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No wonder he kept feeling like something was off. They'd been tormenting him. It'd be odd if he felt normal.

But the weird thing about it was that Wang Zheng did not sense any malicious intent from the charcoal black robot. He wasn't sure if being the onlooker allowed him to see things clearly, but he felt as if the two robots had a similar air around them.

... did robots have an aura around them?

Regardless, he was still on somewhat good terms with Bonehead and thus he wanted to stop them from fighting.

The instant Wang Zheng touched Bonehead in an attempt to separate the two, it was as though he'd been electrocuted. The charcoal black robot flashed and the two machines disappeared together, locked in an embrace.

And the Rubik's Cube mark on Wang Zheng's chest turned dim... 

What was going on?

Wang Zheng rubbed it. Bonehead seemed to be at a high level, so how did that black thing trap him when their strengths and abilities did not seem to be far apart?

After calling out countless times and not getting any response, Wang Zheng laid on the bed, arms and legs spread wide open, and suddenly... the mental disorientation he felt was gone.

Wang Zheng concentrated. It was real!

The thing that had been making him feel disoriented was no longer there.

He had a stomach full of questions but nobody to ask them to. More importantly, the Rubik's Cube no longer listened to him, and there was no use no matter how he called.

For some reason, the scene from the Norton Star came to Wang Zheng's mind. That person seemed affable, and it didn't seem like he would do any harm. This was even more true for Bonehead. Bonehead wanted to help him become stronger. How did these two energies come into conflict?

What was the connection between them?

And most importantly, it was okay that they fought, but couldn't they have kept others out of harm's way?

He was in the most crucial phase of working things out. Falling out at this time would be alright if it happened just once. But if things got out of hand, the army might've disqualified him, and all the work that had been put in would go to waste.

No matter what, the tricky problem he had in front of him was now resolved.

It all came and went suddenly. After opening the windows and looking out at the beautiful scenery, Wang Zheng felt lost. There were many things he wanted to talk to someone about, but he suddenly realised that there really wasn't anybody out there.

Just then, he heard knocks on the door.

"Sir? Room service," said a girl's sweet voice.

Wang Zheng hesitated. ... the army had provided such a complete service?

He had heard Tyrant Su brag about Paradise Island in the past, about how the most beautiful scene was not the scenery, but the girls.

"Ah? I didn't call for room service," answered Wang Zheng.

"Sir, this is Paradise Island. There are surprises around every corner, and everything is possible."

The person outside did not relent.

The voice sounded rather familiar, but...

Wang Zheng opened the door to a figure he had not seen in a long time. A light fragrance came at him, and a girl threw herself into his arms.


It was Aina!

Was he dreaming?

Embracing the girl's tender and soft body, Wang Zheng could feel that it was real.

"Xiao Shi, is it really you? Am I confused again?" Could it be that the two robots' fight had confounded him so much so that he was hallucinating?

Aina's eyes shone brightly. Sometimes, all that was really needed was courage. Once she had her mind made up, the world became a different place. All that stuff, such as her responsibility as a member of the royal family, became unimportant, and her world was now filled with colors.

Rules were dead, humans were not!

"Ahem. Attention, attention. There is a minor around here." Another figure appeared from the side. Lin Huiyin separated the two of them without hesitation and entered the room.

"The army is a real miser, arranging such a small room for you, and with such poor views," Huiyin said, sizing the room up.

Wang Zheng smiled. The room was huge. And as for views, this was paradise compared to training.

"Why are you here?" Wang Zheng asked, holding Aina's hands. The two of them looked lovingly into each others' eyes.

"I can't stand the two of you. Hey, there's a living person standing right here, okay? Do I have to give you ten minutes to look at each other?"

Lin Huiyin said coyly, stamping her feet.

"Sure, Student Huiyin." Wang Zheng did not care about this little gooseberry.

Aina smiled and said, "This trip's all thanks to her. I snuck out. She's holding a concert on the Moon."

"Not just that. I asked Angela to call the army to make arrangements," Lin Huiyin said proudly. It wasn't appropriate for Aina to be directly involved in these things, and Lin Huiyin had a lot more freedom.

So that was it. No wonder Drachmach had acted weirdly. Even if he needed rest, there was no need to send him all the way here.

It seemed like the Solar System Federation had intentions of building a stronger alliance with Aslan too.

"I know, I know, you're the best!" Aina said, locking her fingers with Wang Zheng's.

"Enough, enough! You're too mushy! I'll give you ten minutes to pour your hearts out. I'll wait outside. We'll go for a swim in a bit. Enjoy ourselves since we're here anyway."

Student Huiyin was happy as long as she could play. She didn't like attending classes, especially in school. Of course, when she was out, there would be royal tutors around to tutor her. It was less stressful that way too.

More importantly, Lin Huiyin didn't like the strict and rigid atmosphere in the royal school. People either showed their admiration and envy or were overly courteous when they saw her. It was as if they were all made-to-order. The Solar System was more fun and interesting.

After Lin Huiyin left, Wang Zheng took Aina into his arms right away and gave her a really long kiss.

This supremely beautiful girl was his. Aina was passive at first, and then slowly, she kissed him back. She was shy and felt strange about it, but that only made Wang Zheng desire her more. Only when he embraced Aina tightly could he feel that it was real. Sometimes even Wang Zheng himself wondered if their meeting was just a dream.

Time had stopped for this young couple. Lin Huiyin didn't really give them ten minutes. The lass had cheerfully went on to pick out a swimsuit, with Angela following her every step of the way.

She was one of Lin Huiyin's people and was to live and die for the Princess. But with regards to Princess Aina's dangerous actions, she had her reservations. She didn't want Her Royal Highness Huiyin to be overly involved in this matter.

Too bad though, her protests were of no use, and instead, she became an accomplice herself.

Little girls were not rational enough and were often blinded by love. Such confusing feelings were immature, and there was often a price to pay.

All this while, Angela was admissible that Aina was more suitable to rule the country. She had done a good job so far and was cool-headed. This was a prerequisite for being Queen.

But looking at the situation now, it seemed like the rebellious Huiyin was way better than Aina in this aspect.

The Princess was playing with fire.

The scenery differed because of the company. Aina's presence made Paradise Island a true paradise, while poor Zhang Shan and the rest were stuck in intense training as he enjoyed his vacation.

Wang Zheng learned from Aina that they really had to thank Huiyin. If not for Huiyin covering up, it would have been difficult for Aina to come out. Of course, internally, Her Royal Highness Princess was "diligently studying history."

Most importantly, Huiyin had indeed reminded Aina that she should not miss out on the best of times.

There wasn't anything much for Wang Zheng to change into. A pair of large underpants would do. But the two girls were having a hard time.

Was there a need for that? It had been half an hour.

Finally, the doors opened. The bored Student Wang Zheng turned around and almost had a nosebleed. Two beauties, one older and one younger.

Aina was wearing a light blue swimsuit. Of course, bikinis were not appropriate for the Aslan Princess, and it was more conservatively styled. But that snow white skin looked stunning under the sun. Aina looked at Wang Zheng, unreserved. Wang Zheng's stunned reaction made her feel very pleased.

"Do I look nice?"

Wang Zheng shook his head helplessly. "I regret it now."

Aina and Huiyin looked at each other. Is it not nice?

Wang Zheng waved his hand and said, "Your beauty can't be described with the word 'nice'. Forget it, we're not going out anymore. I'd suffer losses if others saw you."

"Tsk. No wonder people say Earthlings are petty. I've booked the whole place, dummy!" Lin Huiyin pouted.

Wang Zheng laughed. He was only expressing how he felt, and this lass had taken it for real.

"Let's go, I'll show you my unparalleled swimming skills." Wang Zheng chuckled.

"Hey, didn't you forget something?" Lin Huiyin asked.

"Ah?" Wang Zheng and Aina were both confused.

"You didn't compliment me! Don't I look good?"

Huiyin had donned a pink little swimwear with a golden bow. It was indeed super adorable. To the extent that others couldn't be able to help but give her a pinch. Too bad some people were so "fervently in love" that they had overlooked her.

"My God. How could I? Your Royal Highness Huiyin's beauty has made me forget my status," said Wang Zheng.

"Tsk. Sweet nothings. Forget it. I shall be magnanimous and not hold you to this."

Then... Lin Huiyin walked in the middle, holding one on each side, coldly separating Wang Zheng and Aina.

Wang Zheng looked at Aina bitterly. Why did she bring this gooseberry along? Didn't she have a concert to prepare for?

Aina gave a consoling look. Prioritising men over her sister was not a nice thing to do.

"Wang Zheng, I want to have ice cream! Honeydew flavored, coconut flavored, and..."

Wang Zheng was getting ready to have some fun with Aina in the water when their benefactor started making all sorts of requests.

Student Wang could only wait upon her.

There were lots of exciting things on Paradise Island's water amusement park. Wang Zheng hadn't had so much fun in a very, very long time.

Aina and Lin Huiyin had clearly learned how to swim from a very young age, their movements graceful and elegant.

"I want to go on the water slides!"

More than ten meters high, with all sorts of spins and turns, the slides were not suitable for young children. But Lin Huiyin was persistent. She had to give it a go no matter what.

"Wang Zheng, look after her, she gets wild."

Left with no choice, Wang Zheng had to watch after Lin Huiyin. He thought she was a quiet little girl, but here she was, bubbly and active.

"Hurry, hurry! What a coward!" Lin Huiyin complained. Student Wang rubbed his nose. This had nothing to do with courage.

"Huiyin, be careful. Maintain that posture or you'll get hurt."

She was just too bubbly. Lin Huiyin waved to Aina at the bottom, signaling that she was going to jump. Then, all of a sudden, she turned and pulled Wang Zheng. The two of them tumbled down together.

Lin Huiyin's cheerfully laughed on their way down. It wasn't fast at first, but it was quickly followed by a few twirls. She had become one with the water, flowing and moving non stop. All worries were thrown out of the windows.

A few spins and turns later, the two of them made a final ten meter rush and fell right into the pool. Huiyin made a beautiful mermaid-like move and was confident and at ease. Student Wang fell straight in, butt first.

Throughout the whole process, Lin Huiyin had been tugging and pulling at him from all corners. Huiyin was exhilarated, but he was in quite a pitiful state.

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