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Chapter 8: Hidden Class (1)

TL: Haku

Edited: Myoni

It took Jinsung about 1 hour to hit lv 10. Rather than taking a long time to hunt, the problem was that there were too few foxes, possibly because there were so many users and too few foxes.

“Well, now what should I do for 2 days?”

Having everything go so smoothly was also a problem.

However, Jinsung had no intention of wasting his time despite his situation.

“Shall I raise the level of my skills?”

While hunting ten foxes, he obtained a couple passive skills he had lost when he reset.

There was a total of three skills registered on Ian’s skill list.

Weak Point Capturing, Critical Shot Fortification, Rapid Fire.

‘It would be somewhat useful if I leveled up my skills… But it’s now like I’ll be an Archer again…’

It wasn’t a bad choice but he felt like there would be a better method for him to spend his time more efficiently.

Right then, there was one good idea that grazed through his thoughts.

‘There’s a Training Centre in Trombone, too, right?’

The Training Centre was a training ground with a martial arts instructor NPC that allowed you to train a variety of different fighting abilities. Once you had trained for a certain amount of time at the Training Centre, you could gain bonus stats based on the training method and the time trained.

However, gaining stats at the Training Centre required an insensible and barbaric amount of grinding, so usually high-level users that had trouble leveling used the Training Centre to grind their way up.

Because it was favourable for him if he could hunt higher level monsters despite being lv 1, each and every stat was precious to him.

Ian, who had his heart set, moved fast.

‘Time is gold.’

Leaving Kalymputh Hill and quickly arriving in Trombone, Ian skillfully found the Training Centre. As it was a place that he kept going in and out of a dozen times before resetting, he knew it very well.

“I want to use the Training Centre.”

At Ian’s words, the Training Centre’s supervisor NPC looked up and down at his body.

“From my observations, you seem to be a ‘Beginner’.

“That is right.”

“Your passion for wanting to train is desirable, but a beginner should just change their class and go on an adventure in order to get stronger faster.”

The Training Centre’s NPC kindly gave advice regarding Ian’s path(?). However, that advice was only useful to generic users.

“Before I go out into the world, I want to be more solidly prepared.”

Ian was annoyed by the conversation with the NPC, but he responded with a smiling face.

‘They should just hurry up and let me in instead of minding other people’s business…’

By saying what he really felt, his friendliness with the NPC would decrease, and that would become a disadvantage in Kailran.

“Humph, you do have a point. Alright, I’ll let you in. Beginners can use the Training Centre free of charge.”

“Thank you.”

Ian, who entered the Training Centre, first grabbed a wooden sword used for training in his hands.

‘Since I don’t know what stats are important when playing as a Summoner… I’ll train in every way!’

It was a very ignorant way indeed, but in this situation, it was also the best training method.

Ian began to infinitely repeat the familiar actions from before resetting. It was the beginning of the endless ‘grind’.

From repeated training, your physical strength has increased. Your Power stat has increased by 1.

‘After increasing my Power and Agility little by little after endlessly repeating the same action of swinging a wooden sword…’

You’ve endured damage close to the limit. Your Health stat has increased by 1.

Due to getting beaten by the Training Centre’s instructors, he raised his Health and from meditating, he increased his Intellect stat.

Ian continued this insensible training method that couldn’t be done unless you really had a lot of time on your hands.

The NPCs that watched him were stricken with admiration.

“You are an adventurer pursuing true strength!”

“Up until now, I’ve never seen a more persistent trainee!”

Ian’s concentration and tenacity were incredible. Every time a stat increased by one, it felt as if some strength that wasn’t there before was gushing out.

In order to fulfill Ian’s personal plan to get to the best level up condition, he carried out resolutely the way of the endless grind.

And finally, the day of the large update came.


Ian, who was sitting in the Training Centre locked into meditation, opened his eyes at the sound of a system message.

Through meditating for a long period of time, you have gained enlightenment. Your Intellect stat has increased by 1.

As soon as the server opened, Ian signed into the game at the speed of light.

‘My condition is better than any other day!’

As the white light disappeared, Ian saw a hanging board for a Magician’s guild in front of him. Ian, who didn’t even want to waste 1 second, logged out after reaching the location where all the class guilds were.

Ian glanced around. And shortly after, he was able to find the building he wanted.

‘The Summoner Guild! I found it!’

Without hesitation, Ian opened the doors of the guild and went in.

It may have been obvious, but there was no one in the Summoner guild. Ian was the first.

Ian found the class-changing NPC at the inner part of the building. Since all of the class guild’s building structure were similar, it wasn’t hard to find.

Ian immediately began to talk to him. His name was Cain.

“I want to change my class to a Summoner.”

Cain looked up and down at Ian before responding.

“Humph, the path of a Summoner is by no means easy. Domesticating a fierce monster is not a job that anybody can do.”

“I know. However, as difficult as it is, I think it is just as splendid.”

At Ian’s flattery, Cain laughed while nodding his head.

“Of course, that is true.”

He stared at Ian’s eyes before continuing his words.

“Good, you have enough rights to change class! I’ll ask one last time; will you really change class to Summoner?”

Ian nodded his head.

“Yes, I am positive.”

‘It should be enough if I pull it out now, right?’

As he spoke, Ian pulled out the Crystal of Myuran from his inventory.

As Ian expected, Cain’s pupil slightly magnified when he noticed the crystal.

“No… This is….!”

“Do you know about this item?”

The corners of Ian’s lips slightly went up. At the thought of finally being able to meet the hidden class, his heart began to palpitate.

“Is it not the crystal that the continental hero Myuran left behind!”

Ian nodded his head.

“You’re correct.”

“You are more of an important person than I thought!”

Ian waited for his next words.

‘Hurry, give me the hidden class!’

“If that’s the case, do you think you can take my request?”

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