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The camera managed to avoid the impact and was continuing to run, but the image was no longer clear. Everyone could still see the scene being captured by the camera even though there was a scratch on the lens and a layer of dust.

The gaming room that had only recently been fixed up had been completely demolished, and only ruins remained as dust scattered everywhere and the half of the room had caved in beneath the floorboards.

And to the side of the wreckage, the main culprit was there. The camera's image was limited, but viewers could see a part of it. Viewers with abundant experience could distinguish that it was the wing of a flying transport, but it had been deformed during the impact.

Dut to the intense vibrations and airflow, the camera was not steady and shook violently. If not for the fact that the camera Su Hou had bought was sturdy, it would probably have been destroyed by the falling debris.

Although it wasn't clear in the short two seconds that the accident had occurred and nobody could deduce what the two people in the image were up to, upon seeing the scene, what everyone could confirm was that both Fang Zhao and Su Hou were in the room and had been buried.

Everything had happened too fast. Viewers that had been full of jest had become stunned. There was a moment of deathly silence in the live broadcast's comments section before it burst to life with activity.

"What... happened?"

"Don't tell me they were shooting a movie? That must be it!"

"Shooting a movie my *ss! How does this even look like one?"

"What the f*ck! We just witnessed an accident!"

"Are Zhao-god and Fatty Su alright? Holler if you are alive!"

"Holler my *ss! They can't hear your comments from there! Hurry up and call for emergency services! Call the police!"

"Which city and district is Dongshan Farm in? Hurry up and get someone over to rescue them!"

"Fatty Su received a landing request from a flying transport a while back. That's definitely the one that came crashing!"

"Murder! I guarantee you that this is surely a case of premeditated murder!"

"Does this mean that we witnessed a murder case?"

"It's probably fake, right? This whole situation is definitely fake! Wait for the truth!"

"It's not fake! Our farm is within the same district as Dongshan, and the police station is nearby. A police craft just rushed overhead!"

"Such a big mobilization? Not sending police cars but sending a police craft straightaway?

"Look who has been involved in the accident!" One was a member of the Su family, whose online reputation was quite high. The other was someone who had created waves in the gaming circles recently and had a global reputation even higher than Su Hou's. All this had happened during a live broadcast, and the police station's hotlines were nearly jammed. Whether it was a false alarm or not, they would rush over before deciding.

Even Su Feng, who had left Dongshan Farm a while back and headed toward Four Elephants's farm, had hurriedly turned back without delay.

In Yanzhou. Wayne was pale, and his lips trembled. After giving a report to Duan Qianji, he had requested a flying transport, intending to rush over to Muzhou. The members of the virtual projects department had also wanted to follow but had been rejected by Wayne. The flying transport he had requested was a small one. As Memorial Day was approaching, the company's celebrities were busy rushing to all sorts of activities, and all the flying transports had already been dispatched. If not for the special circumstances, Wayne would not have even been able to get one. Duan Qianji had used special means to get this flying transport promptly.

Dongshan Farm.

The sun was shining brightly on this cloudless and seemingly warm and peaceful day. However, the bodyguards and employees on Dongshan Farm were could feel an icy-cold chill running through them. The bodyguards had no time to be in a daze. They headed to the flying transport's energy core first, removing or shutting down anything that had the potential to explode. However, what had happened could not be undone. They could only carry out the rescue operation with haste.

Dongshan Farm had not been established for long. Previously, Su Hou had been busy with improving the quality of the soil and cultivating crops, so he had not improved the equipment or facilities in other aspects. Presently, the farm simply did not have the equipment to deal with this predicament, and the bodyguards could only head to nearby farms to borrow the needed equipment.

Some flying transports stopped nearby. The image wasn't sharp, but the camera was still operating normally and viewers could still see the situation through it.

"There are life signals inside!" One of Su Hou's bodyguards was reading the display on a piece of detection equipment. Some color returned to his pale face. "There are two life signals! One of them is the young master's!"

Viewers watching the broadcast could hear it as well. When they heard this line, everyone collectively let out a sigh of relief.

However, when they had just exhaled, they heard the bodyguard say. "And the other life signal is... a dog."

Viewers: "..."

Wayne's legs turned to jelly as he was boarding the flying transport and nearly fell.

Only two life signals had been detected. One was Su Hou's and the other was a dog's. What about Fang Zhao?

When Su Hou had first constructed the house, the material he had used was slightly special and prevented external signals from penetrating. Especially so for the game room, where the walls, floor, and ceiling all used that. Some sensor apparatuses that were capable of scanning through walls could not be used normally, and only specialized equipment used by rescue teams were effective.

Dongshan Farm was a little far away, and the quickest rescue teams would also need 3 minutes to arrive. However, knowing that Su Hou was alive, the bodyguard's felt a little relieved. As Su Hou's bodyguards, Su Hou was naturally of utmost importance—everything else was secondary. They had also replayed the live broadcast and watched the scene. Managing to stay alive, their young master was really fortunate.

However, the rescue teams still needed to get here as soon as possible. Who knew exactly what the situation was like below all the debris, how bad Su Hou's injuries were, or whether there was enough oxygen?

A bodyguard shouted, "Young Master! Young Master, are you all right?"

There was no reply.

If not for the wreckage, the bodyguards would have rushed in immediately, but there was a limit to human strength. The bits of shattered walls, floorboards, and the ceiling were too heavy for them to move. If they were careless, it could result in more severe consequences. Even if they borrowed proper excavating equipment from nearby farms, they would still have to dig with their bare hands till a professional rescue team arrived, in order to ensure the buried Su Hou's safety.

Only a minute had passed since the incident. The circulation rate of the live broadcast was astonishing. News regarding the situation had already been spread, and the viewers joining the stream rose sharply. Whether these viewers played games or not, or whether they knew who Fang Zhao or Su Hou were, audiences around the world were glued to the video of this live broadcast. In the past minute, the number of viewers had jumped from eight figures to nine figures, and it was about to break the 10-figure mark.

A bodyguard who was in the midst of moving a piece of debris stopped in his tracks and pricked his ears up, listening attentively. "What is that sound?"

The viewers could hear the same sound through the camera's microphone.

"It sounds like a machine in operation."

"Flying transport? Are Fatty Su's bodyguards eating sh*t?! They didn't shut off or remove the explosive materials in the flying transport that crashed?"

A viewer who maintained flying transports retorted, "No, I don't think it sounds like a flying transport. It sounds a little unfamiliar."

"Look! There is light!"

Beneath the ruins, something seemed to be flickering.

Crack crack—crack—

More sounds could be heard. At the same time, there was movement somewhere in the wreckage.

Rumble rumble—

Bits and pieces of small debris tumbled out of the way. A collapsed floorboard measuring about 6 square meters and 30 centimeters thick was slowly being moved out of the way.

Shifting a floorboard that big was something that was very difficult for an individual to accomplish. However, that scene was exactly what was happening right now!

That shattered floorboard that had collapsed was pushed out of the way and much of the junk that was on it tumbled to the side.

Following that floorboard being pushed away, a white arm appeared in front of everyone. More precisely, it was an arm that was wrapped in some sort of mechanical contraption.

10th-generation console arm section!

But it differed from the 10th-generation console that everyone was so familiar with. This time, the black veins on the 10th-generation console were giving off a bright white glow, as if the veins were a channel for transmitting energy.

Both online audiences and the bodyguards at the site of the wreckage were dumbfounded.

An as the organism slowly rose from the wreckage, their lifeless expressions gradually became looks of surprise and astonishment, as though they were seeing an alien.

The white organism had some dents on it from debris striking it. Although the organism did not seem that bright with all the marks and dust on it, in the eyes of everyone, it seemed to radiate a holy glow.

Seeing the organism dragging a person out, the bodyguards snapped out of their daze. Disbelief turned to delight as they strode forward.

Fang Zhao was operating the machine, one arm holding off the obstacles on top and in front of him, his other arm supporting Su Hou.

Su Hou had lost consciousness, but he did not seem to have any serious injuries. His life signals were also very strong, and there was no danger.

Behind Fang Zhao, Curly Hair followed behind, dragging what seemed to be the deformed helmet of the beginner's console in his mouth.

The bodyguard holding onto the vitality detection sensor looked at the two life signals displayed on the screen, looked at the white organism dragging Su Hou and the dog following behind them, and understood.

The vitality detection sensor was not faulty, it had just been unable to detect the interior of that white organism. That was why the screen only displayed two life signals.

Compared to Su Hou's bodyguards, who had just recovered from their daze, a huge wave had started to swirl on the internet.

An online viewer posted a comment equivalent to a shriek: "Someone tell me what! is! that! thing!"

"Zhao-god, this time, I really have to kneel!!"

New viewers that had been attracted over by the news were stupefied. "Is that a new model exoskeleton power mecha? Isn't it too weak, to actually have so many dents and scratches! Is it made from paper?!"

"Damn you and your mecha! Does the brother above me not play any games? Do you know Fiery Bird? This is Fiery Bird's 10th-generation console!"

"No, perhaps we should say that it is a mecha within a game console, or a game console cum fighting suit!" someone added on.

The eyeballs of all other users of the 10th-generation console from big e-sports clubs across the world were nearly popping out at that moment. The 10th-generation console... has such a function too?

At the same time, Fiery Bird's R&D department's chief engineer Cao Kan exclaimed, "Protection mode! I only briefly mentioned it to him once. Never did I expect that he would really use it! This little fellow has decent wits! It's him! Let's make preparations for him to be a spokesperson!" Wasn't it only a year of military service? They could wait! Negotiate the endorsement deal first!

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