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Chapter 159
Chapter 159: What a Female Secretary is For

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"Bring him along," Old Cronos said plainly.

Drupe nodded respectfully. "Young Master, please follow me."

Drupe looked shaken. The day had finally come for the great Li Er to start a new chapter of his life. His very existence was for the sake of his family.

Although silence was restored in the room, Old Cronos's gaze was fiery. There was finally hope to achieve the dreams that the Cronos bloodline had fought for for generations. Actually, he too could tell a palatable tale of how even a pirate became a prince, but this was not something Old Cronos would do. Winners were celebrated and losers were vilified. Only through victory then could they become undisputed kings.

After Li Feng and Wang Dong, the victor capable of bending even the will of the heavens could only be the one and only Li Er Cronos!

The skies outside were azure blue, with only sparse flowers of cloud floating in silence. It was like the universe was mocking both the insignificance of human race and the overwhelming nature of human ambition. As the wheels of history continued spinning, the glory of the past was already long gone. Only Earthlings could take all this to be their lives' responsibility. What then lay ahead?

No one knew.

However, miracles were often just born like this. The larger the heart, the larger the horizons.

The following days were very cosy, like that of a summer vacation. Wang Zheng and friends were rushing to consolidate their learning. The professors sometimes turned a blind eye since no one would seriously kick any of these four heroes out from the academy. In reality, regardless of whether it is Wang Zheng, Zhang Shan, Meng Tian, or Zhang Runan, they were all very serious. None of them were obnoxious and arrogant just because of a little achievement. Among the four of them, the only one who warranted some attention was Zhang Shan. His school-based fan club was particularly active. Using Zhang Shan's words, he would like to find a girlfriend from the club, but in reality, Zhang Shan had exhausted all his time and energy on training. He did not want to be fall behind in the second phase.

Yet another piece of good news – Leader Xiao Fei's research team had applied for an Alliance Technological Prize and was accepted!

The military academy's website was revamped yet again. The red background transformed into an even more festive shade. The principal was making a speech that same

night. Based on the image on screen, his face was red, as though he had drank something. "I am sure everyone has seen the news. Two pieces of good news. Firstly, it is almost summer break; secondly, Wang Zheng and his fellow students have won the prize for the Milky Way Alliance University Technological Achievement Award, which is given once every four years. This is the second time the school has won such an award… The whole school is proud of your achievement. Let me now announce that for all students taking the final exam, there is an opportunity to retake the exam if necessary!"

Principal Gu Te was obviously overjoyed. Making such an "insensible"comment, he had clearly thought through beforehand how such a move would radically change the learning atmosphere. If the school lacked the environment to promote learning, these students may not choose to work hard. With another chance for examination, this would motivate students and perhaps even save a few on the line.

The entire military academy roared. Long live the principal, long live Wang Zheng, Professor Xiao Fei, we love you… A particular student who went overboard in his shouting was assaulted. The nail that stuck up mostly got hammered down.

The supposedly glorious Wang Zheng let out a bitter smile. "Can we not go?"

Training was very draining, and Wang Zheng wanted to use this break to examine the Rubik's cube.

"No, as the representative of the academy, do you think you can just not go? Even if I do let you off, will Gu Te let you off?"

Xiao Fei stared at Wang Zheng. What kind of guy was this? As the university student who had just won the highest honors, he… just pretended as though nothing had happened!!

He was clearly a great talent in physics, but instead he chose to join the Mecha Department. Well, being impractical was fine; it was good to have dreams as a youth, since one would eventually learn to acknowledge reality and get back on track. Mecha were for ignorant teens, and there was no future in that field!

The important thing was that the first person who had ever won such an award for the academy was Xiao Fei. Now that her disciple had won too, should such news spread, it would be simply wonderful.

One would have thought that since IG was such a huge competition and was filled with all the talents of the solar system, Wang Zheng would have been eliminated in no time. The news

news of Wang's unexpected stellar performance spread like wildfire. Now she not only had to share Wang Zheng with Gu Te, but she would also have to compete with the military for this piece of talent.

Given that news sources had also confirmed that Wang Zheng won the technological achievement award, how could he forsake such an opportunity to experience the strength of the scientific community and such a moment of glory?

No way, he had to go!

Wang Zheng still struggled in thought. Xiao Fei pretended to be somber, mimicking a scene from the movie she saw. "Don't you forget, the fact that you could even attend IG was because of my signature. I can revoke that at any time. Besides, you can expand your horizons by going to the Milky Way Alliance Headquarters… Be good!"

Indeed, she used a carrot and a stick to convince him.

Wang Zheng lowered his head and his eyes flashed. He was feeling a little dizzy since he had to pull an all-nighter with Professor Xiao Fei. Nested in those loose clothes… something was so white and deep. It was often said that seeing cleavage led to arousal. In spite of her not wearing underwear, her cleavage was still seen. This was arousing enough that even a mountain would burn up in flames!

"Speak!" Xiao Fei was totally oblivious to the problem at hand.

"Yes, Professor, you are right. This will be a great, eye-opening experience. I must follow in your footsteps and press on bravely!"

Wang Zheng caved in. He had no place to hide. Speaking sense to Xiao Fei was not tenable; he had no chance of winning from the onset. That said, getting to see the Milky Way Alliance headquarters did not seem bad at all.

Xiao Fei nodded with a satisfied smile. Having Wang Zheng see the power and glory of the scientific community may not cause him to abandon the thought of being a mecha pilot immediately, but with such a thought planted, it would eventually flourish.

Suddenly, Xiao Fei noticed that Wang was acting strangely and lowered her head to take a look… While working all night yesterday, because her bra made her chest feel stuffy, she decided to remove it. As soon as she received the news, she forgot to wear it and left the house immediately. From afar, it was nothing much. However, up close, on a summer day, some things were inevitable.

Xiao Fei lifted her head, putting up a smile. "Did you enjoy it?"

"It was okay… wait, what?" Wang

what?" Wang Zheng coughed. He would bet a hundred dollars that Professor Xiao Fei's professional boundaries had only become clearer in the past two months. However, he was also not exactly sure. After all, he was not a player. But since he was not a player and yet he felt something, it only proved that she was fairly eligible…

"Pretty good, is it? Little brat, you dare to take advantage of even your own professor? Hurry up and work your brain to death! Make some progress on your theory; otherwise, don't you dare come out of your lab ever again!"

Wang Zheng responded politely, "Yes, ma'am, I will definitely complete my work."

"What an unhesitant response. Did you take notes from Ye Zisu? She is a pretty good lady. This trip to Roland Garros required conducting a lot of experiments, including spatial transfer… all of that money was provided by OMG." Xiao Fei winked.

Wang Zheng laughed again. "Professor, you are mistaken. She is just a good friend whom I have known since highschool."

"Well, I did'nt even say anything. You assume that everyone is into you," said Xiao Fei teasingly.

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders in resignation. Knowing that she had to win every argument, his best response was just to stop retaliating.

Apart from Ye Zisu, Tyrant Su also wanted to go to Roland Garros. Since the Yan family was the sponsor for the research, An Mei naturally followed for the trip. Now that it was summer break, An Mei had found a part-time job in Little Fortune Star Company. Although Yan Xiaosu asserted that he could be the secretary for the trip, he just wanted a company-sponsored trip. On the other hand, the Yan parents had a totally hands-off approach to parenting now that their son was all grown up. Even during a meet-up with friends, they no longer discussed matters regarding their son.

As the Milky Way Alliance government center, Roland Garros was basically not open to tourists. However, it remained as one of the top tourist destinations. Every country of the Milky Way alliance had an embassy in Roland Garros. Every embassy was characterized by a unique cultural architecture that defined their respective countries. Touring Roland Garros was essentially experiencing all of the cultures that made up the Milky Way Alliance.

However, going to Roland Garros not only required money but also required a special permit. This permit was not only of short validity but also restricted one to the embassy of one's nationality.

As summer break approached, everyone became more everyone became more lively. At the same time, Wang Zheng began his journey to Roland Garros.

The New Olympus had a length of 2,800 meters and width of 832 meters. It boasted an impressive exterior and possesses three main cannons as well as 126 other automatic artillery guns. This was one of Earth's ambassador ships.

Rattling off technical specifications was easy, and it was nothing compared to the impulse to pilot it for Wang Zheng. The New Olympus' interior was smaller than he expected. Touching and feasting his eyes on the interior of the ship brought him great physical gratification. Flying the ship was a fantasy that he could only dream about.

"Enough, any more will be embarrassing for us."

Xiao Fei was the leader of this team. Wang Zheng's behavior was indeed embarrassing. However, Wang Zheng's response was even more infuriating. He claimed that he was a fighter and not a scientist. This ship structurally had a large capacity and hence he was definitely sure that it had possessed a secret compartment. However, this would not be the main processor area. Perhaps it was for operating the cannons, or maybe it served as the power source…

Tyrant Su nodded fervently. He was so shaken that he could hardly speak. The systems, the mecha, and the ship itself were all passions of men that could not be understood by the likes of women.

An Mei, who was serving as Yan Xiao Su's "secretary", was wearing a pencil skirt which was typical office attire. Tyrant Su muttered that if there was something to do, the secretary should do it. If there was nothing to do, then he would do the secretary… An Mei rolled her eyes and quietly swore that she would never be Tyrant Su's secretary again.

On the other hand, Ye Zisu was wearing plain, simple clothes paired with exquisite accessories. She appeared elegant and seemed very appropriate for the occasion.

Wang Zheng made a ruckus throughout the journey. The accompanying soldiers were wearing faces of passive aggression. However, their superiors gave explicit commands to respect Xiao Fei, a scientist who had the status of a national treasure. With such a rare accomplishment that required them to reject honoring Aslan migrants and instead choose to honor Earth's accomplishments, as long as Xiao Fei did not dismantle the New Olympus, regardless of her actions, the soldiers were told to accommodate it.

Hence, they struggled to tolerate Wang Zheng's unruly behavior. Should their junior officers exhibit such behavior, they would immediately be sentenced to death!

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