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Chapter 13: Monster Researcher (2)

You have killed the Red Fox. Familiar ‘Ly’ has gained 265 Experience Points.

For 10 minutes, Familiar ‘Ly’ will better understand and study its Summoner’s commands. The more you repeat its training, the more your Familiar’s ‘Potential’ increases.

Ian pondered as to what command he should give while looking at Ly. And shortly after, the words that came out of his mouth…

“Ly, sit!”


“Stand up!”


He tried to do the exact same thing as when he trained ‘Bboro’, a puppy he raised at home since he was young.

Ly had on an arrogant expression as if it was saying ‘Do you think I won’t even be able to do that?’

Ian, who deeply thought about what to command it, came to a conclusion.

“Just hunting on this hunting ground is probably best.”

Truthfully, the Beginner-level Training skill was a simple skill that once activated, you just needed to go hunt. Ian was just thinking of it in a complicated way.

Ian, who now comprehended how to utilize the skill, began to hunt.

At first, he wasn’t in tune with Ly, so there were several situations where Ly’s vitality was in danger.

You have used ‘First Aid’. ‘Ly’ has recovered 45 Vitality.

Ha, this is the biggest, no-answer class. Don’t play Summoner, everyone.

“Shall we take a look?’

As soon as Yoohyun clicked on the post, quite a long post reviewing the Summoner spread open.

I am a user that made a lv 10 beginner to class-change to Summoner and took the ‘Class-Changing Quest’ at lightning speed once the servers opened and became a Summoner.

For reference, I am a user that reset their lv 25 Magician character to become a Summoner.

Firstly, the conclusion is that Summoner is fun. The fun in raising a monster you’ve captured is quite pleasing.

The first monster I captured was Kairon Basin’s Rare-ranked monster, the Black Wolf.

Fighting it was difficult, but with the help of my guild members and using all the meat that I had somehow managed to subdue to feed it, I had just barely captured it.

While fighting with it summoned, you can definitely feel that you are a bit stronger than other classes that are the same level. When I gave the Black Wolf a buff, it fights as well as a decent Warrior.

However, there is one incredible flaw. It’s that your Exp is hell to raise.

I did party hunting, but the Experience points I gained from my part of the party, I shared with my Familiar by 1/N.

But to solo play, my hunting speed is too slow…

From then, I hunted like crazy for 10 hours every day, and barely raised my level by 2.

Summoner… I don’t know how it will change later on, but people that are trying to raise it, just know that it’s hellish to level up in the beginning.

For reference, I’m going to continue being a Summoner. It’s impossible to try and catch up to the high-rankers with any class at this point currently, and the fun in collecting monsters sounds like it will be quite pleasing.

Whether it was because it was a post that had over a thousand inquiries, there were a lot of comments as well.

SummonMania: I just class-changed now… Isn’t this post too full of hopelessness?

KimchiMakingWarrior: But can’t you capture a bunch of monsters and drag them around like a corps? It looks like a hunting party’s efficiency is atrocious, so increasing your Familiars and trying solo play…

pts1120: That’s right. I purposely captured five wild dogs that only need a little Leadership and carried them around, but no answer. Wild dogs die within two bites from a wolf, and somehow, I barely managed to catch one, but the Experience points were divided by six, so I was only left with something equivalent to a chick’s teardrop… No answer.

However, different from his thoughts, Jinsung was already approaching lv 20.

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