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Chapter 4: Large Update (4)

TL: Haku

Edited: Stealth

Within a record-breakingly short period of time of three hours, Jinsung sat at his desk after easily convincing (?) Yoohyun.

Of course, it wasn’t to study.

“Well, shall we start making a plan?”

Since he had set his heart, he now needed to make a master plan.

In Jinsung’s gaming life, there was no such thing as ‘just going with the flow’. No matter the game, he liked to study the game’s system and find the most efficient way to play.

“The first priority would be… definitely gathering information, right?”

Jinsung turned on his computer.

The first thing he found was the promotion videos. More specifically, it was the trailer for the new classes that were created along with the large update.

Jinsung played the Assassin’s video.

“Hm… As expected, stealth is optimized… Just like the name, it seems like a killer…”

The video was magnificent and cool enough, but it just didn’t draw him in.

The Assassin in the video used fast movements and attacks to amplify their damage in a short amount of time.

‘Wow, the damage dealt in one go is really strong. It looks like there will be a cooldown time after using all the skills….’

Jinsung continued to concentrate on the video.

‘But why am I not really drawn to it?’

Jinsung found out the reason soon enough.

“There are parts that overlap with Archer.”

A special characteristic for classes with Agility-based stats, although their attacks were different, their passive and utility skills were similar to Archer.

On top of that, their assisting skills like trap-installing were skills that Jinsung regularly used when he played Archer.

“Pass on Assassin.”

Since he was starting a new class, he wanted to experience a completely different one, so from the beginning, he immediately excluded Assassin.

Jinsung instantly clicked on the next video.

It was the trailer for the Black Magician.

After focusing quietly on the video, Jinsung mumbled with a low voice.

“This time, it’s a Necromancer.”

Like a commander, it was a class that could call countless undead.

When Jinsung was young, he had enjoyed playing a Necromancer much like this one on a computer game. The Black Magician was similar to the Necromancer class that Jinsung knew.

While watching the video of the dozens of skulls following the user and expanding the fight, Jinsung felt an excitement that was different from when he saw the Assassin.

“For someone that likes to Solo Play like me, the class does look good…”

Jinsung reserved his choice after momentarily contemplating and turned his attention to the next video. It looked alright, but there was still one more trailer that was left.

Last was the Summoner.

“Would the Summoner be like a Shaman?”

Jinsung’s eyes shined as he watched the video.

“Oh, it’s not that you have a specific monster that you tame, but rather you tame the field monsters and contract them.”

The user in the video – although probably a GM – was taming a rare monster called ‘Red Wolf’ from an area in their level zone.

“Is there no taming restriction based on the monster’s class? Would it be possible to tame a Heroic Rank or Legendary monster?”

They were questions that definitely came to his mind.

As if it heard Jinsung’s muttering, a scripted explanation was shown in the video.

The user is able to tame all monsters of any rank. The only monsters that cannot be tamed are monsters that appear in an event for a quest, and boss monsters that exist in instant dungeons.

Jinsung smirked.

“Impossible, my ass. You should be dragging around a Legendary monster to look cool.”

Every monster and item that appears in Kailran had a rank.

Starting from the most commonly appearing that take up the biggest portion, there were Rare, Unique and Heroic Rank applying to monsters and items, which was the format most users knew about, however, there were legendary items ranked even higher that very few people had seen.

As Kailran had been released less than half a year ago and was still relatively a new game, there were a lot of unknown information but Jinsung thought that there would be more unknown rankings above the Heroic Rank.

The more he watched the video, the more excited he got.

Compared to the Black Magician and Assassin, it lacked a bit of splendor in battle, but the content format had more variety compared to the other classes.

The point he liked most was that the monsters that the Summoner could use were very extensive and that even though they were the same monsters, depending on how they were raised, how their stats would differ got him all excited.

As soon as the video ended, Jinsung clenched his fist.

“This is the one!”

Jinsung’s heart was set.

The Summoner class matched so well with his play style.

The way that Jinsung played games was quite unique. When he picked an item or a skill, he never just picked it. He found pleasure in analyzing every element in the game and finding the most efficient way to use the skill, so he never overlooked small details, writing them down before organizing it away.

This was his secret to how he was able to make it in the top rankings despite being two months late.

For example, the other day, he hit thousands of the same monsters and analyzed every hit to find out how blocking and attacking interacted with each other.

So for Jinsung, Summoner was a very appealing class.

Just thinking about experimenting on all the countless monsters in Kailran made his body itch.

Jinsung, who had decided on Summoner, began to extensively read all information relating to the Summoner.

“There’s exactly one week left until the update day…”

Jinsung began to think.

“To get to the level where you can change class would take about 1-2 days, but there’s a test in between one of the days, and I’ll need time to adjust to my reset stats, so it would be a good idea to exclude about three days…”

Jinsung was planning on making it to lv 10 before the update, and then find the class-changing NPC.

“Then I’ll have about 4 days left… Starting from now until the weekend, would it be enough to just focus on farming?”

His plan became much easier.

Since his income would be cut off for a while after he reset his character, he needed to make as much as he could and as fast as possible.

After opening the fridge and roughly stuffing his empty stomach, Jinsung immediately went into the capsule. It was the start of gold grinding.

‘Let’s make just 5 million before resetting.’

Every minute, every second couldn’t be wasted.

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