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Chapter 14: Monster Researcher (3)

Your skill’s proficiency increased, so ‘Beginner-level Summoning’ has reached lv 2.

You have learned active skill ‘Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing’.

Ian face visibly brightened at the pleasing system message.

“As expected, grinding is the true way to go.”

Immediately after the server opened, Jinsung minimized his eating time and even his sleeping time and clung onto hunting. The result of that was that both Jinsung and Ly’s level were both 18, and just a moment ago, he was able to raise Beginner-level Summoning up one level.

‘I’ll have to hold onto the new skill points I gained for now. I’ll use it after I understand what skill will be most effective.’

The most basic way to raise a skill level was to repeatedly use and master it, but there was also a case like this where depending on the way the character grew, skill points were formed.

Kailran’s skill obtaining structure was incredibly unique. It was a concept where you needed to tie the basic class skills altogether and raise its level in order to open up higher-ranking skills one by one.

For example, in an Archer’s case, it was a concept where you could learn higher-ranking skills as ‘Archery’ leveled up, and for Ian’s current class, the Summoner’s case, you needed to raise the level of ‘Summoning’ in order to gain the higher-ranking skills.

Aside from that, there were other ways that you could gain skills but a user could personally develop skills with repeated actions and experimenting and learn new skills through quests or skill books.

That’s why there was almost no concept of a high-level user raising a low-level user in Kailran.

You could help them obtain experience points through the so-called concept of giving them a bus ride but if you leveled up like that, you would not be able to raise the proficiency of your skills. In the end, you would have a ‘fail character’ that would be a high level but has weak fighting power that would be thrown away.

That’s why in Kailran, even if you were the same level, depending on how it was nurtured, it was a game where the users’ fighting powers were vastly different.

Ian opened the information on the newly developed skills.

Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing

Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 0

Proficiency: 0%

Mana Consumption: 150

All party members, including yourself, will receive the Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing and for 20 minutes, it will increase your Offensive Power by 30%.

‘Hm, it’s a buff skill. It’s pretty good?’

Compared to the buffs given by Priests, its stat amplification factor was low but it felt very good as it had the option to raise a Familiar’s efficiency.

‘Beginner-level Tactics… What’s this?’

Right away, Ian opened up the information for the next skill.

Beginner-level Tactics

Classification: Passive Skill

Skill Level: Lv 0

Proficiency: 0%

The Summoner’s Leadership and Taming Ability will increase by 10%. In combat, the Familiar will better understand the Summoner’s directions.

Ian’s expression brightened as soon as he checked the skill’s content.

‘Ooh, if my Leadership increases 10%… I might be able to catch one bear now?’

Truthfully, Ian came to the hunting grounds and when he reached around lv 15, he attempted to capture a Half-Moon Bear.

He was thinking of raising his stats through repeated capturing and releasing, instead of just hunting, as he remembered his ‘Affinity’ and ‘Taming Ability’ stats went up little by little whenever he captured wolves. By doing that, there maybe would have been a chance to create a new skill related to capturing.

However, two messages, one saying that he didn’t have enough Leadership and the other saying that capturing is impossible, popped up together.

‘Let’s attempt capturing again.’

To find a Half-Moon Bear, Ian looked around carefully.

“Won’t one bear somewhat similar to Ly appear?”

He mumbled to himself as he grasped the bow that was slung onto him again.

Because Ly was growing at a very satisfying rate compared to Ian’s first expectation, he felt more greed towards monsters.

Ian immediately attempted to capture a Half-Moon Bear that appeared in his vision.

“As expected, it worked.”

Whether it was because of the ‘Beginner-level Tactic’, he didn’t lack Leadership.

‘Let’s see here, shall we compare with Ly?’

Ian opened up both Ly and the Half-Moon Bear’s stats and began to compare them. A light shone from his eyes.

‘This Ly, is he really a Wolf? Why are his stats like this?’

Currently lv 18 Ly’s stats were not lacking even when compared to a lv 34 Half-Moon Bear.

His Offensive Power was close to the Half-Moon Bear’s and his Agility was actually higher.

His Health and Defensive Power lacked significantly, but considering that the bear was almost twice its level, it was quite incredible.

Before Ian closed the stat windows, he licked his lips as he read ‘Evolution possible’ written in Ly’s stat window.

‘But when can I get him to evolve? I want to know what the qualifications are…’

Ly was already doing 1 person’s part incredibly well but he couldn’t help but feel anticipation towards evolution.

‘Since I have to go to the town once I’m lv 20 anyways, I’ll have to stop by the Summoner guild and find out.’

When he reached lv 20, he needed to go to the town to also apply to the Lotus guild and sell the items he had been keeping so far.

Whether it was because he felt he had rested enough, Ian invoked a buff skill.

“Blessings of the Wind, Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing!”

Ly, who received the buffs, growled and Ian began to hunt again.

“Ly, grab that bear’s attention!”

When they first came here, they picked a Half-Moon Bear that was off on its own and hunted. However, now as their levels increased, they didn’t avoid groups of two or three bears and instead attacked.

The Half-Moon Bear was a monster that had strong Health and Offensive Power, but its movements were slow. Using his speed, Ly bought time as he faced one and Ian hunted using a luring method to handle the other one.


Ly roared loudly as he bit the Half-Moon Bear’s shoulder.

The Half-Moon Bear immediately swung its front paw at Ly but Ly, who quickly avoided it, had created quite a distance between them.

Ian was pleased with the incredibly intelligent play.

“Good, just like that!”

Ly wasn’t able to fight with this method from the beginning. As Ian continuously taught him the combat method repeatedly, he was able to intelligently put pressure on his opponent without any instructions.

This was possible because of the active skill Beginner-level Training.

It was thanks to directly applying the Beginner-level Training’s function ‘the effect to better understand and study the commands received from the user for 10 minutes’. Ian, who easily hunted the two bears, continued hunting at a fast pace.

‘I can definitely feel my leveling-up rate slowing down from just only hunting. Starting from lv 20, I’ll have to carry out quests as well to level up.’

There were quite a bit of quests relating to the Half-Moon Bears that he was currently catching. However, the reason why Ian wasn’t doing the quests was because he needed to go back and forth from the town and more time would have been wasted on miscellaneous things.

He believed that for now, the amount of Exp he gained from just hunting without quests were much higher.

And after lv 20, you slowly begin to shed the image of a beginner, so there were more decent quests that you could carry out.

Ian grinned while watching Ly valiantly charge towards a Half-Moon Bear again.

‘Yes, yes, grow rapidly, you pretty thing.’

Ian raised his arrow and aimed at the bear.

Before access was closed, he raised a goal to make it to lv 19.

There was no reason to go to the town, unless his bag was full, thanks to the pleasing skill called First Aid.

Ian hunted and hunted, and hunted again. And when about 4 hours passed, he was able to see the message he wanted.

Familiar ‘Ly’ has leveled up. It has reached lv 19.

Ian, who reached his goal, closed the game without hesitation. It was time to rest for tomorrow.

‘You need to strategically act like a cripple in order to be a good one.’

It was one of Ian’s firm game philosophies.

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