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Chapter 3: Large Update (3)

TL: Haku

Edited: Stealth

Sponsor: Kuro

– You have obtained 9,845 gold from Heroic Rank monster ‘Two-HeadedT Ogre’.

– You have obtained the ‘Ogre’s Warrior Spaulder’.

– You have obtained the ‘Ogre’s Warrior Shoes’.

– You have obtained the ‘Crystal of Myuran’.

Ian couldn’t close his mouth from smiling once he confirmed the items he obtained.

‘I can’t believe two pieces from the Ogre’s Warrior set dropped! Did I use a whole month worth of luck all today?’

The Ogre’s Warrior set were items that may or may not have dropped once even after killing ten Ogre Kings.

Excluding everything else, if the shoes and spaulder were cashed out…


Laughter exploded from Ian’s lips. He had made at least 5 million Won in 30 minutes. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“But Crystal of Myuran? What is this…?”

Even Ian, who was well-informed on quite a variety of items, had never heard of this item before.

Ian immediately used his Judgment Scroll to identify the Crystal of Myuran.

Crystal of Myuran

A brilliant crystal shining with various colours.

If you take this crystal to a class-changing NPC you can receive a class-changing quest, however, this can only be used by a ‘Beginner’ who hasn’t changed class before.

– Non-tradeable item.

Ian momentarily froze after reading the item information.

And a second later…

“This crazy…!”

A slew of swear words spouted from his mouth without him realizing it.

“Why did this come out now! Euh-aak!”

With no one nearby, Ian began to cry out to the sky.

An item that irrevocably placed the hidden class in Ian’s hand had dropped.

Anything related to the hidden class was so rare, even the community almost had no information.

He was sure that this was an incredibly special item… however, the problem was that this item was totally useless to Ian now.

Ian was already at such a high level and he had his name up on the South Korean ranking list. And class-changing was only applicable to ‘Beginners’ lower than lv 10. It would be strange if swear words didn’t come out in this situation.

‘On top of that, it’s non-tradeable. If I were to sell this, I would be bringing in the cash…!’

Ian’s head was spinning.

‘Ah… Heaven, why this kind of trial…!’

As mentioned before, Kailran has no such thing as an alt. The only way for Ian to use the Crystal of Myuran would be for him to reset his character.

“Ha, let’s rest first.”

Ian pulled out a return scroll from his bag.

‘First I’ll take care of the Ogre’s Warrior set and then think about the Crystal of Myuran.’

Ian’s body was wrapped in white light before he disappeared into the air.


“Now, there’s no one that hasn’t arrived yet, right?”

A knight user fully-plated with armor and surrounded by a white light scanned the room and checked the number of people.

He was no other than Ian’s best friend and Lotus guild’s guild master, Han Yoohyun. His Kailran ID was Herz.

“Yes, I think everybody’s arrived.”

“Shall we head out then?”

Just then a female player with a cute appearance wearing a blue robe called Yoohyun.


“Yes, Fiolan.”

“Is Ian not coming today? It seemed like he was connecting right now.”

At the girl’s question, the gazes of all the party members slid towards Herz.

“Ah, it seemed that guy was thinking of solo playing today. He’s probably at Click Mountain right now.”

“Ehh, Click Mountain? Isn’t that the Ogre Field?”


What kind of Archer goes to the Ogre Field to play solo? I did know that Ian was a monster but…”

Herz shook his head.

“He does well on his own even though you pay no attention so… I just assume so.”

“No, it’s just because I’m unsatisfied. With even just Ian in the party, our hunting speed would be a hundred times faster…”

A warrior that had stood off to the side wordlessly nodded his head before adding on.

“That’s right. Ian is certainly a killer when it comes to one-hits.”

The Lotus guild had an average party level of 80 to clear the dungeon. On top of being lv 93, he was incomparable to fellow players who were the same level when it came to firepower, so not having Ian and his incredible power was disappointing for all the party members.

“Ah, looks like we won’t be able to get carried by Ian today. Nothing we can do, I guess.”

Yoohyun, no, Herz gave a bitter laugh as he opened his mouth.

“Still, we’ll be going into Naka Temple, so even without Ian, it won’t be hard. If we’re ready, shall we head in?”

Naka Temple’s average monster level was in the low 80s and they were also unassociated with each other, so it was a fairly easy hunting ground for Lotus guild members.

“I’m done preparing!”

“Me, too!”

As soon as Herz raised his hand towards the slate on the dungeon entrance, a message from a familiar ID arrived.

– Ian: Yo, are you in the middle of running dungeons? Once you’re done, let me know. I have something to show you.

‘What the heck? Making me curious…’

Herz was incredibly curious about what Ian was going to show him, but first, the dungeon was more important, and so he stepped into the entrance.


Within 20 minutes, the Ogre’s Warrior set pieces that Ian had put up in the auction house were sold. Despite having four million gold instantly fill up his inventory, his expression was extremely serious.

“Ah, this is a dilemma. This was the biggest dilemma in Jinsung Park’s Kailran life…”

Ian was more serious than when he had put in his university admission application.

‘If only the Crystal of Myuran or whatever didn’t show up… If only the Ogre’s Warrior set showed up, I would have been all happy and smiling like an idiot…’

Truthfully, if it wasn’t for the new update notice, he wouldn’t have had such a dilemma over this, only just a little bit sad over the wastefulness.

The two new classes coming along with the update was the problem.

The hidden classes shown so far weren’t actually a new class, but rather upgrades of already existing classes, or new versions of them.

Taking the most well-known hidden class ‘Berserker’ for example, it was indicated in the system as ‘Warrior (Berserker)’ and had been transformed to be more offensive than the original Warrior class.

Once the large update was applied, there was definitely going to be a new class-changing NPC, and once you get the Crystal of Myuran to them, they will for sure allow you access to the hidden classes related to the original classes.

The important point here was ‘original’.

To Ian who had always regretted not being able to play Kailran starting its opening day, ‘first’ was a word that held a lot of value.

“Eugh… this is too good to pass up…’

To put it another way, the Crystal of Myuran was like a chicken rib to Ian. There’s no flesh to eat, but to just throw it out, it seemed wasteful.

Just because you delete your character doesn’t mean you lose the goods or items as well. The only things you lost were the parts related to your characters ability such as level, stats and title.

In the end, Ian’s dilemma was…

Firstly, the value of ‘the character level and stats of Archer I have spent playing for days and nights for 4 months’.

Secondly, the value of ‘having the title of first hidden class player and the potentials regarding it’.

You could say he was weighing it out the between these two.

‘Character reset… reset…’

However, Ian’s game playing style was constantly whispering him to not give up the hidden classes.

‘That’s right, normal doesn’t go with Jinsung Park’s gaming life. Let’s do it, and then see from there.’

Before Ian realized it, he had already begun to rationalize his thoughts.

‘To say it bluntly, if I keep selling Ranger, can I still rank worldwide?’

Of course, Ian’s game ability was in the top rankings. That’s why he was able to rank in the top 1000 in the South Korean server despite being two months late.

However, Ian was realizing that there was a limit to this.

He thought it would be possible with some luck to somehow get into the top 100 in the South Korean rankings, but getting into the top 100 worldwide was impossible.

‘Alright, even if I can’t reach it, let’s go!’

Originally, Ian was thinking of showing Yoohyun the crystal once he had run through the dungeons and consult with him, but Ian’s heart was already decided.

The last thing that got to him was that once he reset, he would lose the income that he made from gold grinding and item farming for a while…

‘Well, I do have quite a bit saved up in the bank… I shouldn’t have a problem with living for a while.’

For Ian, the enjoyment of games was not something that could be converted from wealth.

In an instance, ‘consultation’ turned to ‘notice’.


“Yo, are you for real?”

After hearing Ian’s explanation and notice, those were Yoohyun’s first words.

“Why man, what’s the issue?”

Opposite to a quite shocked Yoohyun, who wore a dumbfounded expression, Jinsung wore a very calm expression.

“What’s the issue…! Do you not feel like it’s a waste at all? You’re at lv 93 right now. You’re ranked in the top 1000 in South Korea! On top of that, if you narrow it down to the Archer rankings, you’re close to the top 100… yet you’re willing to just throw that away?”

Yoohyun’s explosion made sense. He knew that Ian was a reckless guy, but this was a total exception, exceeding his thoughts.

“Yeah, don’t you think I find it a waste, too? But this is a chance to have one of the first hidden classes based on the new classes. You’re telling me to just throw this chance away?”

Yoohyun opened his mouth again to calmly admonish Jinsung.

“You as well should know about the information released relating to the hidden classes. Just in our guild, you know we have a Sniper, right?”

Sniper was the hidden class for Archer.

Jinsung nodded his head.

“I know, I even hunted with them last time.”

“When you saw the Sniper, was there anything that was particularly better than the normal Archer?”

Pausing momentarily, Jinsung continued speaking.

“Well… we had quite a big level gap, so I can’t give a solid comparison, but comparing it to Archer the pros and cons were obvious. Their range was unbelievably long and their damage for one hit was powerful, however, rapid fires were difficult. The biggest con would be that when there are mobs, its efficiency drops… that’s about it?”

Yoohyun nodded his head as he heard those words.

“Yeah, that’s right, my point is that just because it’s a hidden class doesn’t mean that it’s stronger to the point it seems rigged.”

Jinsung nodded his head.

“I know.”

“You know? You know yet you’ll throw away your lv 93 Archer for that? Your character, which you can easily make a million won with just a suitable area for farming?”

At those words, Jinsung smirked.

“Hey, Yoohyun.”


“Why do you play Kailran?”

At the random question, Yoohyun was slightly thrown off but responded shortly after.

“Because it’s fun.”

Jinsung grinned.

“There’s the answer.”


Jinsung added one more sentence after seeing a baffled Yoohyun.

“It looks like so much fun… Do you need another reason?”

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