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Chapter 24: The Very First Evolution (4)

Just like how the cooking process was realistic in Kailran, the flavour of the food you tasted was also incredibly realistic. Ian’s words of wanting to try her food were not empty words. The barley bread he ate on a fixed schedule that was meant to fill his stomach was really tasteless.

The two slowly got closer while talking about this and that and shortly after they were able to arrive at the place where Lapierre was.

The two people received the quest immediately.

“Oh, you’ve found a party member and came back. I think it won’t be enough with two people… but since I know well of Ian’s skill, I’ll believe and leave it to you. The advance party just headed out but if you move fast, you’ll catch up to them in no time. Go and help them.”


Saumur Canyon’s Goblin Camping Ground Suppression

Lucain Town’s vigilante leader Lapierre requested that you follow the Goblin Camping Ground punitive force and support them.

Quest Difficulty Level: E

Quest Condition: A party of 2+ people

Reward: You will gain gold proportional to your level of contribution. During the quest, you will be able to gain double the EXP when you kill a Goblin.

Will you accept this quest?


At Ian’s bewildered expression, Harin asked him.

“Ian, what’s wrong?”

“Ly’s stats went up right now. Is it the effect of the dish?”

At those words, Harin nodded her head.

“That’s right. After my cooking skill became high-class, depending on the rank of the dish made, a buff activates for a set duration.”

Ly’s total Health right now was a little less than 1400. To get 200 Health points on top of this was a quite big help for fighting.

‘If I get close with Harin, it might be helpful in various ways.’

Ian thought that there was no class that was useless in Kailran. Currently, production classes were nonmainstream classes that received a lot of contempt but Ian thought it won’t be long before their potential would be discovered.

Ian, who thought of Harin as luggage, changed his perception a bit.

On the other hand, as if Ly had a lingering image of the steak’s flavour still left behind, he kept on smacking his lips together. Shortly after that, he approached Harin and rubbed his head against her.

“Was it tasty?”

Ian asked Ly about the taste of the steak before he realized himself.


As if that image was funny, Harin laughed out loud and Ian grumbled.

“Is there none for me…”

“Not at the moment.”


Harin spoke as she smiled.

“For you, Ian, I’ll make you something even more delicious after the quest, don’t get jealous.”

Ian had an expression that was more serious than ever.

“… That’s a promise.”

[1] A sound made when someone is trying to hold back their laughter at you.

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