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An item in the shape of a slightly big pebble with lingering yellow light was in Ian’s hand. An unusual point was that a warm energy was flowing out of the stone.

‘Is it an item that I can use in place of a hot pack during winter?’

It was one of the items that the three good-for-nothings left behind while dying but Ian couldn’t assume what it was.

Even when he opened the item information, it was only written that it was entirely unknown and he couldn’t find a similar item in the auction either.

But to just toss it, he was somewhat skeptical, so Ian put the stone within his chest.

Ian, who roughly finished cleaning up the items, called Harin.

“I’m finished, Harin. Let’s go and finish off the quest now.”

Harin, who had already bought all the items she needed and was standing nearby, scuttled over to Ian at his calling.


To complete the quest, the two went to vigilante leader Lapierre.

“Oh, Ian. I’m glad you came. I heard about your performance from Hugo! As expected, you are reliable.”

As he shook hands Lapierre, a system message popped up.

You have completed the quest. You have contributed the most in the quest. Clear rank: SS

You have obtained 1,743,200 EXP.

You have leveled up. You have reached lv 33.

Because of his incredible contribution for the quest, an excessive amount of EXP poured in. On top of that, the gold reward was also quite good.


Ian’s mouth hung from his ears.

“Oh, Ian, I leveled up!”

Harin, who was already at lv 45, also leveled up to hit 46. It was another detail that confirmed how much EXP they had earned.


“Did you not level up, Ian?”

Ian had not yet revealed his level to Harin. That’s why Harin assumed that Ian was around her level. In the beginning, because Ian’s class was Summoner, she obviously thought his level was low but because of the image that he showed while fighting, she naturally thought it was higher.

“Yes, I also leveled up.”

Ian, who thought it was too troublesome to explain this and that, spoke vaguely before talking to Lapierre again. This was because there was still a reward left for him to receive.

“But Chief.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I met the Goblin Chief Priest at the back of the camping ground.”

While speaking, Ian pulled out the Goblin Chief Priest’s headdress from his chest and handed it to Lapierre.

Lapierre, who saw that, widened his eyes.

“No, this! Are you saying that you’ve killed the Goblin Chief Priest!”

“That’s right.”

“Whoa… You’re amazing!”

As soon as he finished saying those words, another system message about completing a quest popped up in front of Ian and Harin’s eyes.

You have completed the quest. Clear rank: B+

You have leveled up. You have reached lv 35.

At the system message that popped up after, Ian nodded his head.

Truthfully, Ian already knew that Lapierre gave a Mercenary Evaluation Recommendation if you completed the Chief Priest quest.

‘When I have a reason to go to Myuran, I must get a Mercenary Card after getting the Mercenary Evaluation.’

In Virtual Reality Kailran, there were five large continents.

The areas open among them so far were two places, ‘Colonar Continent’, where most users were active, and ‘Malakar Continent’, which opened through the update not long ago but not even 10% of Malakar Continent has been developed.

The place where Ian was currently active was, of course, Colonar Continent.

In Colonar Continent, two enormous empires existed.

One of them was the Luspel Empire and Myuran was the capital of Luspel Empire, which was a gigantic city named after the founding hero of the Luspel Empire.

‘Although I don’t have any reason to go to Myuran before I hit lv 50…’

Ian, who took the Recommendation and put it away, shook hands with Lapierre.

“If you take this Recommendation, you can take the Mercenary Evaluation of Luspel Empire. As I see excellent mercenary qualifications in you, I’m giving you this Recommendation, so make sure you go to Myuran and take the Mercenary Evaluation.”

Ian nodded his head as he responded.

“Thank you, Chief. I will make sure to take the Mercenary Evaluation.”

“That’s it, I hope you will continue to work hard for the public order of the Luspel Empire.”

Harin, who cleared the quest as the same party member, was given the same reward. Harin, who cleared the Chief Priest Quest for the first time unlike Ian, asked Ian about the Recommendation.

“Ian, what is this Recommendation? Do you happen to know?”

“Yes, if you go to the Mercenary guild in Myuran with this, you can take the Mercenary Evaluation.”

“Oh… What’s the benefit of taking the Evaluation?”

“Based on your fighting power, you can get a Mercenary Card with a rank equivalent to your skill. If you have a Mercenary Card, it’s easier to get quests from NPCs and you can get pretty good requests from the Mercenary guild.”

Harin’s eyes shone.

“Wow, it’s a good thing. But since I’m only going to be cooking for a while now…”


“Yes, until I’m stuck on a Chef class’s main quest, I’m planning on just raising my cooking skill again.”

Ian once again felt Harin’s top priority was on cooking and admired her on the inside.

‘All I know is that Harin’s cooking level is definitely in the top ranks of Kailran.’

The biggest reason why Ian thought this way was because he saw Ly’s stats increase, although for only a short time, through the food that Harin gave him.

‘Up until now, I had never heard anything about getting a stat buff when eating food even through the community.’

Ian was suddenly curious of Harin’s cooking proficiency.

“Harin, could I ask what your Chef class’s proficiency is?”

Ian was cautious as he was asking personal information but Harin responded while smiling as if it was nothing.

“Sure, there’s no reason to kee[ it a secret, anyways. What was my current proficiency again…”

As she was momentarily checking her information window, Harin paused before opening her mouth again.

“It’s at High-rank lv 1. I must work hard so I can quickly learn better high-rank skills.”


He did hear last time by chance that her skills were high-rank but hearing her exact proficiency, he was once again surprised.

From what Ian knew, in the case of the most popular production class, the Blacksmith, the most well-known person with the highest proficiency was at High-rank lv 3.

As the Chef was a class with even less popularity, he was positive that Harin was a user in the top ranks.

Ian’s flattery skill that he used to raise his Affinity with NPCs, which he usually perfected, was invoked.

“I’m rooting for you, Harin. I heard it’s really hard to raise the proficiency of production classes… You’re amazing! If you need my help again next time, let me know.”

At Ian’s words, Harin’s face momentarily lit up.

“Thank you very much, Ian. Those words, you have to promise to keep!”

Ian momentarily flinched.

‘I didn’t make a mistake with my words… right?’

He was slightly nervous that Harin would ask favours constantly and make it troublesome for him.

However, as she was happy, Ian also became happy shortly after.

“Yes, of course.”

As soon as he said those words, a system message popped up in Ian’s view.

‘Harin’ has requested to list you as a friend.

However, Ian, who closed his eyes and was trying to sleep, heard the voices of the party riding the boat. Because their conversation was about Ian himself, he pricked his ears up.

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