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Chapter 29: Ian’s Plan (2)

Harin: Then what should we do?

Harin: Yes.

Harin listened to Ian’s words as she continued to fight diligently, while Ian continued his words.

Ian: The two of us need to be at the back of the party and once I give a signal, we need to escape from the back as fast as possible.

Ian: I’m going to send Ly to the very front so that they can’t be suspicious.

Ian: As soon as the boss phase starts, I just need to Summon Release Ly, so don’t worry.

At the same time as Ian’s message, Harin and Ian threw their bodies backward quickly and just as Ian planned, an iron bar gate dropped and lodged itself down on the prison’s entrance, blocking it.

Creak- Clang-!

And along with a red light, three hidden monsters began to be summoned inside the prison.

“What, what the hell? Why didn’t you come in?”

At the unexpected situation, Rukin turned to look at Ian, taken aback, and exclaimed.

It seemed as though he thought that the two ran outside on accident, as Ly was inside.

‘I could proceed with the plan right away but since I’m still a little suspicious…’

Ian was sure of their intention, but there was still no evidence. He felt like he needed proof they were planning to PK him for him to truly feel justified in killing the two.

Ian began to lay out an act again with his whole body. His way of speaking also changed.

“Hoho… To be honest, I actually overheard the conversation you guys had earlier.”

At those words, Rukin’s expression stiffened.

“What, What…!”

“You went in, planning on PK-ing us and possessing the Summoning Magic Artifact, I already knew everything.”

While speaking, Ian looked at Rukin and the two others’ expressions.

As there was no reaction yet, Ian threw in another word.

“We followed you here for EXP but there’s no reason for us to play along with you guys until the end, haha. We’ll be heading out now, so good luck to the three of you.”

Rukin’s attitude changed when he was convinced he was caught at those words. Rukin wore a nasty smile.



“If you had heard those words, you should have already run away.”

Ian pretended as if he didn’t know and asked again.

“Why’s that?”

“It’s your mistake that you don’t know enough about this quest. For this quest, the outward passage doesn’t open unless you kill the Chief Priest monster or the party wipes out. In other words, the only exit passage opens the place the Chief Priest monster was killed.”

Of course, as it was content that he already knew about, Ian was overflowing with composure.


“What do you mean “so”? You truly are an idiot. Once we kill the Chief Priest and the prison doors open, it means we just need to kill you then, hehe.”

Falcon, who was beside him, nodded his head and laughed.

“Hoho… You idiot, Millun and I are over lv 50. Even without your guys’ help, we can kill the Chief Priest with our strength.”

Millun chimed in.

“Wash your necks and wait. After we kill the Chief Priest, we’ll make sure to kill you!”

However, Ian’s reaction was not what they were hoping for.

One of the corners of Ian’s mouth curled upwards. It was a rotten smile.

“Haha, thanks for confessing.”


Ian immediately withdrew from the party. And Harin, who saw that, instantly left the party as well.

Ian shouted as he pointed at Millun.

“Ly, bite him!”

And Ly, who seemed like he was waiting, bit into the back of Millun’s neck.

Familiar ‘Ly’ dealt critical damage to ‘Millun’! ‘Millun’s Vitality decreased by 1077 (32% of its total Health).

Millun, who was unprepared for the surprise attack, allowed Ly to deal a critical attack and suffered from heavy damage.

Although he was over lv 50, the Defensive Power and Health were low as the Archer class’s characteristic, so if Ly’s Offensive Power was just a little stronger, he could have died from the ‘Bleeding’ damage.

“This crazy mutt….!”

As soon as the three, who were taken aback, lifted their weapons towards Ly, Ian immediately recalled Ly.

“Summon Release!”

Just before Falcon’s club could reach Ly, he turned into a white light and disappeared into the air and the three glared at Ian as if they would rip him apart and kill him.

“You bastard! Do you think we won’t be able to kill the Chief Priest like this!”

Before they knew it, Ian sat down, relaxed, as if he was watching the situation going on in the prison like it was a game.

“Yeah, I don’t think you can?”

As she felt that the situation was proceeding smoothly as Ian planned, relieved Harin approached his side and modestly(?) sat down.

Just as Rukin was about to fume and swear, the summoning of the hidden monsters was completed.

“Let’s see if you can be that relaxed a little later!”

Millun did suffer from a little injury but Rukin thought that there was still hope if he recovered his Health with a potion and fought.

Just then, a voice that made the three despair rang out.

“Blessings of the Wind! Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing!”

Then a grim system message rang out.

‘Blessings of the Wind’ has been invoked. ‘Fallen Goblin Chief Priest’s Agility will increase by 42%.

‘Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing’ has been invoked. ‘Fallen Goblin Chief Priest’s Offensive Power will increase by 35%.

Ian had buffed the hidden monsters!

Rukin’s expression, which was already pale, was now completely white.

The monsters were already opponents that they couldn’t fight against carelessly but they were now in a situation where Millun suffered from a surprise attack from Ly and the monsters had received buffs.

“This psy… Psycho!”

Falcon and Millun also fell into despair.


If a user over lv 50 died, they would be losing about one to two days’ worth of EXP. On top of that, as they would lose the equipment that they had, it was an incredible loss.

Falcon shook in rage and charged towards the Chief Priest. This was because, although their chance of winning was slim, he couldn’t just die like that.

However, at the bright words of Harin that followed shortly after, the three couldn’t help but lose their will to fight.

“Ian, I just need to heal, right?”

Of course, the target of the heal was not Rukin’s party.



Ian was heading towards the auction while humming. And beside him, Harin was riding Ly in a posture leaning forward to pet his head.

‘Those good-for-nothings dropped quite good things.’

Rukin and his party, who lost their will to fight, died without strength and left quite good items, and the Goblin Chief Priest and Berserkers that were hunted after each dropped one piece from the Chief Priest set and the Berserker set.

It was a situation where he properly divided the gained items with Harin but to sell those items, they were headed to the auction right now.

“Ian, thank you. Because of you, I completed the quest… and the earnings are good, too.”

Harin, who seemed to be only nice and pure, enjoyed the image of Rukin’s party suffering like a child. Ian, who saw that image, felt his back break out slightly in a cold sweat.

‘Having done that with such a good-natured face was a little creepy… but fair is fair after all.’

“Not at all… You did a lot of work, as well, Harin.”

Ian beamed.

Compared to what he thought in the beginning, it was an incredibly eventful quest. However, based on the results, it was a kind quest that left him with more!

‘I never expected the Goblin Chief Priest’s Necklace to appear here. This one hurts my stomach a little…’

The Goblin Chief Priest’s Necklace was a top-grade necklace that was good enough for a Magician or a Priest class to use until lv 70. It’s market price also started at minimum 70 million gold, making it one of the best lv 40 items.

Ian wanted to sell it at the auction and take his share but he couldn’t bear to turn away from Harin, who stared at him with sparkling eyes.

‘Still, I did take most of the other items, so… It’s not a loss.’

By talking about this and that while walking, they had arrived at the town in no time.

Before the two completed the quest, they went to the auction.

“You don’t have anything to sell, right, Harin? Wait one moment, please. I’ll sell the items immediately.”

At Ian’s words, Harin nodded her head.

“Yes, take your time. I also have cooking ingredients I need to buy, so it’s alright.”


Ian began to sell the items that he obtained from this quest one by one. After putting up the items one by one and calculating the price, the sum was quite large.

‘After selling everything and the auction fee is deducted… its 66 million gold altogether.’

It was the first satisfying sum he held in his hand since resetting. It was a profit mostly gained from the items the Rukin triangle dropped at the end after dying.

Ian was satisfied.

‘But what is this stone?’

An item in the shape of a slightly big pebble with lingering yellow light was in Ian’s hand. An unusual point was that a warm energy was flowing out of the stone.

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