what is your take on this?"

Gracholas was a Caucan, a humanoid race that had a large body build. The Caucans had two feet. However, they had four arms. Their facial features were similar to that of humans, but they had insect-like compound eyes instead.

Compared to the Naga people, the fate of the Caucans was not that great. Before humans had discovered them, their progenitor star had already been completely destroyed in an insane internal strife. The humans had come to conquer and save the Caucans at the same time. Since then, the Caucans had become a vassal ethnicity of the humans. Although they were not large in numbers, they were visible in the various professions in the human world. They had experienced a fair share of ethnicity discrimination in the past and it was only in recent years that they were in a relatively better position.

"I support Adams." Gracholas possessed both the wild and destructive side of the Caucans, but at the same time, he had the stubbornness of the Caucans to reciprocate and return favors from others.

This stubbornness was a power that was passed down through their genes. Gracholas knew clearly that although he had great abilities, as a Caucan, there would a lot of obstacles that would need to be overcome if he wanted to represent Ghana. After all, the main body of the Ghana Alliance was the union between the Naga people and humans; the Caucans were a minority.

Leandre hissed and showed his teeth. This was the Naga people's way of expressing anger. However, he calmed down quickly. "Adams, as long as you make a single mistake, I will take you down any time."

The strength of the Naga people was to stay calm. At any time, even if they were extremely enraged, they were able to remain unbelievably calm.

Adams had a smiling expression. "I don't need this kind of submission. Come…let us continue the battle."

Sparks were flying out between Leandre's and Gracholas's eyes. Roar...

The three factions had clashed once again. Honestly, the chances of elimination over here were much higher than that of the Solar System; it was simply cruel.

The IG elite matches was progressing in full swing. All the galaxies and states were having their respective stringent selections.

The IG internal evaluation organization was also conducting their in-depth evaluations as well.

Roland Garros had chartered an office especially for the IG.

Inside the office, all sorts of preparation works for the IG match were going on while at the same time providing support for the IG pre-selection of the major galaxy powers.

Intelligence was being collected, exchanged, and transmitted over here.

"The final results for the Arbiter Republic are out."

When the information was announced, the entire office stopped momentarily. Some of the staff stared intently. "Isn't this a little too fast? The competition within Arbiter was the greatest in our initial assessments; how could it be out so quickly?"

"We are currently connecting with the people from Arbiter to verify. Connecting signal through the wormhole, three, two, one, connect."

The main screen within the office flashed. They had managed to set up a live connection with the Arbiter Republic's military.

"This is the IG name list from my side. Please receive it according to the confidentiality agreement." The soldier from the Arbiter Republic gave off chills that seeped deeply into one's bones. Even though they were in separate spaces, just by looking at the screen, it was as though the office had turned colder by a few degrees.

It was especially so since he had with him a group of villains that were giving off a beast-like and dangerous atmosphere ...

They were definitely ruthless villains. The murderous looks from their eyes were as though they were devils who had crawled out of hell. Anyone would have known that this was definitely the truth.

Everyone in the IG office had their eyes focused on an individual among the group of villains. Olivios, the strongest contender amongst the younger generation in the Arbiter Republic. He was also known as the "Death God". There were two big rumors with regards to him. The first rumour was that he would tattoo on his body the name of the opponents he had killed.

The second rumor was that he had killed over a thousand people and was worthy of the title 'The Executioner'.

Basically, the bunch of villains from the Arbiter Republic had had their hands stained with blood before. At the very least, they had taken dozens of lives in order for them to possess such icy-cold murderous looks. In their perspective, the contenders in other places were merely kids, and, honestly speaking, the past competitions had proven this point. The Arbiter Republic firmly believed that the strongest warriors could only emerge through fire and bloodshed... Although, from the perspective of others, they were only creating killing machines.

After confirming their identities and entering the necessary information, communications with the Arbiter Republic were cut off and the atmosphere of the IG office became slightly warmer.

"The style of the Arbiter Republic is a little …..."

"Be mindful of your words. Get back to work."

"Hmm? How come Nikolsky is not in the list of names that were entered?"

Nikolsky was the second best within the younger generation of the Arbiter Republic. Based on his capabilities, he was on par with Olivios, but he could not compare in terms of the number of lives he had ended.

"You all don't know how terrifying the Arbiter Republic is. Nikolsky is already dead," one of the staff members that was in charge of the Arbiter Republic said while he sighed.


The room had just gotten a little warmer earlier, but it seemed like the temperature had lowered once again and it was chilly.

Nikolsky was one of the strongest individuals in the entire Milky Way for his age. In terms of strength, he was not any weaker than Olivios, and in fact, he was better that him in certain aspects, so how could the Arbiter Republic let him die just like that?

"Was it an accident or?" Someone raised the question in a cold tone and had a terrifying thought of what could have possibly happened.

"You probably guessed it. This is Arbiter's tradition. There is only one player who remains and there can only be one that emerges from the battle of life and death. Olivios is the one who survived."

"Ahem, let's not talk about this. The results for the Aslan Empire are already out. But it may take some time to login and enter the information into the database."

"Oh? Who is the one leading this time? Sword Saint Aurora or Oz, who is known as the Sword Magician?

"It should be the Sword Saint. He is a noble after all."

Speaking of Aslan, everyone was enthusiastic. Compared to Arbiter, Aslan was pleasant to deal with, just like the spring breeze. When talking about things related to Arbiter, it was necessary to talk about Aslan in order to make themselves feel better.

Far away on the Atlantis Star, there were unique towering buildings and flying aircrafts that were moving in an orderly fashion regardless of day and night. This was one of the nine big cities of Atlantis - Anfels City.

24 Atlantis teenagers were split into two teams and were battling against each other. It was rare to see that Atlantis was taking things seriously for this IG match.

The battle of the Atlantis people was like nature's interpretation, where bizarre powers clashed with one another. The clashes were dazzling like magic, but it was not magic. Instead, it was substantial and real power.

The two teams came out even in their battles, and the clash between the two was particularly attention-grabbing. Each time they made their move, it directly influenced the environment.

In the distance was a viewing platform situated on high ground. It had sculpture carvings that were exclusive to Atlantis. It had bizarre textures, giving off a guarded sense of power. Hao Lin had stopped and stood on his feet, watching the exciting battle that was happening below.

Behind him were six attendants who stood respectfully.

"Between Bordia and Azhas, who do you think would be more suitable?"

"Your Highness, in terms of combat capabilities, Azhas would be a better choice."

The leader of the imperial bodyguards lowered his head and gave his opinion.

"Is that true? Then what merits does Bordia have?"

"He understands humans better."

Hao Lin laughed. "Choose his team then."

"As you command. Do we announce the dissolution?"

"Why? I haven't seen enough yet." Hao Lin laughed. "Although you said Azhas is better, I think Bordia will win this match. Let's make a bet with a hundred energy gemstones."

"Ahem….. Your Highness, this … isn't a good idea."

The leader of the imperial bodyguards shook his head awkwardly. Ever since His Highness made a trip down to the human world, he was not as innocent as before. Occasionally, all sorts of weird habits that humans practiced had clearly influenced His Highness.

Hao Lin smiled playfully; however, in his heart, a shadowy figure had flashed past and it was the figure that had the eyes and feel of God …... and that peculiar feeling happened to come from a human being. It was indeed inexplicable.

If he could meet him again, would things become more interesting?

Back on Mars…

Fighting in an underwater environment was not an everyday thing. With regards to the research and development of a water combat mecha, the Solar System was already lagging behind. However, in the context of the Milky Way Alliance, it did not hamper military purchases, especially when the Solar System was deemed as a special existence. They had a certain advantage in this aspect.

"On the whole, across the entire Milky Way, this is not a main area of focus when it comes to research and development. However, it is a project that cannot be ignored either. Hence, for the IG underwater battle, you will pick the most suitable one from the few types of mecha that we have imported…... Mainly it is one from Aslan —— the Trident Series. It is a fairly steady and mature water combat mech, equipped with a composite particle propulsion device. For close combat weapons, it uses the alpha water splitting spear, and for long distances, the main weapons are the water splitting gun and the tracking torpedo …..."

Colonel Duncan's detailed introduction of the mech was not done textbook-style but rather by bringing everyone to the Trident mech garage and letting them take turns to sit inside the mech to get a feel for it. In the Solar System, such mecha were generally not in use, but they still had to choose a few of the strongest ones. This was the case for the other galaxies as well.

"You all can feel it for yourselves and choose the most suitable one. Feel the connection between the mech and the pilot."

Duncan's words were a little dangerous, but everyone agreed with him inside their hearts. From the entire Solar System, they were the ones who were selected from billions of people. They certainly were the strongest in terms of capabilities. Actually, the model of the mech could not restrict their use of techniques and skills. However, everyone had their own special connection with a "mech". When using a certain model of mech, one's overall skills would rise significantly by several levels. To attribute it to the mech's performance would be a mistake. The key was its compatibility with the individual.

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