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Chapter 1000
Chapter 1000: Fate of Twins (1)

Rhode’s expression didn’t change the slightest after hearing Arthur’s words, but his fiddling hands stopped moving about on the drink can . Even though Rhode did have such a suspicion before, he felt it was absurd when his guesses were affirmed by someone as though he were dreaming . The girl who grew up with him was actually one of the creators of this world? Rhode could still recall the days he spent with his younger sister—all the little details . But the more he recalled, the more he felt like the truth was too outrageous .

“You may find it hard to believe, but it is the truth . ”

Upon realizing the change in Rhode’s mood, Serena said with a forced smile .

“If you feel carefully, you will discover that we don’t have too many spiritual powers left in our body . Our powers are only slightly stronger than humans of this world . But that is all to it . From the start, in order to protect the Dragon Soul Continent, we left most of our powers in the original world . After passing through the Dimension Gate, we expended a lot of power to resist the spatial turbulence . Therefore, in order for us to survive, we had no choice but to fuse ourselves into human bodies . Using a common word from online novels—rebirth .

“… But such rebirth isn’t perfect . There isn’t much spiritual power left in our bodies . The Void Dragon’s condition is worse than us, I suppose… As for the specific reasons, you should be as clear about it as we are . ”

Rhode remained silent . He looked at the reflection of his face on the glass window . It looked the same as his younger sister’s, as though a face printed from the mold . Perhaps the only difference between them was their gender . But it was also due to this that…

“The Void Dragon had the strongest spiritual power among us . This was why she was only reborn much later than us . But we didn’t expect such a thing to happen . Of course, I don’t have any complaints about you, Mr . Rhode . You also shouldn’t beat yourself up about it . It was really dangerous to transmigrate through space and challenging to survive upon reaching the new world . As for what comes next… I can only say that luck wasn’t on her side . ”

“This is a problem between me and her . I’m aware of that . ”

Rhode interrupted Arthur’s consolations . He didn’t need anyone to criticize his relationship with his younger sister . Besides, it also wasn’t the main point .

“But you didn’t answer my question . What has this got to do with me transmigrating into your world?”

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“This was what happened, Mr . Rhode . ”

This time, Ningmi explained .

“We only discovered it afterwards . Perhaps it was because you and Her Majesty Void Dragon are twins, and after Her Majesty Void Dragon transmigrated and fused into a human, her strength was divided into two—with one part entering your body . I suppose you’re aware that there is a special telepathy between you and your sister . That was the embodiment of that power . ”

“In other words… I received the power of the Void Dragon since I was born?”

Rhode recalled a particular incident all of a sudden . The Country of Light was resisting the Country of Darkness’s army and Lilian went to the frontline . Back then, Rhode conducted an investigation in order to confirm Lilian’s situation . At that moment, [Race: Dragon Soul Heir] was displayed in his system interface . But after opening up the land of Chaos and awakening his power, the details were changed to [Race: Void Dragon Race] . Could this mean…

“In other words, I’m not a human from the start?”

“According to the definition of our world, it is indeed true . Your results for medical examinations and blood tests may be as normal as other humans, but if it is classified in terms of race and power, you are the same as us: one of the Creator Dragons . ”

“But my parents are humans, aren’t they? It is the same for yours too, right?”

“That’s right, Mr . Rhode . But we aren’t human spirits . The power of spirit can change the body . If not, despite the advanced technologies in this world, how do you think the few of us here can create virtual-reality technologies that are far ahead of this era?”

Rhode pondered in silence after hearing Serena’s question . Indeed, even though technologies were advanced in his world, a virtual-reality world like ‘The Matrix’ hadn’t been available yet . Although scientists had been working hard on the subject, they weren’t able to overcome this barrier . It was during that moment when the B&M Company became high above the world, shocking the entire world with their virtual-reality technologies . Besides, unlike intubating through the back of the head like ‘The Matrix’, the methods they used were extremely safe and reliable . Back then, the media of the world reported the various negative influences of this technological achievement on human development and their daily lives . Media also called into question how a small and newly established company developed such advanced technological means . But it seemed like… this was indeed a problem .

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“And this is where the problem lies . ”

Arthur gestured and the projection before Rhode’s eyes transformed into a familiar scene . It was the game interface of the Dragon Soul Continent .

“I suppose you already knew our motive for building this game in this world . We worked hard for it, gathering all sorts of data and getting prepared for our comeback . Like we said earlier, we consumed a large amount of power after transmigrating into this world . That was why we decided to send one person back to the Dragon Soul Continent to fulfill our mission . In order to gather and conform data, we input the transfer program into the deepest floor of the Deepest Labyrinth in the game, planting a BOSS to defend and protect it . We didn’t expect such a thing to happen . Firstly, the ‘Void Dragon’ was almost invincible and players couldn’t possibly defeat it . Secondly, the program was hidden, so even if the BOSS was destroyed, players wouldn’t discover it . But what we didn’t expect was that… you actually defeated the Void Dragon…”

Arthur revealed a bitter smile, while Rhode knitted his brows . He finally understood why players believed that the Void Dragon was formidably powerful and no one dared to challenge it . But…

“I don’t quite understand yet . In this case, why did you still design the BOSS? Since it is just a program, won’t it be the same wherever you hide it?”

“This is different, Mr . Rhode . ”

Ningjing shook her head . This was the first time she revealed a grim look on her smiley face .

“After the B&M Company was established, we were scouted by many organizations and some hackers even tried to infiltrate our program for secrets . The datcollection program is essential for us, which was why we placed it in the depth of the core and set up the strongest firewall . Not only that, but we also added an escape program, just in case . ”

“Escape program? It isn’t even a spaceship…”

“We aren’t presences of this world, Mr . Rhode . ”

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Rhode didn’t finish his question and was interrupted by Arthur . This was the first time this gentle and cultivated man revealed a solemn and uncertain look .

“You may or may not understand, but we’re constantly worried either about being struck back from this world or other areas at any time . In order to prevent accidents, we designed and added an escape code in the datcollection program, just in case . As soon as the program detects one of the Creator Dragons being heavily injured, it will determine that we may possibly be under attack . When that happens, the program will automatically activate our hidden power, forcibly connect the signal with the plane of existence channel, and transfer the Creator Dragon, as well as its data back . ”

“… Could it be that…”

Rhode presented an odd expression, while Arthur nodded with a forceful smile .

“To tell you the truth, Mr . Rhode, the Void Dragon’s program in the bottom floor of the Deepest Labyrinth drew support from your younger sister’s power . You also possessed the power of the Void Dragon . As neither of you won in the final battle, the escape program determined the condition of [Creator Dragon Under Attack], activating the program automatically and transported you into our world… Frankly, we were also baffled that this happened . Although we have been observing you, that was…”

Arthur spread his arms apart helplessly . It was apparent that he didn’t know what to say anymore . Rhode was also stupefied . He understood the reason, but…

“Can’t you try again? Is there a way for me to open up a channel for your return?”

“That is impossible, Mr . Rhode . ”

Ningjing shook her head with a bitter smile, denying his suggestion .

“It was our final, coalesced bodies in the previous program and we don’t have enough spiritual powers to try again . Besides, like we said earlier, the power system in this world is different from the continent where we’re in . We can’t gather and produce spiritual powers . As for your side… Frankly, the signal has run out of power . Although we are able to meet here, I suppose we will not see each other again after the connection is cut off . And you will not be able to find us through the signal tower anymore . ”

Rhode sighed . He wasn’t an idiot . He understood what she meant, of course .

“In other words, only I can accomplish it?”

“Yes, Mr . Rhode . Although it is tough for us to ask, you’re the only one who can do it… We will transfer all the essence of our strength to you . But before that…”

The four of them stood up all of a sudden . Rhode witnessed their actions and also stood up unknowingly . Arthur gazed at him and spoke .

“… Someone wants to meet you…”

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