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Chapter 10: Hidden Class (3)

TL: Haku

Edited: Stealth

Sponsor: Hanna

“Oh, Ian, have you returned?”

Cain welcomed back Ian, who returned to the guild to change his class.

“As expected, the request wasn’t easy, was it? Kkul-kkul…”

Cain was not at all expecting Ian to have succeeded the quest and returned. It was a part of the quest’s progress to return to the guild after failing to catch the wolf from the start.

However, Ian was not a user belonging to the normal category.

“Yes, it wasn’t easy. The wolf was being incredibly stubborn…”

Ian was being honest. This was because it took him over 1 hour to assault the wolf.

“However, I have caught him and returned.”

Ian pulled out the grimoire that the Blue-Eyed Wolf was sealed in from his inventory and gave it to Cain.

“What? Did you really catch the wolf!”

“Yes, what’s the issue…?”

Cain hurriedly checked the seal. The grimoire really had the Blue-Eyed Wolf sealed inside.

Cain’s gaze changed.

“You weren’t a beginner, were you?”


Ian vaguely understood the reason for Cain’s strange reaction.

‘The quest was certainly not an easy quest for normal lv 10 beginners unlike me.’

However, he thought it was just surprising over how quickly he solved it, he never thought that he had destroyed(?) the original quest’s route.

“You are really a…amazing!”

There was a bit of respect in Cain’s gaze.

Whether Cain was like this or not, Ian’s focus was only on class-changing.

“So, does that mean I can change my class to Monster Trainer now?”

However, when he thought that the answer was going to yes for sure, Cain shook his head.

“No, Monster Trainer doesn’t suit you.”


Putting aside the visit of Ian’s fluster, Cain continued his words.

“Do you, by any chance, want to walk the path of a master?”

Along with that, a new system message popped up in Ian’s view.


The Path of a Master

The Summoner guild’s guild master Cain is impressed by your talent. He is wanting for you to go the path of a master. If you accept his proposal, you can class-change to ‘Taming Master’.

Difficulty Level: –

Reward: Class-change to Summoner (Taming Master)

Will you accept?

The new skill ‘Affinity’ has been formed.

The new skill ‘Leadership’ has been formed.

You have learned the basic active skill ‘Summon (Unsummon)’.

You have learned the active skill ‘The Blessings of the Wind’.

You have learned the active skill ‘Beginner-level Training’.

From discovering the hidden class ‘Taming Master, Affinity and Taming Ability, Leadership has increased by 30 each.

“Now then, shall I go make my first subordinate?”

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