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After the fourth movement was released, Ming Cang spent some time with his son alongside the medical team checking on the progress of the treatment. As soon as his son had shown signs of a reaction, he came over to Silver Wing media looking for Duan Qianji.

Ever since the first movement had been released, he had wanted to meet the composer of the piece. Just as he had previously said, the composer behind the four movements was like a god to him and his family. The composer had pulled them out from their despair that had lasted for a long time, giving them hope. Therefore, Ming Cang wanted to thank that composer in person.

But previously, Silver Wing Media had continuously prevented him from doing so. Furthermore, they did not want any disturbances for the composer before all the movements were completed. Thus, Ming Cang had waited and waited until this day, when the four movements had all been released, and he hurriedly rushed over. Besides, Silver Wing Media were going to publicly announce the name list of the real project team, so why not let him thank the composer first?

After Duan Qianji had informed that composer to come up, Ming Cang felt somewhat nervous. Perhaps it was the excitement that he was going to meet his benefactor, or perhaps it was the expectation that he was going to meet some great master.

Drinking another cup of water, Ming Cang heard Duan Qianji's office door open. Raising his head to look, he saw a young man walking in. Behind him, there was no one else.

Ming Cang knew who Fang Zhao was. He had checked up on all the names listed on the end credits of the music video and thus knew the youngster who had been placed as the front. However, this was their company policy, so he did not say anything. He guessed that, from what he knew about Duan Qianji, this youngster that had been chosen to act as a shield would have received lots of benefits as well. Ming Cang was just here to see his benefactor and did not intend to involve himself with any of Silver Wing's internal affairs.

Ming Cang gave Fang Zhao a kindly glance, like that of an elder. His look was partially encouraging, partially sympathizing, and the remainder was courtesy. Nodding his head slightly, Ming Cang retracted his gaze and continued to wait. In his heart he wondered which great master from the industry would show up. However, the techniques and methods used in the four movements were unfamiliar. Within the industry, he had asked at least half but had had no luck. Could they have been under a confidentiality agreement and thus did not dare to tell the truth? But seriously, there was not even a little bit of information.

Who could it be? Ming Cang pondered hard.

Fang Zhao was puzzled by the look Ming Cang had given him. He walked over to a chair and sat down.

Duan Qianji coughed lightly. "President Ming."

Ming Cang looked over, not understanding the situation.

Duan Qianji pointed at Fang Zhao. "This is the person you are looking for. The composer of the four movements in the '100-Year Period of Destruction.'"

Ming Cang: "..."

He glanced at the seated Fang Zhao then twisted his neck over to look at Duan Qianji. Seeing Duan Qianji nodding once again, Ming Cang's jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

So the shield that was placed in front of the masses by Silver Wing was actually an armored tank capable of besieging a city?!

Before coming, Ming Cang had thought about all the possibilities. Whether it was someone he knew, whether it was someone he had good ties with, whether local or foreign, whether famous or unknown. He had spent a lot of time thinking this through, but when he really heard Duan Quanji confirming it, Ming Cang was momentarily shocked into silence.

After around a minute of silence...

"Fang Zhao?"

Ming Cang still found it slightly difficult to imagine. This was totally unexpected. Just listening to the four movements, the thought had never crossed his mind that the young person who was not even half his age would actually be the one he was looking for.

"Thats me," Fang Zhao replied.

"The composer of all four movements of the '100-Year Period of Destruction?'"

"That's right."

"...That is unexpected." After saying that, he felt that his words might have been a little inappropriate. It sounded as if he was looking down on Fang Zhao. Ming Cang hurriedly said, "Sorry, what i meant to say is that it is rare to see someone so young produce that sort of work. It just feels so astonishing…"

As he went on, Ming Cang lowered his head and laughed, took a deep breath, got up and bowed toward Fang Zhao. "Thank you! And I apologize for my lack of manners just now."

Ming Cang meant the look he had given Fang Zhao when he entered. Thinking back about his gaze that was filled with sympathy, Ming Cang felt a bit embarrassed.

"You are welcome, President Ming. I'm just a composer of music. Being able to contribute to the treatment of the Hull virus was an unexpected blessing. I am glad too." Fang Zhao indicated for Ming Cang to sit down and talk. Now, he was still just a twenty plus year old nobody, it would not be right for him to let the deputy president of the highly esteemed Yanzhou Music Association remain standing.

"It's not just you. Back then, when Professor Xue first met me, he was very surprised too," Fang Zhao told him.

"Professor Xue? Is Xue Jing Professor Xue?" Ming Cang asked.


Ming Cang knew that Duan Qianji would not lie to him. And with Xue Jing's name, it verified the authenticity of this matter.

The four movements of "100-Year Period of Destruction" were really composed by a recently graduated youngster in his 20s!

After confirming, Ming Cang dragged Fang Zhao away and he talked for quite a bit. Not as an elder or as a deputy head, rather he conversed with Fang Zhao as a fellow music professional and as a father. He told Fang Zhao about the research into Fang Zhao's works and about his son's treatment progress.

They chatted for an hour and only stopped when Ming Cang received a call. A friend from abroad had arrived in Yanzhou and was looking for Ming Cang, so he had to leave. Before leaving, Ming Chang thanked Fang Zhao once more, and they exchanged contact details. Ming Cang also said that he would drop by whenever he was free to look for Fang Zhao for some discussions.

As Ming Cang left Silver Wing Tower, he made a call to Xue Jing.

"Teacher Xue! You know that Fang Zhao?!" Although Ming Cang might have been a deputy head of Yanzhou Music Association, when facing the elder generation like Xue Jing, he was still very respectful. When Ming Cang was still schooling, Xue Jing had taught him. In a more formal setting, he would address Xue Jing as Great Master.

Receiving the call from Ming Cang, Xue Jing was caught by surprise at first. But after remembering the situation with Ming Cang's son, he understood.

"I know him. You got the truth from Duan Qianji?" Xue Jing laughingly said.

"I'm just leaving there. What a big shock." Ming Cang was also smiling. "It was really unimaginable."

On his way, Ming Cang thought back to his discussion with Fang Zhao. He realized when Fang Zhao was face to face with him that it did not feel like he was talking with a deputy head of Yanzhou Music Association. There was no nervousness or restraint coming from Fang Zhao as they conversed. It was really just a talk between two ordinary people who shared a common industry.

"You do know that I received an assignment to compile a textbook," Xue Jing said.

"Yes, I heard some mention of it within the community. Many said that you were getting foolish with age." Ming Cang was in good spirits and joked with his old teacher. "But at your age, it seems like you no longer care about reputation or benefits."

Xue Jing sighed ruefully. "Oh, I am foolish indeed, but there is someone even more foolish."

Ming Cang could hear gratification and admiration from those words. "Who are you talking about?"

"Just Fang Zhao."

"Oh. Is he one of your contributors?" Xue Jing was compiling a textbook on symphonic structures. Ming Cang understood the logic of wanting to use the four movements as an actual example.

"No. He is the deputy editor. If not for Silver Wing's plans, I would still want to publicly announce it right away.

Xue Jing briefly went over with Ming Cang the contents of the file that Fang Zhao had sent him. He trusted Ming Cang's character and was not afraid that he would divulge anything.

Hearing Xue Jing's unconcealable delight and appreciation through the communication device, the originally smiling face of his became serious.

"Ming Cang, I hope to pass on something genuinely meaningful and valuable. And not some elaborate assembling of shoddy work." This was what Xue Jing said to Ming Cang before he ended to call.

An hour later.

On the homepage of Ming Cang's personal social platform, a piece of information was posted.

"Today I got to meet the composer of the '100-Year Period of Destruction' series. A surprising yet admirable person."

Ming Cang's post triggered a buzz within the industry. But whoever asked, Ming Cang only replied with this: "Everyone will get to know the mysterious composer in two days. Silver Wing Media will publicly announce it."

Ming Cang's words were quoted by many media reports. Silver Wing also had intentions to push forth with it.

They wanted to guarantee Polar Light's popularity and continuous topics for the voting during the next few days. Other than these few bits of news, they also wanted to guarantee as much media coverage as possible.

Thus, there was going to be Polar Light's first interview. This sort of interview was to let people understand this virtual idol and bridge the distance, so he would not just be limited to an image in a music video. This was a channel to attract more fans and boost popularity and was advantageous for future development.

Polar Light's interview had been arranged by Silver Wing Media beforehand. Whether they could attract audiences or boost his popularity, it was in the hands of a Silver Wing team that was more experienced than Fang Zhao. The person in charge was more experienced as well. The other members of the project team only needed to work according to the arrangements and did not need Fang Zhao to keep an eye on things.

As for Fang Zhao, he was called up by Xue Jing to help compile materials for the textbook. Fang Zhao's thoughts and techniques written in the file could not be pasted straight into the book. They still needed some amendments. As Fang Zhao was purely a composer, he had no experience with compiling and writing books.

Xue Jing found communicating online to be too much of a hassle. Hence, when he asked Fang Zhao about his working schedule and found out that Fang Zhao had no pressing matters to attend to personally, Xue Jing pulled Fang Zhao over making it easy for them to discuss and work together.

On the second day after Polar Light's first interview was announced, the fourth day of online voting, A Silver Wing Media representative officially dropped a "bombshell."

A beaming presenter appeared on screen and said, "Everyone has been paying attention to the production team behind this virtual idol, trying to guess the number of great masters that were behind the '100-Year Period of Destruction.' The following name list contains the real members behind the scenes of the 'Polar Light' project team, including the composer of the four movements."

On the screen, the two presenters faded, and a big and bright credits list appeared.

"Polar Light Project Producer: Fang Zhao

The '100-Year Period of Destruction' four movements composer: Fang Zhao

The '100-Year Period of Destruction' four movements songwriter: Fang Zhao

Vocals: Pang Pusong

Main production team members: Fang Zhao, Zu Wen, Song Miao, Pang Pusong, Zeng Huang, Wan Yue, Fu Yingtian, Stiller, Zhang Yu, Rodney."

All the audiences online: "..." Are you f*cking with me?!

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