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Fans of all the various e-sports clubs were not happy when they saw the Yanzhou leaderboards. Where had this "AliveAfter500Years" come from? To think he had actually trampled over the Big Five?!

On the team ID, the two words "Silver Wing" were too big to ignore. Nobody would believe that Silver Wing had nothing to do with this.

Many people criticized Silver Wing for using tricks, but some felt that Silver Wing had done nothing wrong. So what if they'd used tricks? It was a business-oriented company, after all. Just being interested was unreasonable. Whatever tricks or methods they'd used were for their own benefit. Everyone pulled out their own tricks; it was just a matter of which tricks were better than the rest.

Silver Wing's old rival, Tongshan True Entertainment, was also part of the big three entertainment companies of Yanzhou. The boss of Tongshan, Song Shihua, was ashen faced as he smashed his Old Century porcelain cup, which he had gone through great lengths to get.

"I just knew that they were not so simple!"

Song Shihua paced back and forth in his office, cursing as he walked.

Previously, Silver Wing had made the news, concerning the signing of a few gaming stars, but there had not been any hype and it was shortly squeezed out by news of the professional e-sports clubs. Song Shihua had taken it lightly too and thought that Silver Wing only had this much ability. Silver Wing just had a hand in it, but it nothing too serious. But now, Song Shihua felt like he had been cheated!

Was AliveAfter500Years from the SilverWing50PolarLight team the true strategy employed by Silver Wing?

Using other news before the competition as a smoke screen and not divulging the real and important information before creating a big hoo-ha afterward!

Did this move seem familiar?

Too familiar!

This was the g*damn same move they had pulled out with Polar Light!

Speaking of this, Song Shihua had invested more in the gaming department this time. They had signed with three studios in secret and had poached a few e-sports athletes from e-sports clubs that were not that famous but were not inferior either. Previously, they had also not divulged any information on these, and everything had been conducted in secret. The intention had been to place on the leaderboards and hype it up with some news, create a few stars and earning a considerable sum from the game.

These people also did not disappoint. The highest place member ranked 27th on the Yanzhou individual leaderboard, and the entire team was even high, ranked at 21st place, missing on narrowly on the top 20 by only a few points. This ranking was considered pretty good. At least compared to before, it could crush Silver Wing and Neon Culture.

But now... what f*cking use did it have!?

Compared to the 5,000 points that 1st place had, it was totally insignificant. Speaking about their own achievements would be treated by others as a joke!

Song Shihua was shaking with anger. He called the staffers in charge of the gaming department and proceeded to rip into them.

"You are all the same gaming department. Why is Silver Wing's Wayne's gaming department able to unearth such an impressive person; why can they use methods and silently sweep up such high scores. What about you guys? A bunch of trash! Did I invest so much for you all to eat, drink, and be merry? Thank your whole family for me!!"

Not just Song Shihua, many other people felt the same way. The news that SilverWing50PolarLight hogged was just too great to compete against.

"Eh? Polar Light? Could it be linked to Silver Wing's Polar Light project team?"

"Maybe to increase the popularity of Silver Wing's virtual identity, they used a professional team and some unknown methods to create the ID "AliveAfter500Years." Silver Wing made another star this time! They have come up with a super ID!"

"It makes sense if you think about it. Even the team name was not wasted. Certainly, as a business-minded company, the hand that Silver Wing just played was beautiful. Everyone imagined that the few kids Silver Wing pushed out a while back were the main force. Why did I so naively fall of it?

"SilverWing50PolarLight, this team name is so obvious, it refers to Polar Light of Silver Wing's virtual project's department, who was born on the 50th floor."

"Indeed, I heard a rumor last month that Fiery Bird would cancel endorsement deals being just limited to virtual idols. Many people still thought that Silver Wing's Polar Light would lose out big time. Once Fiery Bird revoked the restrictions for virtual idols only, there would be no guarantees that Polar Light would retain its status as a spokesperson. Never did I expect that Silver Wing would play their own hand! That team name is shining and telling everyone they will not let go of the endorsement deal. Impressive! I just have no either where on earth they got this god who can accumulate 5,000 points in an hour."

"To think they could actually find a way to protect their endorsement condition and create such a super ID and create a star, much respect!"

The multitude of online audiences who felt that they had uncovered the truth fell over one another to air their views.

The Polar Light project team that was under scrutiny: "..."

"What happened?" Zu Wen was puzzled.

"Am I dreaming?" Rodney had a dazed look in his eyes.

"What they say makes a lot of sense, but why don't I understand anything?" Fu Yingtian's two eyes were fixed on the screen.

"Does that mean us? Does our company have any other virtual projects department?" Zhang Yu flipped through information of all the company's various departments.

As they spoke, Zu Wen and the others' communication devices started ringing frantically.

Some were from their own friends and family, and others were from staff of other departments within Silver Win. But none of them dared to answer the calls.

Inside the virtual project department's group chat, Zhu Zhen, who was the deputy but had not participated in the game, passed on Duan Qianji's orders: from now on, all staff of the virtual projects department were to enter an information embargo and not divulge any information pertaining to the game! As for when the embargo would be lifted, wait for further instructions.

Silver Wing gaming department.

Wayne looked at the name "SilverWing50PolarLight" that seemed like coordinates as his expression kept fluctuating, following which he abruptly stood up with such force that the chair being dragged along the floor created a shrill screech.

Wayne had decided to personally head to the 50th floor to ask around and had gotten up to leave. As he reached the door, he turned around and scanned the entire gaming department's staff, sternly warning them, "All of you keep your mouths shut! If I found out anybody leaked information, they will be severely dealt with!"

When Wayne reached the 50th floor, the doors of the 50th floor were sealed shut. Many people were gathered outside, probably wanting to find out more. Although it was a weekend, working overtime in an entertainment company was very common, and many people were still here. However, after being berated by the various department heads, they left.

Wayne had just stepped out from the elevator when he received a call from Duan Qianji.

"Director Duan, yes, yes, I am now outside the virtual project department... Okay, I understand, got it..."

When Wayne entered the virtual project's department, he saw the deputy manager assigned by Duan Qianji, Zhu Zhen, as well as Zu Wen and the others, all sitting in the hall.

Zu Wen was an older staffer, and Wayne was more familiar with him. He also reckoned that Zhu Zhen did not understand the matter, so he directly asked Zu Wen.

"Is SilverWing50PolarLight your department's team?"

Zu Wen spoke softly. "Yeah, I was the one who came up with the team name. Back when we wanted a team name, Boss did not say anything, so I took up the responsibility. Since we were operating together as an entire virtual projects department, I figured we might as well use a name that was like coordinates, Silver Wing (Company) 50 (Floor) Polar Light (The project team's core members)."

Wayne watched Zu Wen, his face constantly changing shapes. His mouth kept opening and shutting, but he could not bring himself to say anything. Taking a deep breath, he urgently asked, "You guys... you guys are up to something again! Who is "AliveAfter500Years?"

"That's our boss."

"Fang Zhao?!" Wayne's expression was very obvious; it meant "Are you kidding me?!"

Zu Wen had the same complicated expression on his face. "It's true! It's even more real than the 5,000 points!"

Wayne glanced at the others. Rodney and the rest were all nodding their heads. 

"Considering Fang Zhao's type..."

Considering Fang Zhao's type?

He could not continue saying the rest, Wayne really could not see that Fang Zhao had this sort of capability. Wasn't he a composer? Oh, he also held the concurrent post of producer of the virtual project team. But if he could play games this well, why would he even be a producer?!

Zuo Yu, who was sitting at the side, shot a glance at Wayne who was still in shock before lowering his gaze and not speaking.

"Where is your boss?" Wayne asked.

"Boss is at home. It's the weekend, he didn't come today."

"I called him but there was no answer."

"Boss might not have logged off yet."

"Why did you all log off?" Wayne wanted to clear the doubts in his heart.

Zu Wen pursed his lips. "Brother Wayne, you might not believe it, but barely two minutes since we entered, I got bitten by a fish worth 0.5 experience points and was forced to disconnect."

"Then why did you not log back on?"

"Boss didn't allow it. I had to face the wall and reflect on my actions."

"What about the others?" Wayne was unwilling to give up.

"The others also had to face the wall and reflect."

Wayne: "..."

"That means to say, you people have absolutely no idea how Fang Zhao managed to gather 5,000 points?" When Wayne got worked up, his sentences always ended up being high pitched.

Pang Pusong thought to himself, Such a pity he is not a singer.

Faced with Wayne's question, Zu Wen and the other's replies were a series of synchronized nods.

At 2S e-sports club, inside the gaming studio.

Xie He stepped out from the cabin completely drenched in sweat. The energy he had used in the game had been too much. As the captain, he also had to bear a lot of pressure, especially in the last ten minutes, where combat was at a really high standard. He had undoubtedly consumed a lot of physical and mental energy then, and after he came out, his clothes were thoroughly soaked.

After exiting the cabin, Xie He did not bother wiping off his sweat. Waving away the glass of water that an assistant had brought over, he asked, "How did we place?"

The previously clamorous gaming studio quieted down in an instant. The assistant and team doctor that had hurried over did not know what to say at this moment. Everyone had a complicated look on their face.

Noticing everyone's reaction, Xie He felt a lump rise in his throat. Picking up his bracelet that lay beside him, he opened the web page that he had bookmarked.

Before disconnecting, Xie He had felt that his performance in the last hour had been pretty good, a little more outstanding than usual, so perhaps he might even have clinched 1st place. Even if it was not 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th or 5th were not that hard to accept. But everyone's expressions made him apprehensive; could it be that he had not even made it into the top five? As he clearly saw the placings and point's on the leaderboard, Xie He's hand's trembled. The personal bracelet that was worth a few million fell to the ground.

"How could this be... That's not possible!"

Xie He's chief assistant shook his head helplessly. "It is rumored that Silver Wing's gaming department and virtual projects department collaborated to operate this team. We have no idea who that ID belongs to yet. Silver Wing's side is not leaking much information. Boss reckons that this time around, Silver Wing wants to create a star."

Xie He still could not accept it. "That is impossible!"

2nd place, and he did not feel anything. But the point gap was too big! If the opponent had only had 3,000 points, Xie He would have admitted defeat. But 5,000?

How had he done it?!

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