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Chapter 21: The Very First Evolution (1)

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To get to Saumur Canyon, you needed to pass through Saumur Forest.

Saumur Forest was a map that had lower level monsters appear than the Canyon but they were still a level that Ian could behave carelessly.

The monsters that appeared were a predatory monster named ‘Corkun’.

It was around late lv 30s and it wasn’t much bigger than a Half-Moon Bear but because it had a habit of moving in a large group, it was classified as a much more dangerous monster than the Half-Moon Bear.

If you were to compare a real animal to how the Corkun looked, it felt like a jaguar that had a rusty-coloured integument.

‘If I caught a Corkun and raised it, I’d look cool. To look cool with this Ly is a little…’

Ian glanced slightly at Ly, who followed his back. He was showing fearful potential and growth to the point it was impossible to think that he was a Wolf but truthfully, his appearance was shabby. His appearance was just as a Wolf, a low-level hunting ground field monster, anyways.

However, just then, Ly, who was following him, suddenly stopped and stood.

At that, Ian was startled on the inside.

‘It’s, it’s not like our thoughts were shared by any chance, right…?’

Ian, who felt sorry in vain, spoke as he petted Ly.

“This Ly, you know that this bro fiercely likes you, right?”

Ian, who was very worried that the Affinity he difficultly raised would drop.

However, Ly didn’t move an inch and stood still.

Just when Ian was questioning him, a faint light began to gather around Ly’s surrounding.

“What, what’s this?”

Ian, who was taken aback, opened Ly’s stat window. And shortly after, he was enlightened on the situation.


The information that was always written as Evolution possible on Ly’s stat window had changed to ‘Evolving’ and was blinking a red light.

‘Finally! You’re finally evolving!’

Dozens of times, whenever he opened Ly’s stat window, the ‘Evolution possible’ information always caught Ian’s eyes. He uttered yells of delight as he had secretly anticipated when the evolution would happen.

‘But why is he suddenly evolving? What exactly is the condition to evolve?’

Ian attentively searched Ly’s stat window. And shortly after, he was able to find the related answer.

‘Potential! His Potential reached 100!’

Ian, who wouldn’t have wasted travelling time as expected, continuously rotated the Intermediate-level Training skill periodically and through that, Ly was able to reach 100 Potential and evolve.

Ian wanted to dance joyfully.

‘If he evolves, his appearance will definitely change, right? I wish his build got a little bigger… so I can go around riding him…’

Separately from Ian, who was grinning from ear to ear, Ly’s evolution was still progressing.

The light that gathered from Ly’s surrounding had become so bright that it was dazzling and it wrapped around his whole body. And Ly’s appearance began to slowly change.


Ian just let go of his spirit and watched that figure.


Ly’s body, which was wrapped in the white light, grew almost twice his previous size before stopping his growth.

And shortly after the light began to clear, a system message that made Ian feel good popped up.


Wolf ‘Ly’ has evolved into a Blood-Red Maned Wolf.

‘Intermediate-level Training’ skill has increased to Lv 2 (45.7% until the next level).

You have summoned a Blood-Red Maned Wolf for the first time. Your fame has increased by 1500.

If critical damage is dealt on the opponent, it will make the opponent go into ‘Bleeding’ state. When the opponent is in Bleeding state, fixed damage equal to 20% damage per second will be dealt for 10 seconds.

Ly slowly increased his speed with Ian on his back. Thanks to that, they were able to arrive at Saumur Canyon faster than Ian thought he would.

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