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Chapter 7: Large Update (7)

TL: Haku

Edited: Obelisk

Ian, who arrived at Kalymputh Hill, had a surprised expression.

‘There are way more people than when I used to hunt.’

It wasn’t like there were only a few people during the time when Ian used to hunt at Kalymputh Hill. However, now it was appropriate to use the expression that it was swarming with people.

‘Does that mean that there are this many more Kailran users?’

It was delightful news that there were more Kailran users, but having so many people on the hunting grounds wasn’t exactly welcomed.

‘It’s not even like this place is Gangnam… Well, damn.’

There were shouts here and there of people looking for parties or trading to get items needed for hunting.

“Looking for someone above lv 25 that can deal out explosive damage! Waiting for two Knights and one Priest!”

“Looking for a Priest that has more than two buffing skills! Giving two times the gold distribution! We’ll head out immediately once we get a Priest!”

“Buying all Red Fox Leather for 2 gold each piece!”

It was all content that was unrelated to Ian.

Ian had no plans on joining a party but there was also no party that was going to take in a lv 1 beginner.

Ian began to move his feet in long strides. At that moment, he heard someone whispering behind his back.

“What is that lv 1 user? He’s going to the hunting grounds alone!”

“Really…? What is he doing?”

“His method of suicide is something else.”

Ian, who heard the whispers, smirked and changed his level information to private. He had no thoughts of gaining the attention of several others.

‘Let’s see… It’s been so long since I’ve been here, so the feeling is new. The roads are confusing too.’

Ian finally found a decent hunting place with few people after going deeper into the hunting grounds. And coincidentally a good prey caught his eyes. It was the most common monster on these hunting grounds, the Red Fox.

Ian carefully checked and made sure that there were no other monsters nearby before he pulled the bowstring slowly.

He was in a quite nervous state. Before resetting, it was a monster that wouldn’t have mattered even if there were hundreds after him, but at his current level, if he didn’t do his best, it was an opponent that he wouldn’t be able to catch.

‘Let’s start by lodging one right in its forehead….!’

Ian aimed exactly in the middle of the fox’s forehead.


The arrow that left Ian’s hands flew and exactly penetrated the fox’s forehead.


Whether it was because the fox took quite a bit of damage, it flinched before it turned its head and stared at the location from where the arrow came from.

However, right then, a message that Ian didn’t even think about popped up into his sight.

You have located the fox’s weak point exactly and attacked!

Weak Point Capturing

Classification: Passive Skill

Skill Level: 0

Proficiency: 0%

The weak point of the target is indicated with the accuracy rate increasing 10% and the chance to critical hit increasing 15%. If the weak point is hit, evasiveness will also increase 50%.

In Kailran, there were more ways of learning skills aside from the simple ‘certain level achieved’ method.

Jinsung had naturally attacked the fox’s weak point based on all his experience as a low-level player, hunting them endlessly before he reset, and that somehow lead to him learning the passive skill so quickly.

Ian let out a shout of delight at his unpredicted luck. Passive skills were usually not this easily gained.

‘Is it because it’s a skill that I had before resetting, so my body is already accustomed to it…?’

It was an unexpected message but Ian didn’t have much time to appreciate it. This was because the fox quickly discovered him and began running towards him.

‘Euh, my body has gotten heavier for sure.’

Measly stats that were incomparable to before resetting. Ian was frustrated that his body wouldn’t follow as he wanted it to. However, it was a problem that wouldn’t be solved through complaining.

Ping-. Pi-ing-!

Ian swiftly shot two more arrows, and the two arrows hit the fox’s body without a doubt.

The Red Fox’s name slowly began to start blinking. It was a signal that its health had dropped below half.

Ian quickly rolled on the ground at the fox’s attack, but he still allowed one hit.

You have been attacked by the Red Fox. You have received 105 damage.

Whether it was because he allowed a proper attack this time, he received tremendous damage. However, Ian felt that the fox didn’t have much vitality left.


Throwing his body in the opposite direction from where the fox landed, Ian exerted a high degree of concentration and shot one more arrow. And that arrow lodged deeply into a weak point of the Red Fox.

You have killed the Red Fox. You have gained 320 Experience Points.

You have leveled up. You have reached lv 7.

“Huh… This is going too well?”

This was the first time Ian had seen the nickname ‘Master of Hunting’. However, he could already predict what kind of nickname it was. This was because he gained the nickname ‘Genius of Hunting’ after capturing a monster 10 levels above him before resetting. And because it had a useful effect, he had favoured it for a while.

Since it the nickname ‘Master of Hunting’ was a higher level nickname in the same category, Ian checked the nickname’s information.

Master of Hunting

Rank: Heroic

When going against an enemy that is a higher level than you, all your stats increase by 5%.

Ian’s two eyes slightly grew.

The nickname ‘Genius of Hunting’ also had an option attached that increased your stats when going against an enemy of a higher level. However, it was his first time seeing an option that increased the amount of Experience Points you gained.

‘This could possibly be the most optimal nickname in this situation.’

Jinsung’s experimental instinct underneath his analysis instinct was activated.

Jinsung enjoyed experimenting and analyzing all possible cases that occurred in-game, to the point that Yoohyun gave him the nickname ‘Game Researcher’. And for someone who had such game tendencies, it was obvious that he wanted to see how much extra Experience Points he gained.

‘I just need to catch one more immediately.’

He was able to find one more Red Fox of the same level after going deeper into the forest. Whether it was because of Jinsung’s increased levels, it was a bit easier to hunt the fox.

You have killed the Red Fox. You have gained 592 Experience Points.

He gained another level shortly after but Jinsung’s interest was currently elsewhere.

‘Both the foxes were lv 24. That’s a 17 level difference from me…’

Jinsung began to diligently calculate.

‘The first amount of Experience Points gained was 320. The amount of Experience Points I gained this time was 592… so I’ve gained 185% the original Experience Points.

Jinsung was smiling from ear to ear.

‘If you assume that it is directly proportionate to the level difference, then you gain about 5% per level difference?’

Even if this nickname was not of ‘Heroic’ Rank but ‘Legendary’ Rank, it was a great option that Jinsung liked!

‘I’ll be able to hunt monsters 20 levels above me for a while now thanks to the bonus points I gained from the Elixir of Reincarnation.’

For Jinsung who would have been fine with a Double Experience Points Event, he was smiling from ear to ear.

Even without it, he had already secured an incredibly fast leveling-up situation by being able to catch monsters that were of a much higher level than him, but with this kind of Experience Points bonus on top of it… Jinsung even wanted dance.

‘At this rate I’ll reach lv 50 at the speed of light, Keu-heu-heu.’

At lv 60-70, monsters would become drastically stronger. This meant that when Jinsung hit around lv 50, it would be impossible to overcome the gap of 20 levels with even his superior stats and ludicrous items.

No matter what, the fraudulent effect didn’t change for now.


Jinsung checked his remaining Experience Points.

‘Since I have 900 points left until lv 9, I’ll probably lv up after killing two more…’

By calculating the amount of points needed to get to lv 10, he concluded that he needed to catch about eight more.

After Jinsung replenished his health with the medicine that he prepared beforehand, he began to hunt again.

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