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The first time he saw this Fatty was when the latter was being beaten up. The reason was simple: the more fat one has, the more comfortable they are to hit!

Lear had been at the pinnacle since a young age. This sort of man like Fatty was not worth his time, much less the effort to do anything to him.

According to Lear's family, the weak must be shunned and this world belonged to the strong.

But something weird happened that day. Fatty was constantly being beaten up, but he never made a sound; he even smiled the entire time.

That smile stirred something in Lear's heart. Thus he took action and broke someone's limbs that day.

Lear paid no more attention to that matter, but what followed after was weird to him. No matter where he went, this Fatty would always show up. This Fatty had even qualified and entered Zeus College. Furthermore, he was an Ability X user. One with a truly fearsome Ability X.

As Atos swam behind his group, he was relaxed and hummed a tune. This sort of test was not challenging at all. That Fatty was pretty funny back there with his face looking like an airbag.

Suddenly, Atos' face froze. Something had grabbed hold of his leg and pulled him underwater.

He was about to open his mouth but found out that he did not have the strength to. It was as if something had drained all of his energy.

Just before Atos fainted, he heard a cold, sinister laugh.

At this moment, a sound boomed from the sky. "Atos, eliminated."

The people from Earth stopped. Achilles had a grave expression. He had been swimming in the front about ten meters away from the others. This was considered a safe distance, but someone had actually committed sabotage under his watch

"F*ck! Who dares to mess with us!" Dong Xiaosa spit angrily.

"Seems like we were too careless. Someone could not endure anymore." Achilles grew angry. "Let's carry on"

It would be impossible to search for a person right now, and perhaps the opponent's intentions were to let them speculate as to what happened.

Atos' elimination reminded the others that although this was merely a run, it did not guarantee their safety. Any mistake would cost them.

They did not know who actually had the audacity to strike at someone from the Moon.

Was it Taros? Or Lear? Or someone from Mars?

Seemed like the team captains' battle had started.

Everyone had suspects in mind, but no one thought of Fatty.

While Atos' first thoughts after waking up were that he actually trusted that damned Taros!

That sinister laughter could not have come from anyone besides him, it must have been him because Atos had called Taros ugly.

Inside the monitoring room, Drachmach had a pale expression. "Meng Ao, your guys clearly have flagrantly disregarded the rules."

Meng Ao did not speak but merely shrugged. A little ruthlessness did not matter.

"The person has already been eliminated, so why should the Earthlings be eliminated? To think that the Fatty was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He actually managed to sabotage Achilles's team right under his nose. His ability is worthy of being considered for the main force." spoke Lie Wuqing with a strong ruthless smile.

He appeared to be helping Meng Ao but at the same time stabbed him in the back.

Meng Ao did not say anything. Having witnessed what had just happened gave him quite a deep shock. This Fatty was actually incredible. Up until now, he had only displayed his skills of perception, sneaking, and the ability to expose weaknesses. One on one, Atos was not afraid of him, but when it came to underhanded tactics, Atos was not his match.

These were the qualities of a top quality recon scout!

With this event, the pace of the training changed. The battle between the team captains had begun.

Just like everyone had anticipated, it was hopeless to complete the training in a day. When night fell, the most anyone had completed was five laps. Their speed was getting slower and slower. This training had a disgusting condition, no one was allowed to stop for more than ten minutes or the lap would be voided.

Zhang Shan could not run anymore. He could not feel his legs anymore and he did not want to be a burden to Wang Zheng and the others. Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine that Meng Tian and Zhang Runan had better endurance than him.

Users of Ability X did indeed have better recovery speed than normal people. Wang Zheng was an exception, that monster.

"Perhaps I am more suited to doing research" this thought flashed in Zhan Shan's head just before he lost consciousness.

He had endured until he actually fainted.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhang Shan regained consciousness. He felt himself moving, and upon opening his eyes, he discovered that Wang Zhen was actually carrying him on his back.

There were no rules that stated a person could not carry another. Then again, the person who set the rules never anticipated that someone would still have the strength to do so.

The three generals were laughing with tears in their eyes. Was this f*cker really still human? Despite carrying another person, Wang Zheng did not slow down at all. He was a living monster!

Both Meng Tian and Zhang Runan were stunned. When they looked at Wang Zheng's face, they saw the look of confidence and trust.

Initially, Meng Tian did not know how she felt towards Wang Zheng, but now she finally understood. Whenever he was around, she did not feel cold and distant, but rather warm inside.

Zhang Shan could feel tears welling up. F*cking hell, he, as a man, was actually getting emotional. What a shame!

"Put me down Wang Zheng, I'm able to carry on now," Zhang Shan said.

"I'll carry you for some distance," Zhang Runan said. She was better at carrying the heavy man.

"No worries, I can make it-OUCH." Upon getting off Wang Zheng and trying to stand, Zhang Shan discovered that his legs had no strength as he collapsed on to the floor.

Zhang Runan held him steady. "You overexerted yourself, so you'll need some time to adapt again."

"Sorry to have burdened you guys"

"Are you a man or not? Saying such sentimental words. Don't let others know that you are one of us," Zhang Runan said. Both Wang Zheng and Meng Tian laughed. The Manly Sister still had some fight in her.

After half an hour, Zhang Shan's body had adapted to the strain. He had pretty good physical strength and hence could recover quickly. Yet then again, Wang Zheng had carried him for almost a quarter of a lap.

No one knew who had committed the sabotage and gotten Atos eliminated. Everyone was on alert, but it also took too much energy. If they bumped into another group, they would just keep their distance and pass by quietly.

The three generals had no intention of watching the participants progress through the entire night. This much would do, and they would come back and view the results tomorrow.

Time slowly ticked by, and with Wang Zheng's and Zhang Runan's help, Zhang Shan had completed the seventh lap. It would be dawn soon, and Taros, who was in the lead, had only managed to complete the eighth lap. It was obvious that he had slowed down, as half of his attention was focused on staying alert. No one knew who the saboteur was, but they knew he was ruthless. Each person that the saboteur eliminated would benefit him greatly.

Taros suspected that the saboteur may have been Achilles himself. He might have intentionally sacrificed Atos to let the others stop and check up on them. As long as Achilles disadvantaged the others, no one else would be able to challenge him. He would be able to sweep aside all that stood against him.

Some people suspected Taros, some suspected Lear, and others suspected Achilles. There were some who even suspected Wang Zheng. But no one ever suspected the Fatty.

Without anyone else knowing, the Fatty had completed his seventh lap. He was in the middle of the pack, neither too fast nor too slow. But then again, the Fatty was actually controlling his pace.

According to Lear, characters like Luo Fei needed to be cultivated. Luo Fei might've even been a little bipolar, bumbling around on one hand yet once triggered would become horrible and insidious. But the one thing about Luo Fei was that he had loyalty. And to this regard, he had absolute loyalty to Lear.

The servants of house Chronos valued loyalty above all. It was the number one value, as well as the second and third.

Compared to other weak fatties, this Fatty was sufficiently ruthless. But to Lear, he was not ruthless enough. Had it been Lear who committed the sabotage, he would have totally destroyed his opponents.

But of course, the risks had to be proportionate to the rewards.

Time was running out and he had no intention of giving up first place. It did not matter what happened during the start, the burst of energy at the end was what mattered.

During the competition, Lear constantly monitored the opponents that were considered a threat.

Achilles was too self-confident, Raston was too positive and he also lacked ambition. Taros could be ignored. Wang Zheng...he was naïve, but he actually could carry a person and run at the same time. Only he could have come up with such an idea. Wang Zheng cared for his teammates, and with that he displayed the spirit of Ares College. But in order to save a piece of trash, he had not only wasted precious time, he also dragged down his entire team.

Those who did not have the potential should just give up.

But then again, this could work out too. Lear now knew Wang Zheng's weakness, and it would provide an advantage in combat.

However, Lie Xin was a woman, and that was awkward. Lear was good at dealing with men but not women.

But he firmly believed that women had no place in this sort of field.

After having completed his personal objectives, Lear started to increase his speed.

Achilles had the same conclusion, neither of them considered Taros to be a threat.

"Ruofeng, you lead the team. I am about to head off soon," Lie Xin said. It was about time she made her move.

"Don't worry about us, Captain."

Lie Xin's expression changed from one that was fatigued to one that was full of energy. She then instantly accelerated.

This was nothing usual to the people of Mars; there was nothing that the Lie family could not do.

"There are only a few laps left, Wang Zheng! Runan and I will take care of Zhang Shan and not let him fall behind. You go on ahead!" Meng Tian said.

She continued to maintain her calmness. It was obvious that Wang Zheng had been conserving his strength.

"Go on ahead, Wang Zheng! Don't worry, the people of dormitory 007 are not cowards. They would never give up," Zhang Shan said. This was the true meaning of brotherhood. He had been on the verge of giving up several times but held on because of everyone's encouragement. Although Zhang Runan's methods were more rude.

Wang Zheng nodded. "Then I'll make a move first."

Having said that and with a huff, Wang Zheng's silhouette faded away. The three of them were left stunned.

"What is this fellow made of? He still had so much strength."

In fact, there were about a dozen people who had started to speed up.

In this sort of marathon battle, you had to maintain a decent performance in the first half, but the latter half was the critical part. The latter half was also a test in itself because if you exerted your strength too early, you would never maintain it until the finishing line. Exert too late and it will definitely affect the end result.

Taros was in the lead. As he got closer to victory, his mood brightened. The first place holder of every event would be recorded. In every subsequent performance review in the military, this would definitely come in handy.

On top of that, he would give a good image of himself to the generals. And it goes without saying that his status within the Hades Republic would be further elevated.

But his map showed that there were ten dots that had increased their speed. Some had even accelerated past his current pace. It seemed like the others were not content with his position and were looking to overtake him.

Currently, the fastest lap timing still belonged to him.

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