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Su Hou did not spend too much time staring at the score displayed on the screen. This score could only have been achieved by Fang Zhao. Furthermore, he had been the only person in the room. If it was not Fang Zhao, who else could it have been?

However, Su Hou's attention was only on the displayed score for around half a minute before he remembered the reason he had rushed over.

"Master Zhao, the 10th-generation console is here. Can I let them move it over?" Su Hou was itching to get on with it. He had long wanted to play on the 10th-generation console. Even if he could only play games for minors or some games for stimulating the brain, it was still the 10th generation! This was like a sudden level up!

The 10th-generation console was a limited edition. Only 100 machines had been released in the first batch and they were in the hands of big e-sports clubs and influential persons. As Muzhou's e-sports atmosphere could not be compared to other continents, and with the special status of the Su family, whether they used it or not, the Su family kept two or three consoles. The one that Su Hou's father had sent over had been bought from within the clan for nearly 100 million.

In ordinary circumstances, Su Hou's dad would definitely not spend so much money to purchase a video game console; it wasn't as if he had limitless funds, and for that amount of money, Su Hou's dad would rather buy an expensive car than a video game console. However, to placate Su Hou, who was going through a rebellious phrase, and with pressure from within the family clan and from external media, Su Hou's dad had only been able to clench his teeth and buy it.

The price of the machine had been comparable to a small-sized farm in Muzhou. In the eyes of Muzhou people, the two could not be compared. A farm guaranteed a livelihood, but what about a game console? Who knew when a software bug might emerge, or maybe a new model would appear after a few years and completely replace it. Then it wouldn't be worth it.

But Su Hou was very happy. After all he already had a farm. Whatever outsiders said about him being a willful child did not matter. Anyway, he felt that this transaction with his dad had been worth it.

Su Hou watched a few bodyguards bring a square-shaped metal case. As the pathway and door were not wide enough, bringing it in was a strenuous process.

"It hasn't been used before?" Fang Zhao inquired.

"I heard that a Su family elder had used his connections with Fiery Bird to purchase it but it has not been used. My dad sent it straight after purchasing it. The case has not been opened before, so it is definitely unused," Su Hou replied.

As he spoke, Su Hou scanned his identity details. The console had already been transferred to his name, so by verifying his identity, the case could be opened. Inside the metal case was another transparent case made of an unknown material. Within it was a white humanoid-shaped machine with black veins and a red Fiery Bird insignia, just like the one Fang Zhao owned.

"You still need a professional engineer. There should be someone from the nearest Fiery Bird branch to help you install and adjust it," Fang Zhao told Su Hou. Back when he had received his own console, he had received a call from an engineer to set a time for the installation.

"An engineer is needed? Can't I use it straight away?" Heading online to check, there was only one branch in Muzhou that had engineers for the 10th-generation console, and it was in Qingcheng. After contacting that side, the Qingcheng branch's reply was that all their engineers had been dispatched today and could only make it tomorrow.

Su Hou was dumbfounded. He had wanted to use it on the spot. That meant to say that he would be unable to use it today?

"Is it completely unusable without an engineer?" The smile on Su Hou's face had dissipated. Soon after, as if he'd thought of something, Su Hou looked toward Fang Zhao, full of anticipation. "Master Zhao, didn't you use the 10th generation? Could you help with the adjustments?"

"I only know some simple stuff, but I can try," Fang Zhao replied.

"Please try, Master Zhao! It doesn't matter if it's not successful," Su Hou replied.

"There should be no problems for simple usage, but for adjustments and calibration, it's better to get a professional engineer."

"No problem, Master Zhao. You try it first. I just want to use it as soon as possible and won't be playing any complicated games. I have scheduled an engineer, but he will be here tomorrow. The adjustments and calibrations can be all done tomorrow." Su Hou just wanted to experience the 10th-generation console as soon as possible.

When Fang Zhao's own 10th-generation console was being installed, he had been present and had witnessed the whole installation and calibration process. When Fang Zhao had helped take part in the tests during Fiery Bird's annual conference, he had understood a little. The chief engineer from the R&D department had even given him a detailed explanation of the 10th-generation console's functions. Fang Zhao might not be able to compare with a professional engineer, but he could at least let the machine run a few simple games without issue.

Fang Zhao opened up the internal case and took the machine out. He attached a few missing parts to the machine according to his memory and started the preliminary adjustments.

Fang Zhao did not need any help and could settle it alone. Su Hou sat aside watching, while Curly Hair crouched to the side and watched Fang Zhao and then looked at Su Hou, who was curiously studying the machine. After that, he leapt up to the sofa, shifting the beginner's console's helmet out of the way and lying down.

Midway through, Su Hou received a call from his two sisters. They said they were watching the lambs on the farm and would head to the hill behind the farm in a bit to enjoy the view.

Su Hou himself frequently went up the hill, so he agreed and instructed some bodyguards. "You guys follow them and get a farm employee to show the way, but don't wander off too far. Come back after a while."

In a bit, Fang Zhao had set up the console and tested it out. The console was usable, but compared to his own precisely calibrated 10th-generation console, there was still a big difference.

"It's done?" Su Hou drew closer.

"It's just lacking a little. Get the engineer to calibrate it accurately tomorrow and it will be fine."

"That means there are no problems using it? Let me try!"

The console would automatically adjust to the user's body shape, but after Su Hou put on the 10th generation, he felt that... operating it was especially gruelling! It was much harder to use compared to the beginner's console!

Without professional equipment and procedures, Fang Zhao had no way of knowing Su Hou's adaptability when using the 10th generation, but watching Su Hou's strenuous manner, Fang Zhao knew the adaptability would not be very high.

"You can play some of the simple games inside to slowly adapt. When you familiarize yourself, it will be more relaxing," Fang Zhao told him. The situation with Su Hou was something that had been mentioned by Fiery Bird's R&D department's staff and wasn't a serious problem. After he used it more often, the adaptability value would naturally increase.

Su Hou had only played some of the simple adapting games that came pre-installed on the machine, and he was fully drenched with sweat.

"No good, it's too tiring!" Su Hou felt that after removing the 10th generation, not only was his body tired but his mind was exhausted as well. This was the result of jumping straight from the beginner machine to the latest model.

"You probably haven't gotten the knack for it yet. The 10th generation is different from the beginner's console. Your mind and body need to self-adjust..."

"Wait a minute!" Su Hou interjected. "Master Zhao, are you sharing your own experience?"


"Then, Master Zhao, can I do a live broadcast?" Su Hou asked.

After Su Hou had gained fame after the sheep-herding competition, he had picked up the hobby of live broadcasting once again, but what he broadcast were not adolescent rebellious events. Instead, he broadcast the reformation of the farm to tell others that he was really working hard and not goofing off. He did many things on the farm himself and at the same time let more people know the Dongshan Farm name and his own transformation. He had made this decision after consulting his cousin Su Feng to maintain his image as an exemplary youth after the sheep-herding competition.

When Su Hou had started broadcasting, he had gained lots of viewership because he was a member of the Su family that the Muzhou media so loved to report on and also due to winning the sheep-herding competition.

However, Su Hou had just finished speaking when he realized his words might have been inappropriate. He was no longer that ignorant wimpy kid, and he knew that the reason Fang Zhao was willing to share with him was because of their friendly relationship as co-investors. But many professional athletes did not publicly share their own experiences. Furthermore, it was not like Fang Zhao had accepted him as a disciple or received any tuition fees. Why would Fang Zhao broadcast for free? Lots of people wished to know how the 10th generation operated and had never experienced it before. To think that he would ask Fang Zhao whether it was all right to broadcast. He had not even thought it through before asking the previous question.

"Cough, my bad, I shouldn't have asked this..."


Su Hou stared at Fang Zhao in shock. "What?"

"You can do a live broadcast," Fang Zhao replied.

"But Master Zhao, aren't you afraid others will learn from your experiences?"

Fang Zhao walked over to the 10th-generation console. "Not afraid. Go on and start it, I'm preparing to speak."

"Oh yeah! Right away!"

The moment Su Hou started the broadcast, his fans flooded in.

"Oh, Fatty Su is finally broadcasting! I heard you were beat up by your dad?"

"There are no marks on Fatty Su's face, so he probably received treatment."

"Fatty Su has a few rebellious days each month and will reject treatment. We are used to it.

Trivial matters within the Su family had become a table topic for the people of Muzhou. At the start, people had been too apprehensive to say anything given Su Hou's status, but gradually, after they had become clear on Su Hou's temperament, their words had become more brazen.

In the past, Su Hou's old fans who viewed his broadcasts called him Little Fatty Su. After he had taken part in the sheep-herding competition and exercised a lot while training, he had slimmed down. Once the sheep-herding competition ended, despite following experts and running around all the crop fields, the intensity of exercise was not as much as the sheep-herding training had been. When the amount of exercise had decreased, his weight had bounced back up.

During puberty, one would grow taller. Su Hou was growing, but he was also gaining weight. Now everyone no longer called him Little Fatty Su but had changed it to Fatty Su.

Some viewers had watched Su Hou grow up. At the start, Su Hou's penchants had been unbearable, but after some time, they had felt that this child was actually interesting. He lacked IQ and did not have much EQ either. Previously, he was always being duped, and he had also offended many people. Never had they expected that Su Hou would have a lucky break and things would change for the better. Although he still did foolish things, everyone would take it lightheartedly and wanted to see him improve. Not like when he had first started where they would call him names like "idiot" or "retard."

Two days ago, a photo of Su Hou after he had received a beating from his father had been revealed. Although everyone seemed to seek pleasure in it, they had inevitably been concerned. Furthermore, when Su Hou had not broadcast for a few days in a row, everyone had begun to worry. Now Su Hou had broadcast once more, and upon seeing that he was fine, everyone started to laugh and joke.

But very quickly, Su Hou's words caught the attention of everyone.

Su Hou had set up an automatic camera lens, which would follow and film Fang Zhao. Su Hou's voice said, "For everyone's benefit, Master Zhao is willing to share his 10th-generation console experience and impart some of his operation techniques for those that have never used a 10th generation before."

In the entire world, everyone knew that there were only 100 sets of 10th-generation consoles. The majority of gamers had no way of accessing the 10th generation, and users of the 10th generation were unwilling to share their experiences and feelings. Now, upon hearing that Fang Zhao was going to share his experiences, gamers immediately informed all their friends in various chat groups. Gamers from other continents that did not pay attention to Su Hou or Dongshan Farm also rapidly joined the livestream.

"Master Zhao? Is Fatty Su talking about the world's No. 1 in "Battle of the Century," AliveAfter500Years, Fang Zhao?"

"What? My Zhao-god would actually broadcast his experience using the 10th generation? Finally, someone has answered our prayers and is willing to share!"

"It really is Fang Zhao! And a 10th-generation console!"

Over there, Fang Zhao had started to explain. As much as possible, he made it clear and easy to comprehend so Su Hou could remember and understand it.

Fang Zhao did not have the notion of concealing anything. He could even share his experience and feelings when composing, the same could be said about his thoughts on the game console.

And with Fang Zhao being the first 10th-generation user to reach an adaptability value of 99, even professional gamers from big e-sports clubs tuned in when they received the news. Whether or not it was beneficial, there was nothing to be lost by listening. Who knows, they might even be pleasantly surprised?

In no time, every entertainment media outlet also reported on this. Wayne, who had just returned back to Yanzhou and was at the company, also received the news and obtained Su Hou's live broadcast channel. When he saw the number of viewers in the stream, he broke into a victorious smile.

Hahaha. With Fang Zhao going to Muzhou, he had thought that there would surely not be many topics and he had been about to stir up some, but looking it at now, there was simply no need for him to step in. The viewership had come!

Wayne immediately contacted the company's staff in charge of live broadcasts. "What is the company's gaming channel broadcasting now? Just finished a gaming match and it's now airing commercials? Stop it right away!"

Wayne had the company's gaming channel alter their original program and apply for a live relay.

After arranging this, Wayne contacted the operations department and discussed how to make use of this situation and stir it up further.

Over at Muzhou's Dongshan Farm, Fang Zhao did not care about how many people were watching the live broadcast and just continued with his explanations. After he had said quite a bit, he asked whether there was anything Su Hou did not understand or if he had doubts. Fang Zhao could use another method to explain it once more to Su Hou.

Because Fang Zhao had explained it very clearly, some people who did not play games were also listening with great interest.

As was Su Hou listening intently, a supervisor on the farm called, saying that a flying transport had requested to land and rest and would not be staying the night. They would rest for two hours before leaving.

When it got closer to Memorial Day, the number of flying transports and cars coming and going also increased. Medium- and large-scale farm's parking space would also have these sorts of requests to park and rest. Su Hou was in good spirits, so he did not take it seriously.

With his status of the farm's owner, Su Hou agreed to the other party's request to descend. "Permit them to stop. It's free of charge, since I'm in a good mood today."

Su Hou turned back to Fang Zhao and said, "Please continue, Master Zhao."

But Fang Zhao did not continue. He remained silent for two seconds. Suddenly, he yelled, "Get out of here!"

Curly Hair, who was lying on the chair, also started to bark.

Fang Zhao pulled Su Hou and ran toward the door. They had not made two steps when the earth below them shook violently, as if something had struck the ground forcefully.

An immense striking sound drew nearer, and the walls of the gaming room collapsed. The room, which had been constructed less than half a year ago, was reduced to ruins in a flash. There were no traces of Fang Zhao or Su Hou.

Online audiences: "..."

Wayne, who was currently formulating a plan with operations staff: "..."

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