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Chapter 999
Chapter 999: Intersection of Past, Present, and Future (4)

Rhode was speechless and caught between laughter and tears by the words of the other Creator Dragons . Others were thinking of ways to break free, but these people were coming up with ideas to add stocks and chains to the Dragon Soul Continent . But Serena shook her head slightly upon hearing Rhode’s question .

“No, that isn’t it, Mr . Rhode . I suppose you’ve realized that even though we tried to create the game as close as the world itself, some problems aren’t resolved yet . ”

“Yes, at least I have neither seen team announcements nor revival spells in reality . Even accepting missions is completely based on luck…”

Rhode twitched his brow at this thought . The mission system that failed at times made him feel deceived . But after hearing his grumbles, the four of them revealed bitter smiles and Arthur took over the conversation . “Of course, we understand your dissatisfaction, Mr . Rhode . Frankly, after you transmigrated to our world, we have tried ways to reach you through spiritual communication . But due to the far distance between us, we failed to come up with other solutions . In fact, we also hope you’d have faster growth through the mission system . However, due to the issue of distance in the plane barrier, only the smallest part of the power could overcome this limitation . So…”

I see .

Rhode nodded to Arthur’s explanations . In other words, the Dragon Soul Continent that he played should have been a standalone, online game . But as the distance was too far apart between the client (Rhode) and wireless host (this place), the signal connection was intermittent . No wonder the connection to the mission system was choppy at times as it was highly likely due to the intermittent signal connection . Thereafter, Rhode gradually rose in level and the signal strength on the client’s side increased, which led to the stability of the signal connection .

“Besides, we don’t have intentions to transform the Dragon Soul Continent completely . Just as we said, we suppose you understand that some things exist in itself . But the problem was that we didn’t add this concept when we created the world . This was why even when such behaviors were shown, we were unable to receive power as there were no similar concepts . And what we need to do is to reinforce these concepts to the Dragon Soul Continent, in order to maintain its safety and issues . ”

“… I suppose I understand . ”

Rhode knitted his brows and pondered for a few moments . But this time, perhaps due to his personal experiences, he quickly understood what Arthur meant . Taking levels, for instance . Within the Legendary Stage, there was the Basic Legendary Stage, Intermediate Legendary Stage, and Peak Legendary Stage . But this was because there were no classifications under each specific level . After adding system classifications, Rhode could detect the specific level of others, such as seeing whether the person was level 62 or 68, or level 73 or 76 . It was a kind of connection between ‘Order’ and ‘Rules’ from the behavior of distinctly classifying levels one by one . This was the same for a group of adventurers who protected trade associations from bandits . The trade association would be grateful to the adventurers and in return, the adventurers could purchase merchandise from them at half price . But putting this process into the game was actually the same as adding a step in increasing the reputation of a group or force . Nothing seemed to have any changes on the surface, but as the rules in Dragon Soul Continent didn’t include a system concept like the ‘Reputation System’, their actions couldn’t be recognized as part of the ‘Order Rules’, even if mercenaries did the same thing and enjoyed the same benefit . Without this concept, the act couldn’t be transformed into power . Without power, people couldn’t contribute their strength to maintain the complete unity of Order .

This would sound outrageous in Rhode’s world . But it would still be understandable considering the unique situation of confrontation between Order and Chaos in the Dragon Soul Continent and the maintenance of the dragon soul protections . At least in Rhode’s world, humans didn’t witness the universe sending aliens with malicious intention to destroy earth from time to time .

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“In other words, people won’t wake up one day and see a system interface before their eyes or witness the health bar of others?”

“You’re right, Mr . Rhode . We were only contributing bricks and tiles for the Dragon Soul Continent and not changing them from the core . Of course, the people who inherited our energy might be exceptions, but to others, they won’t feel any change in their daily lives . But… it will affect our world this way . If we can merge the rules and structure of the system network with the energy of the Dragon Soul Continent itself… Some of the things that can be done in the game can also be accomplished in reality . ”

Arthur paused, before continuing .

“Such as… resurrection . ”

Pfff… Is this the rhythm of begging for treatment? Could it be that the natives can still return to their bodies in the state of their souls after death?

Rhode spluttered a mouthful of saliva and criticized them in his mind . He displayed a strange expression, imagining the natives in his territory screaming and charging ahead, while the team captain in the side commanded in a head full of sweat: “Heal and cast a mass resurrection spell! Those souls in the back, return to your bodies! Don’t let us remind you!”

Will it really be fine?

“Chaos is too powerful . We need sufficient strength to resist it . Mr . Rhode… We’re willing to give everything for that . Of course, a game is a game, after all, and it isn’t too possible for souls to go running back to their corpses after the game merges with reality . We don’t have enough power to maintain the materialization of the soul . Besides, perhaps only these with abundant energy can cast the resurrection spell, considering the maintenance of the dragon soul barrier . Besides, the resurrection will only be limited to those who die abnormal deaths…”

Rhode was starting to foresee scenes of clerics being placed on the altars already .

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But… This topic would only be left for later . He was more concerned about something regarding him .

“Alright, I guess I understand the reason why all of you created the Dragon Soul Continent . But… Why didn’t you do it yourself? Why did you get me involved?”

This was Rhode’s biggest doubt . If it were in the past, he could accept it as pure luck . But now he suspected if everything was premeditated . Why was it him? Could it be that it was due to him being the strongest player? But that wouldn’t make sense . If the Creator Dragons possessed such formidable strength, why didn’t they do it themselves instead? Looking at the situation from a thousand steps back, even if they weren’t willing to return to the continent themselves, they could still choose several powerful characters to go in their stead . Also, Rhode believed that the top 10 players could handle the situation well enough . Besides, having more of them would increase the success rate, wasn’t it? After Rhode transmigrated, he was almost half-dead . If it weren’t for his good luck, perhaps he would have died in the forest . Would that be fine too?


Arthur revealed a bitter smile . Then, he gazed at Rhode helplessly and spoke after a few moments .

“Honestly, Mr . Rhode, this is totally an accident . Although you’re doing great in the Dragon Soul Continent now, frankly speaking, we have never considered sending you or any aliens to our world . ”


Rhode was taken aback . Arthur quickly answered him .

“It’s simple, Mr . Rhode . You’re not a native of the Dragon Soul Continent . Perhaps you have love and friendships there, but to you, it is only a foreign world . You didn’t create the world, neither did you watch it grow . You were also not born in that world . We’re uncertain of your feelings toward the Dragon Soul Continent as an alien . This isn’t a simple mission . This isn’t to rescue a certain person or country . Instead, it is to rescue the entire continent . Destruction is almost unstoppable, especially for people who have personally experienced the disasters of Chaos . I will be frank, we won’t be surprised if a transmigrator like you escaped the world with your loved ones after your failure to win against Chaos . ”

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Rhode let out an awkward cough because Arthur’s words had hit home . After Rhode learned from Alice about how devastating the ancient Chaos disasters were, he had considered something similar . This was also why he allowed the Mage Tower to build a Dimension Gate in his territory . If he failed to resist Chaos, he could still escape through the Dimension Gate with his loved ones . He would simply treat it as transmigrating once again, and with a group this time… But come to think of it…

“In this case, why didn’t you start immigration from a long time ago? You can let those people leave that world and head to other worlds, just like how you came to Earth . I suppose the confrontation between Chaos and Order in other worlds isn’t that common…”

“Dimension Gates are one-way portals and we are uncertain of where they’re linked to . What if the people enter the void or face spatial turbulence? The strong ones may protect the minorities and survive, but it is definitely death for the others . We don’t have any way to confirm that the outside worlds are suitable for our existence . It is an extremely dangerous risk . Besides… Even if we find a suitable outside world, there is also a time limit for the Dimension Gate . We don’t have a way to transport everyone on the continent to outside worlds . ”

That makes sense…

Rhode couldn’t help but recall a sci-fi movie that he watched in the past . A massive meteorite was flying toward Earth . Earthlings didn’t consider the option of quickly building a massive fleet of spaceships that could transport six billion people away . Taking the Solar System and Milky Way out of the picture, there were currently no planets found that were suitable for immigrants . Even if there were, the human technologies weren’t advanced enough to transport everyone . Therefore, the quickest way was to blow up the meteorite and make it disappear forever . Even if it couldn’t be done, only a minority of people could escape to an underground shelter, while the majority of people could do nothing apart from waiting for the meteorite to crash on them . This situation was really similar to the Dragon Soul Continent . The difference was that the meteorite that was about to crash into Earth could be blown up . But if it were a planet that broke away from the orbit and crashing into Earth, perhaps it would be the worst ending for them, where not even several Oscars nominations could save them . Moreover, at the very least, the technology on Earth could still transmit signals back and forth from each other . But the ridiculous Dimension Gate was only a one-way portal . No wonder even the Creator Dragons treated it as a last resort .

“But… what has it got to do with me?”

Before Rhode returned to his senses, NingJing said with uncertainty .

“If it is only you, it doesn’t really matter, Mr . Rhode . But this is related to your younger sister . ”

Rhode’s heart sank .

“Could it be that…”

“Yes, Mr . Rhode . You may have noticed that your younger sister is like us . She is one of the creators of Dragon Soul Continent—the Void Dragon . ”

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