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Chapter 11: Hidden Class (4)

Edited: Stealth

Lately, Im Eunyoung was extremely busy. She was a reporter for YTBC, a broadcasting station that handled virtual reality game content on an expertise level.

The work she mainly did was casting users that were progressing through an interesting quest or finding sites where a large scale fight was going on to discover content for YTBC to broadcast.

Exactly yesterday was the day for Kailran’s large update, the virtual reality game that was basically taking over the market all over the world.

“Ah, I need to find something that will satisfy the boss so that I can relax for another week…”

Eunyoung was also an enthusiastic fan and user on Kailran. And on Kailran, her name was ‘Lucia’.

“Is there no one that’s changed their class to a new class?”

She was a lv 65 Priest. She wasn’t a high-level player that ranked in the top rankings, but she was still quite a high level.

However, improper to her level, she was at ‘Kairon Basin’, a hunting ground where around lv 10-15 Wolves appeared.

Lucia observed the beginner users that were hunting the wolves with fire in her eyes.

“There definitely has to be a user that succeeded in class-change into one of the new classes. I need to find them.”

There weren’t just one or two new contents that emerged through Kailran’s large update, but one of the parts that users were most interested in were about the new classes. She was planning on finding information about the new classes faster than anybody else before tossing it to the newsroom, so she could game peacefully for about a week.

“But why are there so many people gathered over there?”

A spot where quite a lot of beginners were gathered caught Lucia’s eyes. Shortly after, she started heading to that place.

At that spot, a couple of users were fighting a Red Wolf, while several users were observing that scene.

Lucia approached one of the spectators.

“Excuse me, sorry, but what are those people doing right now?”

“Ah, one of the members of that party must be a Summoner. Whether it’s because they were planning to capture that Red Wolf from a while ago, they’ve been like that, so I was curious and came to watch.”

As if it was as they said, the party didn’t make a bold attack on the Red Wolf but instead gnawed the wolf’s health away little by little.

Lucia’s two eyes shone. She squeezed into the group of spectators and began to watch the user catch the Red Wolf.

‘I’ll have to go and grab an interview with that person once they capture that Red Wolf.’

Within those spectators, Ian was also included.

As expected, Ian came to try and catch the Red Wolf that came out in the Summoner trailer video once he succeeded in class-changing.

The Red Wolf was one of the weaker monsters of the ‘Unique’ rank, which was why it was Ian’s first target.

‘To think there was someone faster than me.’

Because of the quest related to the hidden class, he was slowed down, but Ian was in a sour mood at the fact that there was someone that succeeded in class-changing faster than him.

‘Shall we at least observe how they catch?’

The party quickly cut down the Red Wolf’s health. When they thought the wolf’s health had dropped enough, the guy that looked like a Summoner within the party tried to capture.

‘No matter how low-level of a monster it is… Will a Unique-rank monster get caught so easily?’

Ian stared at the white light that was wrapped around the Red Wolf with curiosity. Sure enough, the Red Wolf was not captured.

‘As expected.’

However, just then, the Red Wolf suddenly jumped up into the air.


“What the hell!”

“Don’t lose it! Catch it!”

The party members were taken aback at the sudden situation. In the end, they lost the wolf that planned its escape.

Ian shook his head.

‘Jeez, it’s going to be really hard trying to find a Red Wolf again that already disappeared once….’

Ian wanted at least to capture a high-ranking monster for his first monster. However, instead of wasting time trying to find and capture a high-rank monster that was hard to find, he thought it would be a better idea to first catch any monster.

‘Since Wolves are scattered everywhere here, shall we try and catch any of them?’

Ian’s experimental instinct was invoked.

‘How many Wolves could I catch with my Leadership?’

Since you could release any monster that you had caught, Ian had no burden capturing monsters.

To catch the wolf that appeared in his view first, Ian aimed his bow.


A sharp, piercing sound along with an arrow lodged directly into the wolf’s body and the wolf died shortly after.

You have killed the Wolf. You have gained 45 Experience Points.

Ian slung the bow and raised his two arms. And he charged towards wandering wolves nearby.

You have succeeded in capturing the ‘Wolf’.


You have succeeded in capturing the ‘Wolf’.

Ian, who saw the message, killed the wolf in front of him without hesitation.

“I’ve caught a total of eight. Since my Leadership is at 40 right now…It seems I need about 5 Leadership points per wolf to carry it around, huh?

Truthfully, if it wasn’t for the 30 Leadership points that he obtained as a bonus for discovering the hidden class, Ian would have only been able to capture two.

Ian, who had confirmed the information that he wanted, started to release the wolves he had caught.

“There’s no need to bring eight wolves with me. I’ll keep one or two and release the rest.”

Ian, who had confirmed that he had some Leadership to spare, thought about having a Half-Moon Bear as his first monster that he would use as a Familiar.

The Half-Moon Bear was about mid-lv 30s. He had calculated that with his Leadership, he could capture at least one.

However, when he had released about three wolves, Ian noticed something strange.

‘Huh? This one, it’s the same level as the one I just released, but its stats are way higher?’

Ian stopped releasing and opened the Wolf’s stat window.

Agile Wolf

Lv: 12

Classification: Wild Animal

Rank: Common

Personality: Cunning

Evolution impossible

Offensive Power: 25

Defensive Power: 13

Agility: 24

Intellect: 10

Vitality: 75/75

It’s a normal wolf that inhabits grasslands. It has fast feet and sharp teeth.

“’Agile Wolf’? Even the name is slightly different?”

After comparing the stat window of the wolves left, Ian grinned.

‘Oh-ho, even if it’s the same level and the same monster, the stats are different!’

It was quite an interesting discovery.

‘Just like how each person has different abilities, even though we are all human, the monsters in Kailran also have slightly different stats.’

And within them, an extraordinary one was sure to exist. Just like how this wolf with the name ‘Agile Wolf’ was.

‘Shall we find the wolf with the best stats in Kairon Basin?’

Ian was curious as to how big of a difference a similar stat could be. His experimental instinct was invoked.

“Excluding the best one, I’ll have to just catch wolves using the releasing method.”

Ian began to move while remarking how much grinding he’ll have to do based on his predictions.

“I’ll just catch wolves for about a day.”

So, Ian, who was different from others, began his grind.

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