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Chapter 160
Chapter 160: Lust

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In the resting chamber, a female lieutenant wearing a striking space suit appeared. In response to her fairly impressive figure, Yan Xiaosu protested that the military was just too evil!

The female lieutenant smiled. "Hi, everyone, my name is Zhao Jin. I am the officer of this ship. I have already given everyone my contact number. If you require anything, please do not hesitate to contact me."

As Zhao Jin raised her hand, a ray of light shot forth, displaying the ship's interior structure. However, there was one particular layer which was marked in yellow and affixed with a warning label.

Zhao Jin tapped her finger on the exterior. "Let me first give an introduction about the basic situation here. This is our current location, that is the resting chamber, and that is the training room. In there, you can find the newest training equipment, which includes a military-grade gravity chamber… Let me allocate your individual rooms to you. This is the dining hall; half of the ship's crew dines here, and the open hours are from 0500 to 2300…"

"Ma'am, I have a question." Yan Xiaosu raised his hand.

Zhao Jin laughed. "You can just call me Zhao Jin. Please go ahead."

"May I find you even if I have no problems?" As soon as the question was asked, An Mei's tiny fingers pinched Tyrant Su.

"Oh, if you're not afraid to die, feel free to try, my little friend."

These people were pretty lively. However, Zhao Jin's superiors gave explicit instructions that these were important people and hence required appropriate treatment.

After introducing the main spaces, Zhao Jin walked everyone through the said spaces. "The other areas are all restricted areas. I hope no one will intrude. On top of that, for long distance space travel, the most important thing is…"

Zhao Jin continued to introduce all types of rules regarding space ships. After all, this was the first time they had such a long flight. Since the ship crew had other duties, Zhao Jin did not want these guests to interrupt their work.

Yan Xiaosu whispered in Wang Zheng's ear, "Bro, the uniforms are great, no wonder you always wanted to join the military!"

Wang Zheng was speechless. He had grand ideals. Even though all the

military systems ads always featured beautiful female officers, he only took a few glances and nothing more.

As for what it meant to be a beautiful military officer, Zhao Jin clearly satisfied this criteria. She had fair, healthy skin and exotic facial features. Standing at 1.8 meters tall with a pair of gorgeous, slender legs, Zhao Jin was incredibly attractive. Most notably, the uniform she was wearing hugged her skin and really showcased her amazing figure.

"Alright, that is about it. If there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to contact me."

Zhao Jin left with a smile. Her responsibility was over for now. These two kids were pretty perverted. Were all kids like that?

It was free time for Zhao Jin and she obviously could not follow the rest of the crowd as she had to attend to her responsibilities. On the other hand, leader Xiao Fei immediately ran to the lab with no intention of coming out. There were many experiments that couldn't be perfectly executed on Earth. This was an opportunity too good to miss. Xiao Fei's schedule was packed to the brim and she had no extra capacity for any of her students, not even Wang Zheng.

In no time, only Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu, Ye Zisu, and An Mei were left in the resting chamber. Before Yan Xiaosu had a chance to speak, An Mei started to pinch his ear. "Did someone have a secret chat? That is a pity, because with such intense emotions, that was said a little too loudly."

Was it very loud?

It obviously was not. However, there was still lingering lust between Yan Xiaosu and An Mei. An Mei definitely knew what Yan Xiaosu had whispered into Wang Zheng's ear. Lieutenant Zhao Jin certainly was exceptional. Her legs were as great as gold, and An Mei paled in comparison. Most importantly, she had the maturity and poise of a soldier, which made her exceptionally attractive to males.

"You must have misheard, I said that the military uniform is very sharp. Thereafter, I wanted to tailor a set for you, and then…"

Yan Xiaosu's smile clearly became lewd.

An Mei blushed. She could not handle such a move. "Do you want to die… these things should be said

said in private."

Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu exchanged glances. What a scandalous couple!

"Let's go and check the training room," Yan Zisu suggested. She knew that Wang Zheng would be very interested in this and thought that this would be a great time to ditch the other two so they could have their own private time.

An Mei was sometimes very admirable. She was daring enough to speak and take action. An Mei had also shared that love ought to be passionate and vigorous regardless of the outcome. However, Ye Zisu could not do it.

The crew training room included top-notch facilities that was way beyond the ordinary. On top of that, there was greater control over the variance of intensity.

Xiao Fei's experiments on this flight were the most important thing she had to do. There was ample time since New Olympus did not fly very fast. At times, there were curved flight paths and there were spatial jumps at others. Sometimes, the ship would rest in deep space for a while. Wang Zheng and his friends spent all three days playing. It was essentially their first time on such a flight. On the other hand, Xiao Fei was familiar with this process.

After three days of travel, the New Olympus finally made it through the Pluto Federation. After refueling, the ship flew into the intergalactic wormhole.

The wormhole was one of humanity's most important technologies. It connected the whole of the Milky Way Alliance. It could be said that one's speed when travelling through it approached the speed of light and was one of the greatest breakthroughs since air travel. Actually, the wormhole had already existed since thousands of years ago. It was only recently that it became operational and complete.

Simply put, a wormhole was a spatial distortion.

"Everyone, can I have your attention please. Everyone, can I have your attention please. This is your captain speaking. In five minutes, we will be entering the wormhole. All passengers please take your seats."

The one on the intercom was ship's captain, Major General Torres.

As the large battleship entered the wormhole, the ship shook violently. Everyone felt slightly nauseous, but this was not a persistent sensation. In that moment, everything turned pitch black. The experience was similar to a

to a fish being poured into a dark bottle or into the beak of a large monster. The speed of flight was entirely different from that during ordinary travel.

Thankfully, after a few minutes, the ship emerged from the wormhole.

New Olympus was now 220 light years away from the solar system.

The Sky River System was a small planetary system. When humanity first discovered it, it possessed a star smaller than but about ten billion times older than the sun.

The New Olympus flew straight towards the Sky River System's star. This was an important opportunity to test the gravitational force of the star for physics experiments.

Wang Zheng did not participate much in the experiments. In his words, he was purely a theoretical scientist. Letting him do experiments was not useful. Whatever he could think of, he could calculate it. If he could not calculate the result, there was no point doing experiments and it could only be a postulation at best.

Wang Zheng spent most of the time training. IG training was intensifying. Back in the academy, there was not much time and it was seldom peaceful. This was a rare opportunity for Wang Zheng to improve himself. His schedule was packed and he hoped to make a breakthrough in physical conditioning.

Apart from looking at Xiao Fei's notes to him during his rest time, Wang Zheng would sometimes be dragged along by Yan Xiaosu to play cards and watch television with Ye Zisu and An Mei.

Ding dong…

"Please come in."

Wang Zheng was doing pushups in his room and the digital display indicated "129".

There was a voice in the room. Wang Zheng stole a glance from the corner of his eye. It was Ye Zisu. He smiled. "Are An Mei and Yan Xiaosu at it again?"

"I cannot keep being the third wheel, so I came to find you," said Ye Zisu with a smile. She sat quietly in a corner.

"If you're not in a rush, let me finish this set of push-ups. I still have 164 more to go."

Wang Zheng started to do his push-ups even quicker.

"No rush, Wang Zheng. Sometimes I really admire your persistence."

Ye Zisu smiled, turned around, and sat at a table in a corner. Both of her hands were behind her back. Her her back. Her eyes were glued on Wang Zheng and she no longer spoke.

In no time, the remaining push-ups were completed. Wang Zheng stood up and wiped off his sweat. This was his tenth repetition, and he had met his training goal for the day.

"Let's go, shall we go check out the scenery?"

Ye Zisu nodded. The two of them went to the window of the ship. At this point, New Olympus was already close to the Sky River Star. The bright and deadly radiation of the star exuberated from a distance. Shades of gold glistened from the sun. Most of the strong rays were absorbed by the safety filters of the ship, but the glory and intensity of the star remained in view.

From the view of the window, one could see that in the same direction as New Olympus, there was a comet with a long tail flying towards the Sky River Star.

At this close proximity in the deep dark space, one could see the white tail of the comet reflecting the rays of the sun shining especially brightly in the darkness.

The view was absolutely mesmerizing.

Wang Zheng did not speak and neither did Ye Zisu. Standing shoulder to shoulder, they stood in front of the window of the ship. The comet slowly accelerated under the influence of gravity.

The two of them were marveled by such a brilliant spectacle

Ye Zisu stood by the right side of Wang Zheng. Just a gentle move from her left hand would allow her to touch Wang Zheng's right hand. At times, she felt like she was that comet.

"An Mei, I say the two definitely are here. I am not late, right?"

Yan Xiaosu's voice could be heard from a distance.

Ye Zisu smiled faintly and turned around. She adjusted her hair with her left hand. "It is about time. Any later and you would have missed everything."

Yan Xiaosu blinked. This seemed weird. It seemed as though now was not a good time.

As the comet entered the star, it did not seem as impressive. Relative to the star, it only seemed like a black spot. If the ship were not up close, perhaps it would not be visible to the naked eye.

"Beautiful things are often easily lost …"

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