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Aina giggled non-stop while standing by the pool. Wang Zheng leapt out from the water and dragged Aina down.

They were just about to whisper something to each other when Huiyin popped back out. "Let's go play at the high diving pool! Wang Zheng, you're so good at jumping that you can even jump from buildings, so you'll be even better at jumping into the water!"

Wang Zheng was stunned for a second. Your Royal Highness Princess, I have no wish to jump from buildings, nor do I want to jump into the waters. I just want the two of us to spend some time alone. But Lin Huiyin didn't allow for anything to be said and dragged the two of them along.

Aina clearly doted on this sister very, very much. Even though she came from the royal family, she didn't have many siblings of her own, and Aslan held kinship in high regards.

Sunshine and beauties. This was definitely one of his happiest days. If Her Royal Highness Huiyin could be a tad more sensitive, it'd have been even better. Despite this, Wang Zheng felt as if he had been given a new lease of life. Aina was really here!

After a whole day of fun, at night, Huiyin wanted to bunk with Aina, ruining Wang Zheng's secret plans. He... really wanted to threaten little Huiyin, but after weighing the pros and cons, he figured it was great that she hadn't tried to blackmail him. So he decided to give up.

Lying on his bed, enjoying the breeze and looking at the night sky, Wang Zheng felt extra peaceful. He could hear giggling sounds in the distance. He wondered what Aina and Huiyin were talking about, though he knew it was definitely something related to him.

When he closed his eyes, his mind would be filled with Aina's graceful figure and beauty. How could he sleep?

Wang Zheng tossed and turned. He was a passionate young man and this was tormenting him.

He didn't feel it normally, but this was exceptionally hard to bear. Especially when Rich Man Su from time to time had bragged about these things to him.

Wang Zheng was an ordinary man too. The situation between them was like dried wood in a blazing fire.

But no matter how hot things were between them, there was no use with a wall in between.

After much tossing and turning, Wang Zheng finally felt sleepy when a black face appeared right in front of him.

So huge!

Wang Zheng jumped almost instantly ... damn! It was that Black Charcoal Head robot that was tangled up in a fight with Bonehead.

How did he come out? There wasn't even a sound. Where was Bonehead? Was he killed? But no matter what, Bonehead seemed like a more advanced robot.

The robot stared blankly at Wang Zheng. It looked silly.

"Why do you guys always appear in such a way? Could you say something before you come out next time?"

said Wang Zheng. The other party didn't seem to have any ill intent, and they tried calling out for Bonehead. There was no response. No way! Could he really have been done for?

"Yes, Master. I am Charcoal, not Black Charcoal Head," Charcoal said in all seriousness.

".... Black Charcoal Head, where's Bonehead? What happened? Where did you come from? I don't think I know you."

"You're my second master. I've been asked by my first master to wait for you."

Wang Zheng was between laughter and tears. When had he become so popular?

"Where is Bonehead?"

"He is doing fine. After our discussion, he chose to enter his sleep mode. He has decided not to interfere temporarily. His training does not suit your current physical state and has caused some deviation that will affect you in the future. It needs adjustments," Charcoal said expressionlessly.

.... rolling about in an embrace was the way robots communicated?

"Who was your first master? How good was he? Seems cocky. And what do you people do exactly? You appear as you wish and never ask if I'm willing to have you."

"My first master's name is Wang Dong. Cocky... what does that mean?"

Wang Zheng and Charcoal stared at each other. Big dummy glaring at little dummy. What level of intelligence was this? The world was becoming a weird place.

"Ahem. Bonehead is my friend. Can you ask him to come out?" asked Wang Zheng.

Charcoal shook his head. "Master will automatically wake up when your body is able to take it. Otherwise, when the Law of the Cosmos finds out about you, you will either face serious problems or even be obliterated by the law."

Wang Zheng rolled his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. Damn. Trying to use the laws to frighten him? Did it think he was an idiot? He was Old Merchant's disciple, a master of physics.

"Charcoal Head, let's strike a deal. You let Bonehead out, then we discuss the problem about the Law of the Cosmos. I'm actually really great. The Laws of the Cosmos won't be able to do anything to me."

Wang Zheng felt as if this Black Charcoal Head had extremely low intelligence and tried tricking it first.

"Master, I am Charcoal, not Charcoal Head. The Laws of the Cosmos almost wiped out all of humanity last time. Humanity was only spared after damage was done to a few centuries worth of technology. Given your current abilities, you are not strong enough to break the laws."

To think a squarish, expressionless robot was actually pretty stubborn.

"Heh. How far away am I from achieving the point where I can break these laws and become almighty?" Wang Zheng was very confident of himself and he felt that he was not too far off from that point...

"You'll be about there when you are able to move freely between parallel planes of space."

Charcoal said seriously.

Wang Zheng gaped. Move freely within the planes of space? You think your boss here is a novelist?

"Is there no other way?"

"No. If you don't, it will bring great calamity," Charcoal said earnestly. "Furthermore, your moves require minor adjustments. The practice of the Five Elements, Earth, Ocean, Fire, Wind, and Space provides infinite power; however, you would only go down the path of destruction against the current Laws of the Cosmos if you were to clash against them. You need to turn them into Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, the Cycle of Five Phases."

Wang Zheng was stunned. What cycle, what elements? Meeting Bonehead was already weird. Now someone even weirder had come along, and he was talking as if he was really great. His Primordial Regression Technique was working fine. Changing what he knew would make him go crazy.

"Can we do it another way?" Wang Zheng asked weakly. When it came to communicating with non-living things like these, there often wasn't any room for discussion anyway.

Surprisingly, Charcoal nodded. "You can choose not to, but you will have to be stripped of all your progress and start all over again."

Wang Zheng stared blankly. Do what you deem fit. Elder brother here was unperturbed at Charcoal's words...

"Well, can we do that another time? Now..."

Wang Zheng had not finished his sentence when his vision went dark. Damn, why were these robots always so unreasonable? Can't he just let elder brother here finish!?

The entire adjustment process was a forced adjustment procedure to change the Primordial Regression Technique's path and flow.

As the adjustment occurred, the differences were explained in a voice which was gentle yet full of vigor. Wang Zheng knew it was Wang Dong's voice by instinct.

Just who was he really? What level did he attain? He should have become dust long before now. How was he still helping him?

The Earth, Ocean, Fire, Wind, and Space was a powerful way of training that drastically improved strength. However, in every universe, or rather, every parallel space, there was a fixed, stable set of laws. Different spaces had different laws, and once a force broke a law, the Laws of the Cosmos would resist, just like how a body's antibodies would react to a foreign threat! In this case, either the force that had broken the laws got destroyed, or the universe would go into chaos. It could affect as much as the entirety of space, or as little as a planet. For instance, earthquakes and tsunamis were ways which planets healed. It was the same for the universe, but in a way which humans still could not understand.

The Cycle of the Five Elements could disguise this force, and even if someday the force became overpowering, it would still have a certain chance of getting past the laws.

This was not a problem that could be tackled head on. There was no winning or losing, and it had to be transcended or it would bring about catastrophe.

The other party seemed to have plenty to share, but by the time Wang Zheng woke up, he appeared to have retained only a bit.

Wang Zheng checked his physical condition... he hadn't lost his chastity, nor did any of his limbs go missing. It was just that the Primordial Regression Technique....

Wang Zheng was stumped. The Primordial Regression Technique might've still been the Primordial Regression Technique, but it had taken on a weird form. It resisted itself and yet connected with itself. It couldn't do with less, but more was not good either. It could be very strong, but it could also be reduced to null.

What an odd state.

Wang Zheng went into meditation in an attempt to get used to this weird state he was in. The side effects.... were yet to be discovered.

In the Rubik's Cube space, Charcoal Head and Bonehead sat across each other, staring down.

Although Wang Zheng's (铮) name had the word "Zheng(争)", which meant "to fight", when faced with such a scene, he knew that there was no use complaining. The two robots represented two different forces and did whatever they liked. As long as they didn't use his body for experiments all the time, he was alright with it. He was still very young, very naive, and a virgin.

Even though Wang Zheng was always calm and always unafraid of the heavens and the earth, he felt slightly fearful this time. He now had something to care for, desires, and things he wanted to do.

As for principles, arguments, responsibilities and so on, he didn't mind doing things within his capabilities. However, it'd be better not to expect too much out of him, for he only wanted to live happily.

It would be best if those two could remain like that forever and not harass him anymore.

Looking the two of them, it looked as if they were quite passionate.

Wang Zheng's mind and soul exited the Rubik's Cube. The world around him had become slightly different. It was not the feeling of clarity after waking up from a slumber. He couldn't pin down what was different, but some things had definitely undergone some changes unknowingly.

"Get up, Wang Zheng! The sun's shining on your ass!" A loud, rapturous knocking sound came from the door, totally unladylike.

Wang Zheng patted his head and put all those weird things to the back of his mind. "Your Highness, could you behave a little more ladylike?"

"Little Zhengzi, stop dilly dallying! Your sister, me, has cooked personally. If you don't come out now, I'll eat all of it!" Huiyin slammed open the doors and popped her head in.

Little... Zhengzi.... why did it sound like some ancient occupation that was lost on Earth a long, long time ago?

Wang Zheng shivered. "Huiyin, how did you open the door?"

"Are you stupid? I used a key. Get up, quickly. What an average figure, nothing to see."

He was not sure when the Princess Her Royal Highness had begun to attack him for her own enjoyment. The way she looked at him was as though he was a furry soft toy.

Even though it was just a meal, Aina and Wang Zheng would still cast amorous glances at each other. Huiyin, however, talked non-stop about her own stories and her latest single.

The thing is, Wang Zheng had been busy training and didn't have time to listen to songs. This displeased Her Royal Highness Huiyin. Wang Zheng had neglected the existence of a prominent figure like her, so she wanted to ruin things. She wanted to be the bad guy.

Wang Zheng and Aina quickly hoaxed this little princess. It only ended when Wang Zheng promised to buy a present for Huiyin as an apology.

Student Wang was in bliss. Princess Aina accompanied him for meals while Princess Huiyin sang her new single. He got to enjoy all this alone. It was too much.

Compared to this, the other kids who were in training were not so fortunate, although most of them believed that Wang Zheng was definitely depressed and pitiful. Going through such significant ups and downs would be a huge blow to anybody. Moreover, Wang Zheng was a small character. It was surely very painful for him to suddenly fall off.

Because of that, Atos was in a particularly good mood and was training extra hard. Furthermore, they were on the Moon's turf, so he acted as if they were invincible.

If they knew about the life Wang Zheng was living, they'd all probably go berserk.

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