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Let us compare the ending subtitles of the four movements of the Music Video "100-Year period of destruction" with Silver Wing's latest news.

Was there a difference?

Was there?

Had they just added songwriter and composer to the four movements of "100-Year Period of Destruction"?!

"What treachery. After I heard the gossip, I had been waiting here since early morning, only to be made a fool!"

"This is merely a scheme to make a fool out of others, as there isn't any change in the music video's subtitles."

This was not the end, though, as one scrolled up the subtitles, it revealed the undisplayed detailed name list. For example, remixers, classification songwriters, recorders, background singers, consultants, or whoever and whatever department that contributed to the whole spectrum of the project, in order of importance.

"Why does symphony remixer and electronic music songwriters only show Fang Zhao's name?"

"And there is only one consultant?! Fang Zhao?"

Do you think we will believe that?


We. Will. Not. Reply!

"Is there a problem with the producers, composers, or consultants?"

"What about the consultant team that was mentioned? Why is there only one person?"

"I am guessing Silver Wing purposefully found a few people with the same names. Yes, this must it. Haha, I am so quick witted, which is why I can identify all the similar names!"

The media who were initially enthusiastic about the headline grabbing news were also stunned. Now, how were they going to write the news with this?

Was Silver Wing trying to make a fool out of others early in the morning?

The editor-in-chief of Qi'an city's famous media company Prairie Fire, Qian Cheng, drummed his fingers while silently looking at the words on the company's television screen.

"Boss, what do we do? Should we issue an article? I noticed that others have already published," said a staff member beside him.

Qian Cheng looked at the sent message from his employee. Written on it were different categories of news from Yanzhou, all ready to trend, no matter if they was real or fake, ramblings, gossip, or even conspiracy theories.

"Wait a while," Qian Cheng said while setting the messages aside. Prairie Fire was not some shortsighted media company. Though they might publish rubbish at times, they still needed the rubbish to attract readers. He understood that there were a significant number of readers who would read his news. Hence, they should not do anything rash just because of Silver Tower's ridiculous issue.

Two minutes later, Qian Cheng received two sets of news, which turned his grave expression into a smile. He handed the two messages over to his editoral staff.

"We can publish now!"

Though many people might have received a rude awakening from Silver Wing's news, at this point of time, they still tended to believe Prairie Fire more.

In these turbulent times when other small and medium media companies were issuing uncredible news, Prairie Fire chose to survey the situation as usual. Their patience was thus rewarded with the issuing of a statement citing a new direction from Yanzhou Music Association's deputy head, Dina.

Only two minutes had passed since Silver Wing's "bombshell" when Dina had announced her views on the issue.

"During the issuance of the second movement, I once said that, behind the scenes, there was an excellent symphony remixer and electronic music composer. Moreover, I have tried to derive an explanation for this by asking many others on the noble style that is unheard of in the industry, but I was left without an answer. Only through Ming Cang yesterday was I able to understand the truth.

"I always thought that the background symphony remixer and electronic music composer had to be pioneers of the industry. However, it now seems that not only are they the same person, but he is also a fresh graduate that graduated from university less than a year ago! The youngster will indeed be a force to be reckoned with in the future!"

A momentary confusion spread across the people who read this news.

"What should we make of the situation?"

"Is Dina trying to mislead others just like Silver Wing?"

During the heated discussion, Prairie Fire again published another piece of cited news, but this time, it was from not Dina but Ming Cang.

Ming Cang had posted a photo he'd taken with Fang Zhao before he left Silver Wing. Underneath, he'd written, "As mentioned, I met my benefactor two days ago. A surprising yet admirable person indeed."

"So the person beside Ming Cang in the photo is Fang Zhao? The same Fang Zhao mentioned in the subtitles?"

"There is no doubt that it is him! I graduated with him! I can provide proof!"

The two public issuances from Prairie Fire caused much hesitation among the public.

Since both Yanzhou Music Association's deputy heads Ming Cang and Dina had already given their assurances, it couldn't be a scam, right?

Did this mean it had to be true? Silver Wing had not just lumped people of the same name together?

Was Silver Wing's fictitious producer really the same Fang Zhao as shown in the music video's credits? Composing, songwriting, remixing, and consultancy were all done by the same person?

"Sigh, how scary is that!"

After the assurances from these two high-ranking music industry officials, the layman could only marvel at the brilliance of this young musical talent. However, those in similar professions felt shocked, as they found it hard to believe that someone could achieve such an impossible task.

It seemed like Prairie Fire's previous prediction of a famous consultant backing Silver Wing's production was entirely wrong.

Two professors who'd given their comments regarding the first movement—Professor Bradley from the Yanzhou University's history faculty, who specialized in the Period of Destruction, and Professor Kou Da from Yanzhou Academy University of Science and Technology, who specialized in animal mutation during the Period of Destruction—both fervently expressed their interest to interview this young consultant, who held simultaneous roles, on academia and also his life story.

Musical professionals who were in the same industry also expressed their disbelief at this news.

"The strong influence of the song, which brings to life the era of the 'Period of Destruction,' can only be produced by someone with extraordinary skills. How can a fresh graduate produce a song that has such strong influence? "

Apart from readers who found it hard to accept this news, even the manager of Silver Wing's Music Composing Department thought that Fang Zhao was an extraordinary musical freak!

Before the recording, Fang Zhao was researching interesting sounds and melodies of the new century and also artistic works from the preceding era. As the computer skills of the 21st century were not that proficient, Fang Zhao had provided guidance to the electronic composers to produce the tune that he expected. In every single movement, with the hundreds of electric instruments and sounds, Fang Zhao simultaneously had taken on the roles of symphony remixer and electronic music composer to produce this brilliant musical piece.

Meanwhile, the former head of Silver Wing's virtual project, Master Glifetz, who was currently resting in Jinggan city, was sick again.

Overshadowed and unable to compete, reality was the best medicine. After hearing the news from the employees back there, he finally gave up all thoughts of going back to Silver Wing. All this while, he had been trying to come to terms with his situation. However, after hearing the news, he once again suffered a huge emotional setback.

Of course, unavoidably, he still gave his opposing views.

"I have analyzed Fang Zhao's previous works, and they do not match up to this style. For the identities of the producers of the '100-Year Period of Destruction,' I still maintain my previous stance."

"There could even be more big news incoming."

"Has anyone checked on the identity of Fang Zhao? We can't just let Dina and Ming Cang guard it without us knowing, right?"

Though some people might have fancied "Hehe, my dear" when it had first appeared on the New Pioneers Chart, in the expert's eyes, there were many more inadequacies than the four movements of the "100-Year Period of Destruction." The difference was merely too vast to compare.

"Though I have heard that Fang Zhao's results have been excellent, we must note that Qi'an Music Academy has many remarkable students. I was also unable to observe anything spectacular about his previous works."

To such suspicions, Qi'an Music Academy quickly issued a reply.

"Some people are just unable to listen to the explanations of others and have a stance of 'As long as I am unable to do it, nobody else can. Hence, you must be the one with the problem, and I am definitely right.' What fools these naysayers are."

At present, the fashionable style of music was different from symphony structures. However, composing was just like cooking. Though one dish might not be your forte, you might be able to produce another dish that is of a high standard. Perhaps Fang Zhao was merely able to find his own forte and was able to grow into it. In the world of art, these things were fairly common. It would be unusual if such a thing did not happen!

Composing, creativity, and epiphanies were very mysterious things. You might be helplessly lost at one moment and bursting with inspiration in the next. One should not look down on others, as there were many talents in the world, though some might take longer than others to shine.

The topic of whether or not Fang Zhao was the true creator of the "100-Year Period of Destruction" was still undergoing a heated debate online. Silver Wing welcomed such discussion. As long as it remained a hot topic, they would naturally find a way to allow observers to vote.

However, Fang Zhao was not in the office over the last two days, as the company did not currently require him to do anything. Moreover, there were lots of media personnel lying in wait near the office. Some were awaiting other celebrities, but some were awaiting him, the latest hot topic.

In the past, when he'd had no reputation, even if his name was included in the credits, no one would come looking for him. Even if he stepped out, he was not afraid of being recognized. Now, even on a public train, he would be approached by others. News on the internet spread too quickly.

Thus, Silver Wing had arranged a private car with a personal driver to fetch him every day from his residency to Xue Jing's house.

He had set off earlier today. Before embarking on the journey to Xue Jing's house, Fang Zhao had told the driver to take him to a bookshop. His notebook was full, and he preferred drafting on a hard copy notebook when composing. He had no fear of it being stolen, as his scores were written in codes that nobody else except himself was able to decipher.

Xue Jing had introduced to him a shop that specialized in selling such hard copy notebooks. Many other producers with similar habits liked to use their notebooks, as it gave them a sense of comfort.

In the antique shop, the shop owner who was beyond his middle-age years hummed a tune while looking at the latest entertainment news. When Fang Zhao stepped into the shop, it so happened that the news simultaneously featured his graduation picture from Qi'an Music Academy.

The shop owner looked at Fang Zhao before turning back to the screen. Recognising him, he turned back to Fang Zhao and greeted him with a warm smile, "Welcome."

As there were many people who frequented his shop to buy notebooks, including great masters, although he might have been momentarily stunned, he was able to regain his composure fairly quickly.

"Whichever notebooks you like, feel free to browse around. There are samples at the top and pens at the sides for you to test out."

As Fang Zhao did not have any strict criterias on the type of notebooks that he preferred, he merely tested a few samples that Xue Jing introduced him to before making his purchase.

Only when he was leaving the shop did he find out that he was unable to proceed.

Fang Zhao silently watched the people approaching him. His first instinct would have been to draw his gun. Luckily, he did not manage to feel any murderous intent and he remembered that this was not the end of days; thus, he was able to control himself.

"Good day, I am an intern from Prairie Fire's music department. Could you please provide us with your views on the doubts that have been raised against you these past two days? Do you have any other evidence to prove that you are indeed the original pr-producer of the '100-Year Period of Destruction'?" the interviewer stuttered as he looked at Fang Zhao's emotionless eyes.

Although he was unable to notice any obvious anger in Fang Zhao, he suddenly felt a lack of confidence. Even his voice started to break apart, as though someone had pointed a gun to his head. He quickly retracted his hand that was clinging on to Fang Zhao's car upon his gaze.

As Fang Zhao stood by his car door, his eyes swept the surroundings and realized three people surrounding him. Two guys and a girl, all in their 20s. Probably all interns who had not yet graduated either.

As it was the start of February, Qi'an city's weather was not too fine. It was colder than usual and there were strong winds. All three of them were not well protected, with their noses and faces turning red from the cold.

Fang Zhao thought for a moment before passing them a card.

"Photograph it when you are back. And don't forget to send it back to Silver Wing when you are done," Fang Zhao said, stepping back into his car.

The driver quickly sped off, though he had never expected Fang Zhao to be approached by the media here. Why was he getting so much attention when he was not even a famous singer or movie star?

The three personnel who had approached Fang Zhao waited for him to leave before moving their somewhat rigid legs while looking at his card.

"What the f*ck!"

After taking a good look at the design of the card, the person's hand trembled and almost dropped the card before quickly grabbing tightly to it.

" Is this really true?!"

"Fier... fiery…"

On the small card was an image of a bird in the form of an S-shaped flame, looking as though it was about to ignite and burn others.

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