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Everyone's' attention was drawn over to the commotion. At this point in time, it would not be wise to display fear. In this group, it was necessary to have sufficient strength and capabilities in order to gain recognition.

"It looks like one is not enough. Since everyone wants some too, I will go down to catch another fish," Wang Zheng said.

"Heh heh, Wang Zheng is domineering indeed. We will be waiting for your fish for dinner then," Taros said.

Taros had always looked down on Wang Zheng. He was bewildered on how a small fry like him could be on par with the rest of them.

"Wang Zheng! Go for it!" Yuan Ye hollered.

"Wang Zheng's barbecuing skills are unparalleled and the Fanged Carp is a delicacy. If he manages to catch another, everyone will be in for a feast tonight." Zhang Shan kicked up a fuss.

Everyone was looking at Wang Zheng. No one had expected them to restart their rivalry once again. Their initial plan was to relax and enjoy this location. It appeared that now all Achilles wanted was to find someone to establish his power and prestige.

Actually, Wang Zheng could have declined, because the Fanged Carp could only be found in deep waters and it was extremely fast and ferocious. They had no idea how Achilles had done it, perhaps he had used his Ability X… this was really not something that could be imitated. Lie Xin and Lear had both chosen to keep quiet; it was evident that they could not perform this feat.

Based on overall capabilities, Wang Zheng had no chance of winning against Achilles.

Plop! Wang Zheng jumped into the water. As he dove downwards, the water pressure started to take its effect on him, and the Primordial Regression Technique was circulated.

He arrived at 200 meters underwater in a short amount of time. Then everyone's faces changed. Unless he had a special Ability X, it would not be possible for him to maintain this state.

However, Wang Zheng did not seem to be affected by the water pressure and continued to dive deeper. His original Five Elements were an unlimited source of energy. It had no limits, hence Wang Zheng would lose control whenever he used his Ability X. The current Cycle of Five Phases combined with the Primordial Regression Technique had certainly received some adjustments. Although he was not used to it, it appeared to lighten the load on his body. After pondering carefully, the current Primordial Regression Technique was more suitable for him to increase his power. However, it would be even better if he could utilize its full strength along with the Five Elements' limitless power.

If he had the chance to meet the Old Merchant again, it was a must to find out more about Wang Tong. It seemed like he had heard of Wang Tong before…

All the people on the shore were staring at the spot of light that represented Wang Zheng. This fellow was relentless. To think that he actually had such abilities.

Lear's eyes turned cold. He had calculated everything precisely for the plan on Earth, but he had not expected to give Wang Zheng an opportunity to shine. From the looks of it now, this was not merely a mistake. Wang Zheng's abilities were completely incredible and they covered a wide range inconspicuously. Especially when looking at the expressions of the people around him, it seemed like ... he had a good relationship with the people from Mars. Those from the Moon did not detest him either, at least when compared to Lear himself.

Lear's heart skipped a beat. This was not looking good.

Achilles was interested too. After all, Wang Zheng had already made his way 300 meters underwater, and this was already out of the ordinary. He knew how Wang Zheng had managed to dive down; it could not be done without an extremely formidable Ability X. Furthermore, it was also necessary to break through a certain degree of power as well. Achilles was the only one in the Solar System who had done so before this… but Wang Zheng was able to do it as well...

The others had not come to realize, but Raston and some others had already felt it. The powers that Wang Zheng possessed were extremely strong and powerful.

How was it possible for an individual to gain such strong powers overnight?! Lie Xin also felt astonished. Wang Zheng's spot of light finally stopped moving.

There was a moment of suspense. What had happened?

It was not that easy to catch the fish. Although those from the Moon were surprised that Wang Zheng had the capability to dive so deeply, diving down and catching the Fanged Carp were two separate matters altogether.

Beneath the water with Wang Zheng as its center, rippling waves started to spread out. It was his spiritual fluctuations calling out. Creatures, especially underwater creatures, were extremely sensitive to such ripples.

Not long after, the fluctuations of the water flow had become more intense. Wang Zheng had intended to only catch one fish... but, what the heck! It seemed like he had attracted the nest of the Fanged Carps.

In the eyes of the masses, Wang Zheng's spot of light ascended at high speeds. It did not take him long to break through the water surface like a cannonball. He was shouting in mid-air, "Get out of the way!"

Chasing right behind Wang Zheng were a couple of Fanged Carps, and one nearly bit Wang Zheng's butt. The fishes had jumped on to shore and were thrashing around.

It was evident that two fishes would be insufficient, but these eight fishes were definitely enough to fill the stomachs of the masses. The masses were cheering.

It was the first day. The Mars military was indeed humane. They did not care much about the campfire. The masses were enjoying themselves; they sang, danced, and had a sumptuous feast.

The next day at 4: 30 AM.

Buzz buzz buzz -------

A piercing siren sounded within the base.

Wake up and fall in!

Everyone was accustomed to all these practices. As they had rested yesterday, all of them rushed out of their accommodations energetically.

The intense Mars devilish training had officially begun.

This time, it was General Lie Wuqing who gave a lecture to the masses. He was accompanied by Colonel Duncan.

Lie Wuqing gave a military salute. He had a stern and serious expression.

In an instant, the already tense atmosphere became even more intense. Everyone felt that whatever General Lie was going to say next was definitely not going to be a light-hearted topic.

"Mars. This is the last stop for this IG training. Everyone has been performing well. But regrettably, although outstanding, there will be many of you who will be eliminated at this stop. But nonetheless I can assure all of you that regardless of being part of the IG main team or not, you will still receive focused training from the military. All of you here are without a doubt the future elites of the Solar System. Personally, I hope that all of you can learn many things here, not merely mastering the skills required in battle nor only for the sake of victory ... Duncan, I'll hand the rest over to you!"

"Yes! General! I will definitely complete the mission!"

Colonel Duncan raised his right hand and waved downwards…...


The ground suddenly began to shake.

On the parade square where the masses had gathered, secret doors started to open one by one. There was a surge of air flow with white steam. Then, one by one, the mecha rose up from these secret doors. Each secret door corresponded to one mech.

All the mecha came in different forms. Their commonality was that the engines were fully enclosed and were equipped with a turbine-type propulsion device at the back. This was a specially designed mech that was meant for underwater combat.

The Ghana Star was the most prosperous interplanetary hub in the Milky Way. At the same time, it was also the birthplace of the Naga. In the entire star, the deep oceans constituted 90% of the area, whilst the remaining 10% was land that was divided into several islands. There were no continents. The star was ten times the size of Earth and was extremely rich in mineral resources. It was considered to be at a medium degree of civilization. 

The Naga people were the creators of the underwater civilization. Initially, when humans discovered the Ghana Star, they thought that the Naga were the legendary Atlanteans.

But after conquering Ghana, they realised that the Naga were just the indigenous people of Ghana. Surprisingly, these indigenous people had extremely good capabilities.

The Naga people had a body shape similar to humans. They possessed both arms and legs, but had webbed palms and soles. Their skin colour was turquoise blue and they had four rows of gills at the back of their necks. It allowed them to breathe underwater like amphibians.

After humans had conquered Ghana, the Naga people took three generations to completely assimilate and become part of the Milky Way Alliance. To be honest, in this age of human navigation, there were many non-human civilizations like the Naga people. Many ended up joining the Milky Way Alliance. However, not many were as successful as the Naga people.

All these civilizations shared a common characteristic, which was the fact that they had the body shape of humans and thus were called humanoid civilizations. The most important point was, they had nothing less than what humans had. Sometimes they had even greater learning capabilities than humans. With the development and expansion over time, they had already become one of the ten permanent member states in the Milky Way Alliance. This could be considered a form of revenge.

The Ghana Star was no longer the territory of the Naga people. On the other hand, it was a prosperous planet that housed people from different ethnicities and civilizations. Humans, the Naga people, together with the Caucans and Saurians, who also belonged to humanoid civilizations …... had formed the Ghana Alliance. Although there were other civilizations present as well, the main body of the alliance was primarily the union between humans and the Naga people.

The collision of the various civilizations had formed a powerful force, and at the same time, it represented the power of various civilizations fusing together. They held a relatively high standing within the Milky Way Alliance.

The Ghana Alliance had paid much attention to the IG competition as they were extremely passionate about things such as learning from, competing with, and interacting with one another. Humans learned in order to conquer, whereas the Naga people learned just because they wanted to learn. What happens after they become stronger was not of much importance to them.

Each ethnicity within the Ghana Alliance was actively preparing for battle. Their vying for the position of leader had still remained in an intense state of competition.

This was a floating castle. In Ghana, land space was scarce. Hence, such floating castles were built in the skies above each island. Using Ghana's magnetic fields, the castles were kept floating semi-permanently in mid-air to provide more living space for the people. All sorts of aircrafts could be seen everywhere, even enormous space cargo ships were flying in and out of Ghana. Under the sea, on the sea's surface, above the sea, the Ghana civilization was extremely attractive to human travelers and was also one of tourists' favorite destinations.

This castle was the designated training camp for IG.

A real battle had just ended over here and a few team members were being carried out on stretchers. Blood was trickling down from the stretchers, and those who were sent out had already lost their chance to qualify for the actual IG match..

On the training ground, there were 51 people left. Amongst them were 15 humans, 11 Naga people, and the rest of the humanoid civilizations each had around one or two representatives left. All of them were the strongest elites of the younger generation from their respective ethnicities. The Ghana Star had preserved the slavery system, and of course they had taken into account the Milky Way Alliance Convention to a certain extent. The reason why the Milky Way Alliance could exist was its high levels of compatibility. After all, they had different cultural backgrounds and systems. From the perspective of Ghana, a gamble could determine one's fate, hence, when travellers came over, it was important for them to not joke around for they could become slaves if they were not careful.

Having a relatively 'backward' system had also made them fearless and dauntless, and of course, glory was even more prevalent.

On the whole, 51 people were divided into three teams and were competing with one another for the one and only position of leader.

"If it goes on like this, we will not get any conclusive results. The three of us are on par in terms of abilities and powers."

One of the Naga people, Leandre, blinked his eyes, and said in a mellow tone. The Naga people had pupils that were akin to that of snakes, giving off a devilish vibe.

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