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"I know."

Ye Zisu smiled while following her dad to the door. After that, she delved her head back into the pile of countless drawings.

On the second day, the weather maintained at levels similar to the previous day. The temperature even dipped a little.

"Hmm….let daddy take a look at you. Yeah, you look really beautiful. What about the brooch that daddy gave you last time? Put it on…."

"Daddy, this is just a celebration event. This will do."

Ye Zisu commented. Luck played a part in the Norton Star's success, and this allowed her to gain some prestige in the company. Although she was the heir, a company was not run by a single person. If she wanted to manage the company, she would have to slowly earn the trust of the board of directors one step at a time.

Ye Bingwen felt helpless. This girl had grown up to become more assertive.

One by one, the important guests arrived, the political elites followed by the business executives. Ye Bingwen received the guests in the garden together with Ye Zisu.

"Hoho! Mr. Ye, it has been a while."

A man in his sixties greeted Ye Bingwen. He was accompanied by a young man with a sickly figure.

Ye Bingwen shook this man's hand with an affectionate grip. "Haha! Mr. Fraser, it has been ten years since we last met, and you still look so young."

"You flatter me. I've gotten old with age. I was watching a movie yesterday and I fell asleep halfway through it. Looks like I don't have as much energy as before."

"That film must have been too boring! Mr. Fraser, allow me to introduce my daughter, Ye Zisu. Zisu, this is Uncle Fraser from the Moon…."

"Uncle Fraser, who single-handedly established the Solar System's largest deep space transport group? How could I not have heard of you? You've been my idol ever since I was a child," Ye Zisu said, smiling.

The Xin Cheng Group was a centennial group that covered all aspects of the Moon. For nearly thirty years it was the largest transport giant in the Solar System. If OMG wanted to fulfill its desire to dive in to the galaxy market outside of the Solar System, a sincere partnership with Xin Cheng Group was vital.

"Hahaha, you flatter me. Ye Bingwen, your daughter is a fine lady. Ah, allow me to introduce to you my son, Dorisius Bloch. Compared to your daughter, he still has much to learn."

Dorisius smiled politely. He wasn't as bad as his father had described him to be. "It is my pleasure to meet both Uncle Ye and Miss Ye"

"You're being too modest. I know about him, Dorisius is one of the brightest young talents on the moon. In fact, he is one of the Eight Stars of the Moon. Zisu, please help me play the part of a good host to Dorisius. Young people have common talking points." Ye Bingwen laughed.

Ye Zisu smiled politely. There were quite a lot of young males attending this event, yet her father wanted her to solely host Dorisius. Really now…..

She nodded. She was curious about the Eight Stars of the Moon after all.

"Shall we sit over there?" Ye Zisu pointed outside.

"It would be my pleasure." Dorisius nodded.

Ye Zisu watered the plants as she passed by them. She was about to speak when Dorisius bust out laughing. "Hoho….from the looks of it, you were brought here for the same reasons too."

Ye Zisu blinked with slight surprise. She immediately smiled. "Not really. I guess, I've always been mentally prepared for this."

"Ditto, OMG has garnered a lot of attention. I believe that in the future, there will be many areas we will be able to cooperate in."

Both were heirs of their families, the future was in their hands.

The two of them talked about the possibility of strategic cooperation, but it was merely their personal views on matters. It could be counted as indulging in each other's ideas. Adults had their way of thinking, but so did the youths.

"The Moon's team did well at the IG training camp this round." Ye Zisu blinked and changed the subject.

"Miss Zisu is also interested in IG?"

"I was in Ares College's mecha department."

"Mecha department?" Dorisius was slightly taken aback.

"I don't look the part?" Ye Zisu laughed.

"Just a little surprised." Dorisius laughed.

"The reputation of the Eight Stars of the Moon precedes you." Ye Zisu giggled.

"Earth's performance was the real shocker. Four individuals obtained very good results, we were foiled." Dorisius smiled.

Both of them had a lot of common topics, both in business and in school.

"Does Miss Zisu already have someone that she likes?" Dorisius asked suddenly.

Dorisius initially gave no thought to this matter, they had only just met each other. He started to feel that Zisu was a pretty good lady, she wasn't bossy and she was a capable person.

"Uhh….." Ye Zisu stared blankly. "Why do you ask?"

"Hoho..I might sound a little narcissistic if I put it this way, but when we spoke with each other, your eyes would sparkle as if you were thinking of someone special. This person would most likely be someone you fancy," Dorisius explained. His eyes showed perception.

"Was I really that obvious?"

Dorisius nodded and laughed. "I was just curious which individual it was that you thought so highly of."

Ye Zisu's eyes wandered into the distance. "There is such a person that I have liked for many years." Ye Zisu smiled gently.

"Oh? Then I wish you all the best." Dorisius was not a nosy person, he merely wanted to understand his future business partner better.

"Thank you. How about you? Do you have a person that you like?"

"There is…but I'm afraid she sees me as a brother. But I'm still young, so there is no need to rush matters like these."

A figure appeared in Dorisius's mind. His eyes also wandered off into the distance.

Ye Zisu laughed. He was human after all. At least he was not annoying.

In the distance, both of their fathers were giving a toast.

"From the looks of it, it seems like both of are getting along pretty well." Fraser smiled.

"Hoho...young people are so interesting." Ye Bingwen nodded.

Both of them looked each other in the eye and shook hands. "Here's to good cooperation."

The planet of Atlantis was the seat of the Republic. It was one of the top ten mysteries of the Milky Way Galaxy, and it possessed both culture and secrecy. But mankind did not know that one of the conditions to get Atlantis to join the Milky Way Alliance was that Atlantis got to maintain its own freedom and relative independence.

Externally, it looked like an ordinary planet with its unique style of architecture. But the Atlantis civilization was a unique spiritual civilization. It was also a place where all of mankind's knowledge was integrated into its very essence.

But Mankind never believed that it was just another ordinary planet. Secret probing was done because they suspected that underneath it all, this was a terrifying battle fortress.

The Republic of Atlantis had nine major cities, each of them the size of Australia on Earth.

The streamlined rune ships were running in a busy but orderly fashion.

After joining the Milky Way Alliance, Atlantis underwent a series of changes. What had once been a completely conservative republic gradually opened up, and alliances started being formed. This showed that Atlantis was willing to seek a greater level of cooperation with others rather than maintain a neutral position.

There were countless exotic spacecrafts flying around both inside the planet and in its skies. Flourishing and efficient, these spacecrafts were flying different-colored streamers. The different colors signified that they ran on different tracks.

At the center of Atlantis was a large temple that served as the palace. To put it bluntly, the palace was actually only the outer part of the temple. The palace was the guardian of the temple.

The palace temple was snow white in color. It contained a main hall that was round in shape. At the center of the main hall was the altar of the gods.

At this moment, there was a beautiful white figure kneeling on the altar and praying.

Beneath the altar were twelve girls surrounding it. They were the priestesses of the temple. Each of them was be a pure virgin with devout faith and excellent qualifications. Each of their bodies was vaguely emitting a mysterious, dense, blue aura.

After an hour, the figure on the altar stood up and raised up her head. She had a breathtaking face. She gently stepped down the stairs. A pair of sparkling and translucent feet gently touched the ground with a faint rhythm. This was an extremely sacred event.

The moment she got off the altar, the sacred aura dispersed and in its place was the aura of a noble.

She was the master of the nine cities, the Queen of the three great stars, Her Majesty!

The priestesses assisted her with the changing of her robes. Once the robes of a priestess were taken off and the robes of a queen were on, the last trace of holiness faded away and was replaced by an overwhelming aura of majesty. This sort of majestic aura made all who laid eyes on her submit to her majesty.

"You may take your leave."

With this command, the Queen made her way to her palace.

The female officials submitted the documents that needed processing. These documents were not electronically stored like what mankind used, but rather were primitive books that contained writings in gold. It was actually as convenient as human technology, but only the people of Atlantis could use it.

"Your Majesty, his Highness Hao Lin requests an audience."

The documents were processed quickly and efficiently. In the short span of half an hour, a thousand scrolls of nearly 500,000 words were processed.

The Queen looked up and smiled. "Let him in," she said as she put down the golden scroll in her hand.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Hao Lin entered respectfully.

"Your Majesty."

He bowed. His actions were really cute.

"Rise. Come here and sit down."

The Queen adjusted slightly so Hao Lin could sit on her lap.

"Was the human world fun? You have human ancestry, so it would not be particularly difficult for you to understand them, but do not be affected by them," the Queen said while smiling. She touched the top of Hao Lin's head.

"They possess riches and are ambitious and unbridled. But your Majesty, what about them worries you?" Hao Lin asked puzzled.

"Every civilization must have its flaws. The closer they get to perfection, the greater the danger of extinction." The Queen smiled lightly. "We are now in the Milky Way Galaxy, and our fate with mankind has been intertwined after so many years of peace. After all this time, the humans must be finding it more difficult to suppress their ambitions. We must take the appropriate precautions."

Hao Lin nodded. He knew that Her Majesty would never be wrong, this was God's guidance. Atlantis had been under the danger of total destruction several times before, but it had survived under God's guidance.

The universe did not care about the existence of a civilization, nor its extinction, because a new civilization would replace it. There was an irresistible force that governed this universe, and the greater the force, the more it was respected.

After thinking for a while, Hao Lin asked, "Your Majesty, there is one matter that I am concerned about. There was a human, and from his body I felt vibrations. These vibrations felt similar to…..God."

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