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Their speed was not fast, but Wang Zheng did not dare to go any faster, as going faster would not help. Instead, he would only drag Meng Tian and the crowd down as they could not maintain a quicker pace.

He could feel the breathing of the three other people. When their bodies recovered from the warm up stage, they would be fine.

On the screen, the rest of the participants sort of formed into groups while moving forward. The speed of the Martians also decreased over time. Half an hour was enough to let the passion die down because there were still nine laps remaining. In contrast, the people of the Moon had maintained a stable speed. Achilles was like an eternal light lighting the way ahead for the crowd.

The same Achilles was also in control of the cadence of the group.

Lear had performed disappointingly by running his own race. Leadership, which was the focus of the training, could not be seen from him at all. What was the use if he was fast alone but left his only assistant, Luo Fei, behind?

The fatty was now in last place as his speed was really not fast.

Raston led the people from the Republic of Caragal. Taros acted the same way Lear did, moving forward alone. Soon he rushed to the front of everyone, evidently planning to take the lead.

"Zhang Shan, adjust your breathing and stabilize your pace by reducing your breathing speed by a little," Wang Zheng said

Zhang Shan smiled. "I know, but how the f*ck can we finish this running exercise?"

"We just began and you are discouraged already?" Meng Tian said.

Being looked down on by a beauty was absolutely not okay, it was detrimental to the dignity of 007.

"Do not worry, I will definitely not be the first one to fall."

The island's path was not easy to walk on. As the four people kept their speed, three groups were formed. Taros led the first group, Wang Zheng and his friends led the second group, and Luo Fei led the third group.

The Titan and Europa participants were not good at running, so endurance training like this really gave them a headache.

According to the map guide, an hour later, Taros reached the beach. About five kilometers across the sea, Taros looked back behind, and his mouth showed a trace of sneer before he jumped into the sea and swam to the other side like a flying fish.

The second group of people that arrived were the people of the Moon led by Achilles.

"Boss has no new tricks. We ought to take this opportunity and kill Taros now; We cannot let him show off in front of us," Dong Xiaosa said.

Achilles slightly shook his head. "This is just the beginning, there is no hurry."

"Little Dongdong, do not be worried. Taros cannot run away from the boss. Just make sure you do not fall behind." Pi Xiaoxiu laughed.

"Do you want a beating? Do not call me Little Dongdong!"

"Alright, little Dongdong!"

It was clear that the participants from the Moon were quite relaxed.

"You two, stop making trouble and get into the water." The only girl in the team, Milo, was always very loved.

"Milo, do you want to go skinny dipping? I promise I will not look," Atos ridiculed.

When he finished speaking, he got thrown directly into the sea by a few people.

Atos emitted a sharp cry, "You group of people care about girls more than an innocent life!


"Beat him up." Milo gave the order as a group of people chased him into the sea, eager for a bruising.

This training was absolutely draining for some people, but for some others it was a metaphorical holiday. The people from the Moon used this relaxed atmosphere to reduce their muscle tension and exertion from the previous training. Reducing energy consumption made it easier to deal with the exertion from the warm up, allowing them to recover quicker.

In the sea, the nine people became very calm as they swam towards the other side.

When Achilles and others dove into the water, Lear had just arrived. He stayed for a while and soon disappeared into the sea without a trace of a splash.

The Martians led by Lie Xin also arrived. "Aren't we going to chase them?"

Ma Hong asked.

"Do not worry, if you rush forward too wholeheartedly, your spirit and motivation will weaken if you are unable to endure," Lin Ruofeng said with a smile.

Lie Xin showed a pondering smile. "These guys want to play dirty. Do they really think we Martians have no brains? I'd like to see what they want to do."

"Playing dirty?" Carl got confused.

"Taros is a real villain, but it's relatively simple to defend against this kind of person. Raston is a rare gentleman. He is generous, and he's not our enemy," Lie Xin said.

"Then Lear and Achilles are problems?" Carl was a little puzzled. With the Moon people's personality and strength, it seemed that no one was their opponent.

"Carl, you are too naive. If we can see Lear scheming, then comparatively, Achilles is a schemer that has deceived everyone otherwise." Lin Ruofeng laughed. As the military assistant to Lie Xin, just like Milo's role, he had a detailed understanding of their future opponents.

"Just like Ruofeng said, Lear's and Achilles' styles in doing things are different. When Lear does things, you will not know what he wants until the end. When Achilles does things, even if you manage to guess what he wants to do, you cannot stop him," said Lie Xin.

The Martians did not think Lie Xin would give these people such a high evaluation.

Soon, Lie Xin laughed. "To know one's own strength and the enemy's is the sure way to victory. The strongest group is still us Martians and Lie Guang will be back soon!"

When everyone heard this, they all got a shock, for the Lie family had an "outcast". They heard that in Academy X, this person had beaten up a teacher and was expelled from the school. He had been rebellious since childhood, and in other places, he might've been beaten up so much that his mother could not recognise him, but in Mars, it was like another matter.

The family let Lie Guang grow without restraint!

Lie Xin jumped into the water like a mermaid. Her clothes stuck close to her body, showing off her unparalleled body. This sight pumped up the strength level of the group of Martians.

Beauty could improve adrenaline secretions to a great extent; it was like of injecting half a tube of stimulant.

An hour and a half later, Fatty arrived at the beach. Looking at the sea, Fatty's face seemed as though he had eaten a bitter gourd. What was more painful than running was swimming; he would rather burrow himself in a hole than get into the water.

But in this stage, he was clearly not allowed to burrow into a hole. Fatty stamped his feet and bit the bullet. He jumped into the water from a small cliff and began to swim forward.

"This little Fatty is favored by Lear, but he's too weak."

Lie Wuqing was dumbfounded On the battlefield, they didn't need people who could only run away.

Meng Ao was also a little embarrassed. Had he known that such a shameful person was here, he would have just eliminated him. He didn't know what Lear was up to, but he acted as he pleased.

"Wang Zheng isn't doing well. He is too caring towards his team, and they're dragging down his own speed," Drachmach said.

The team or the individual, this had always been a multiple choice question with no fixed answer. The other three people's physical strengths were very mediocre, especially that Zhang Shan. Although he was trying to follow, he was too slow, slower than the two girls.

"He did not learn to cut his losses early." Lie Wuqing laughed. Zhang Shan's physical proficiency was too low. It was definitely due to luck that he could actually reach the second stage and not be eliminated.

Wang Zheng and others who were in front constantly got caught up to, and soon the

Europa College led by Yuan Ye also caught up.

"Maiden, it's a fate that we meet again," Yuan Ye said. Song Li also smiled. Their performance in the kill of the Zerg Queen was also very praiseworthy, and they got a high score. As long as they made no mistakes, they could get promoted for sure.

Zhang Runan stared at Yuan Ye but did not pay attention to him.

"Folks, I will go ahead. Fight on!"

Yuan Ye saluted. After all, he represented the Europa College; otherwise, he would have joined Zhang Runan.

"Boss, that Zhang Shan seems to be dying. He can hold on for at most two more laps."

"If it were me, I would simply let go of him and save the team."

Though the voices of those three people were quiet, they still spread to the ears of Zhang Shan, and it was a great blow towards Zhang Shan's self-esteem.

"You three go ahead, I can do it alone!" Zhang Shan said.

Meng Tian faintly looked at Zhang Shan. "He couldn't even take an insult. How did he get into the Physics Department with this IQ?"

"Zhang Shan, there are ten laps, we don't know who will laugh at the end yet," Wang

Zheng said.

And Zhang Runan was simpler, she directly kicked Zhang Shan in the butt. "I will kill you if you keep nagging."

She was really a domineering, super manly sister!

Zhang Shan clenched his teeth and his heart felt warm. F*ck, even if he would die from the run, he could not drag the team down.

Zhang Shan had passed the first stage of fatigue and was reaching the second stage of fatigue. Most of the other people were still in the first stage of physical fatigue and were just fine; this was the result of long-term training.

With the passage of time, a terrible thing happened.

Someone had been lapped.

After the completion of the first lap, the crowd did not have any sense of joy, because there were nine laps to go. Sh*t, simply endless running.

But at this point, no one would be a sucker and quit.

Luo Fei once again came to the beach. He was still in last place when he suddenly felt a figure pass by him.


The shadow that rushed by left a single word and disappeared. It was the second lap for Taros.

Fatty bitterly smiled. Jesus Christ, what were these guys made of? They didn't need to rush forward so quickly, what were they anxious about?

Not long after, Achilles and the Eight Stars appeared. They too were quite surprised to see Fatty. They then realized what had happened, they had lapped him.

It was really quite a miserable scene.

People who could come here were all prideful, so getting lapped before running for long was really shameful.

"Hey, little Fatty, you are running so fast, which lap are you in?" Atos chuckled. After living on Mars for some time, Atos had also picked up some bad habits.

Masasi frowned. "Keep quiet."

"Haha, just a joke. But I really need to know, when did King Lear's senses become so bad that he would choose this person. This is really funny."

The participants from the Moon passed by. Achilles did not even look at him.

"It's been a few years since we last met, but Lear has become weaker. His senses have become worse." Dong Xiaosai was also not polite. After all, Lear was his former main competitor. He was a bit surprised by how fast he fell.

Luo Fei stopped, then his body sank into the water. Fatty was not afraid of ridicule. To be accurate, he was laughed at ever since he was young. Laughing even made one ten years younger. It was not a big deal to be laughed at.

But he absolutely did not allow anyone to talk sh*t about Lear!

Fatty once again emerged from the water. His eyes were filled with something strange. He cut a path through the water and rushed out.

And behind him, Lear floated up. His eyes never changed.

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