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Whatever other people thought, the game never stopped. The leaderboard had only just refreshed for the first time, and this battle had just started.

Xie He rested for a little while as he recovered some energy and let the team doctor examine him before entering the game cabin once more. He just did not believe that, in the next hour, the opponent would score that high once again! Even if it was a team formed by a cooperative and created under that super ID, there would still be time constraints and limitations, right? Even if it was just playing a game, people would become tired, and energy was limited. Did other teams have the resources, information and allocations that the Big Five had?

On Silver Wing 50th floor, Wayne had not left; he was still waiting there.

Why had he said that the virtual projects department was up to something?

The emergence of an expert had made Wayne very happy. So much so that, every time he looked at the rankings and saw the words "Silver Wing," he felt excited. But for a business-oriented entertainment company, any important matters had to go through the planning team's arrangements before anything could begin. In the past year, Silver Wing had only had two instances that had called for this. The first was the sudden success of Polar Light. Back then, the manner in which Polar Light had appeared had caught many department teams unprepared, and even their spokesperson had only been able to smile; he'd had no answers for the public.

The second instance was this.

When the leaderboard on Fiery Bird's website had been refreshed for the first time, numerous media from the world had focused on the team "SilverWing50PolarLight" and the mysterious player "AliveAfter500Years." Thus, the questioning had started. Silver Wing's chief spokesperson, Lin Dun, once again had no answers for the public and could only smile.

As the manager of the gaming department, Wayne was feeling both scared and delighted, but he had to consider the company's reputation. The truth could not be publicly announced. If it were leaked, it would be treated as a joke; money invested in the few celebrities of Silver Wing's gaming department could not accomplish anything, but the virtual project department suddenly managed to produce such a hotshot. Now, Silver Wing's public relation team was busy trying to solve this problem.

As for Wayne, he wanted to continue waiting here. He wished to get the latest news firsthand from Zu Wen and the others. Now, the only ones who could contact Fang Zhao were Zu Wen and the others.

Zu Wen and the others had once again entered the game. The one hour that Fang Zhao had instructed them to reflect for had passed, and they had been itching to log on once again.

After logging on, they were once again at that warehouse. The corpses of the few beasts that Zuo Yu had killed before he'd disconnected had already disappeared.

In the game, corpses lasted for a short period before vanishing. As a game, entertainment was still the main point. Players did not play the game to suffer abuse. Games were the point where reality and virtual reality met at the most appropriate point, and that most appropriate point was when players could feel the realistic background and find the joy in games. The piling up of corpses and the rotting smell would definitely be too extreme. Therefore, after a while, corpses of both beasts and humans would disappear.

That was why the game had felt even more empty. During that part of history, there had been too many organisms dying in the initial stages of the Period of Destruction. Entire cities had been enveloped with the smell of rotting flesh; the game had done well to avoid those elements.

"Boss isn't here." Zu Wen looked left and right, not daring to be careless this time. He kept his voice low and carefully scanned his surroundings.

"Boss left a message for us," Rodney said.

In the game, communication was also more convenient. Members of the same team had their own communications platform.

"Go explore freely and adapt."

"He also didn't mention where he is."

Zuo Yu asked in the team chat, "Boss, where are you? Do you need assistance?"

There was no instant reply from Fang Zhao.

"Perhaps he is busy right now," Zuo Yu said.

"Oh, right. Zuo Yu, I didn't ask you back then because Zhu Zhen and Wayne were there, but back when we all disconnected, do you know what happened with Boss?" Zu Wen asked.

Zu Wen felt that, whether it was Zhu Zhen who had been assigned by the top brass or the gaming department's Wayne, they were all considered outsiders. They would only talk about any secrets in private, not mentioning anything in front of these outsiders.

The others also looked toward Zuo Yu suspiciously. Fang Zhao placing first on the leaderboards had shocked them as much as anybody else.

Zuo Yu had no idea how to explain and could only say, "His shooting is very accurate."

Zuo Yu did not mention the part about Fang Zhao brandishing the iron rod and going all out. He was worried it would scare Zu Wen and the others.

"So what do we do now?" Zu Wen was puzzled. "Should we go hunting for beasts?"

"There is probably nothing big here left to kill. We can only pick off a few small ones," Zuo Yu replied.

The place they had been sent to was the city district. Currently, the number of mutated beasts that they could encounter was limited.

Zu Wen was a little gloomy. "Don't tell me there isn't even a rat?"

"There will probably be rats, just much less. History lessons in secondary school mentioned that the rats that lived in the sewers during the Period of Destruction had a greater resistance to the virus, and their immunity toward it was higher. The vaccines were developed through them. On the contrary, it was those pets that were pampered that had a higher rate of infection."

"Then let's go look for some. Let's see what else we can find. Oh, Boss cleared upstairs once. Let's check it out and see if we can find any usable tools."

Zuo Yu was indifferent. Before Fang Zhao replied, he would bring these people to adapt first.

"I can't help but feel like we are holding him back," Zu Wen muttered.

Rodney also agreed. "There is a lot of pressure."

This was the first time they had encountered such a situation.

They had originally decided to cover Fang Zhao in the game, but they had never expected that they would end up being the ones dragging the team down.

Zuo Yu stood at the side expressionless. He thought to himself, You guys have a lot of pressure? Is it more than mine? You only have this pressure in-game, whereas I feel pressured both in-game and in reality!

"Battle of the Century" runtime: 2:00:00.

The leaderboards refreshed for the second time.

Wayne had already situated himself in front of the screen. 

After the leaderboards refreshed for the second time, Yanzhou districts two leaderboards did not have much changes in the rankings. The group leader board was was still occupied by the Big Five e-sports clubs, and the individual leaderboards also had no changes. However, the gap in points between 1st and 2nd place widened even more.

AliveAfter500Years, who had placed first, had a total of 15,377.6 experience points. Xie He, in 2nd place, only had 6,018.3. The professional marksman from Mazhou, Ma Xier, had 8,195.5.

The difference was hard to believe!

When he saw the leaderboards, Wayne could not help but violently suck in a breath of air. Ecstasy, excitement, and a sense of loss were his main lines of thought. All the while he maintained his gaze on the screen, only his two fists that were clenched on the table were trembling. He knew that the gaming department's opportunity had come!

The forums started to boil. After the second refresh, many people were terrified.

Previously, they had doubted how he could garner 5,000 points within an hour. In the second hour, the person had straight up racked up 10,000!

Even if the competitor from Mazhou had managed to improve and achieve more than 4,000 points, compared to AliveAfter500Years, he could not keep up at all.

"Is... is... is this really something a human can do?"

"15,000 points! 10,000 in an hour! How did he do that?! Did he go crazy from all the killing?"

"Exactly which district in Yanzhou? I want to go spectate."

There were even people who spent cash to purchase an announcer tool in the Yanzhou Region. Everyone in the districts could hear and see the message he broadcasted: "Anyone knows which district AliveAfter500Years is at? A $1,000 reward! PM me!"

There was more than one such announcement. It could have been some rich kids, some entertainment media, or a certain e-sports club's personnel using a decoy to obtain information.

But no matter how much these people hollered, no one was able to determine where AliveAfter500Years was for certain. The SilverWing50PolarLight team had restrictions on their public information. Other than the team name, nothing else could be seen.

For players logging into the game, the places they appeared at were randomly allocated by the game.

Zu Wen and the others also never communicated with other people. After being forced offline by a bite, he'd felt too ashamed to mention it to his friends. Besides, the majority of people he knew were online and enthusiastically playing the game. People that were like him, who found themselves in a situation like when he'd been bitten by a fish, were few and far between. The other members of the team were also in similar situations and had not communicated much with their classmates or good friends. This also gave rise to a situation where nobody knew who was in "SilverWing50PolarLight" or which district they were at.

Analysts had made a list of their guesses. A single player being able to get that many points would have quite some activity, which would not go unnoticed. However, Yanzhou region had 100 little district maps, and there were a number of places with activity. Removing the districts that had the least possibility because they were occupied by the few big e-sports clubs, there were still quite a number of districts that seemed possible. Narrowing it down further, they picked out 7 districts, Some of these districts might also have had professional e-sports clubs there, but who could confirm whether Silver Wing had collaborated to form a team with those smaller e-sports clubs or private teams?

District 79 was among those in the reckoning.

The people of district 79 were depressed. A crazy KSing demon had appeared, or maybe a KSing team. Nobody knew who was responsible, as they could not even catch a glimpse of an ID. It was unclear how many people were involved, as most of the time, they did not even see anyone.

"Battle of the Century" runtime: 4:00:00.

District 79 was swept clean.

"Battle of the Century" runtime: 8:00:00.

District 79 was swept clean.

"Battle of the Century" runtime: 12:00:00.

District 79 was swept clean.

Many people had already somewhat adapted to the game, and their equipment had also improved. Some richer players had purchased equipment from teams that specifically sold in-game equipment. Due to this, the number of people who could KS had decreased, because the standards of everyone had improved.

But nevertheless,AliveAfter500Years continously placed first on the global leaderboards for 12 hours straight. Every time the leaderboards refreshed, his points would increase by 7,000–10,000 points. Not only were those behind unable to catch up—on the contrary, the point difference kept becoming larger.

The game's players from all regions were unhappy.

"I don't believe this! There has to be a problem somewhere!"


"Report him!"

"I strongly request an investigation!"

Fiery Bird had received too many complains today. In the past, no one had dared to question Fiery Bird's games. If there was any hacking software, it would be considered a humiliation to Fiery Bird's technical team, but this time it was different. Not only did Fiery Bird's technical team not get angry, they even released a public statement: "We have investigated thoroughly, and everything is normal."

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