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Chapter 23: The Very First Evolution (3)

Ian, who was knocking out goblins hard… no, who was getting hit hard by the goblins, stopped fighting when he saw Carwin’s message.

You have killed a Goblin Scout. You have gained 1250 EXP.

Carwin: You probably guessed but I got a response from that friend. They just logged in.

Carwin: Yeah, they said they’ll do it.

Carwin: It’s ‘Harin’. Try and send a message right now.

Thinking that the conversation was over, Ian was about to open a new message window when Carwin said something else.

Carwin: Bro, but… You’re really okay with this, right? You need to think that this person’s fighting power is zero.

Carwin: Where was Saumur Canyon again…

Ian: Yeah, that’s right. For a quarter of the day, I just caught Goblin Scouts on the advanced base as if my life depended on it. I even raised my lv by five.

From Carwin’s perspective, it was words that were acceptably shocking.

It hadn’t been long since he hit lv 20, yet he’s already saying that he’s going around, wiping a lv 40 hunting ground. On top of that, he raised his lv by five within a quarter of a day.

Originally, at lv 20, the average was that it took a day to level-up 1 lv and at most, 2 lvs. No wonder there was no other monster.

Ian: Bug, my ass. Anyways, there’s nothing for you to worry about, so don’t pay attention.

Ian: Yes, good.

Ian smirked. And he spoke seriously.

Ian: Just wait exactly two months.

Currently, in the Lotus guild, you could say that the levels of the guild members in the main force were mostly lv 80. Not too long ago, Fiolan had leveled up and was the only lv 90 in the guild, while the other users were all in between lv 85-88.

From Ian’s experience, starting from lv 90, to level up, it took a week for 1 lv. That was only in the case when you focused on leveling up like crazy for the whole week.

His assumption was that two months later, his guild members would be huddled around lv 95.

‘I’m going to hit lv 100 within two months.’

Two months and his break would be at its end time.

Ian was confident.

He was not nervous about achieving the bet that he had made with Lee Jinook Professor in restoring his lv before resetting, lv 93. Ly’s evolution had become that much of a strength to Ian.

‘In the next two weeks 50. And then 80 within the two weeks after that. And then 100 with the leftover month.’

That was Ian’s master plan. With the condition being better than before, it was a situation where he was walking a path that he had already walked before.

Ly had evolved and he developed a motivation towards the bet with the Professor.

‘The bet that I made with the Professor may end up being more beneficial to me instead. This bet, I’m going to win no matter what!’

In that sense, he needed to start this quest immediately.

Ian closed the message window with Carwin and sent a message to ‘Harin’, who he was going to progress the quest with.

Ian: Hello, you’re Carwin’s friend, right?

Ian went straight to the main point.

Ian: Where are you right now?

Ian: Ah-ha, you’re already in Lucain Town. Stay at the blacksmith’s, I’ll be there within 10 minutes.


Ian, who returned to Lucain in an instant by riding Ly, immediately found the blacksmith. And he was able to instantly find Harin, who was standing in front of the blacksmith.

“Hello, I’m Ian.”

Harin was a female user with a lean body and incredibly beautiful, white face.

However, Ian knew very well how foolish it was to believe in the appearance of a female user in Kailran, where it was possible to slightly alter your outer appearance. This was because a person’s face was strange in that even if you fixed even a slight bit, you become a different person.

“Hello, I’m Harin. I’ve heard a lot about you from Carwin.”

“You must be a friend of Carwin’s?”

“No, we’re not friends… I’m a close older sis.”


He was sure that Carwin said they were friends but as it wasn’t a big deal, Ian went over it without much thought.

“I’ve finished getting ready, so I think I should be alright to start heading out for the quest right now. How about you, Ian?”

“Yes, I can also start heading out immediately.”

Ian felt relieved as he felt that Harin’s straightforwardness matched well with his nature. He hated lazy party members the most.

“Harin, is there possibly a separate reason why you are doing the Camping Ground Quest?”

Ian had asked without much thought but Harin surprisingly nodded her head as she responded.

“Yes, there’s a quest that I want to get but I realized you can only progress with it unless you’ve finished the Camping Ground Quest. I was originally going to ask Carwin or another high-level friend for help but just in time, I was told that you were doing that quest…”

At those words, Ian suddenly was curious at that content.

“Is it a quest that’s connected to the Camping Ground Quest?”

Harin laughed as she shook her head.

“No, it’s not like that. The quest that I want to receive is an assignment you receive from the cook in the Castle of the Duke of Trepin but to enter the Duke’s castle, don’t you need to finish this quest?”

‘Ah, right, it was like that.’

Lapierre, who gave the Camping Ground Quest, was acquainted with the Public Order Management Chief of the Duke’s castle. That’s why if you ask Lapierre, you would be able to enter the Duke’s castle but in order to do that, you needed to raise your Affinity with Lapierre, so this Camping Ground Quest was necessary.

“I see. But what kind of quest from the cook…”

While speaking, Ian remembered Harin’s production class that he heard from Carwin.

“Ah, he said you were a Cook.”

Harin was delighted.

“Oh my, how did you know? Did Carwin tell you?”

Ian nodded his head.

“Yes, I heard from Carwin. That your production class was Cook.”

“You’re right. I’m also a culinary arts major in real life.”

“Ah-ha, I heard that it’s hard to raise your production class but if your major is culinary arts, then it must have been easier.”

“Yeah, I realized. It’s also more fun…”

In Kailran, not just fighting but production classes such as Cook, Blacksmith reflected on the user’s actual skill. Your dexterity in real life was influential even in the game.

The Blacksmith, for example, although realistically the system’s strength affected the process in making the item, he heard that in a Cook’s case, it was almost 90% similar to the process of cooking in real life.

There were a lot of opinions that said it was almost perfectly alike if you exclude the points that you could make the fire stronger than real life or carry realistic ovens or mixers conveniently.

That’s why, ironically, users turned away from Cooks.

The reason was simple. Since it was so realistic, it was just as difficult.

“Anyways, this is the first time I had a Cook as an acquaintance. Will I be able to eat a delicious meal next time from you?”

Harin smiled brightly and nodded her head.

“Of course!”

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