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Published at 30th of July 2020 05:53:08 PM
Chapter 994
Chapter 994: When BOSS meets BOSS

“Greetings, Your Highness Erin . ”

Rhode heaved a sigh of relief in his mind . With Erin around, he didn’t need to worry about this battle anymore . Players needed a party of between 50 and 100 members in order to defeat this Moon Princess . Compared to Grazite, who only required 25 members, they were on a totally different level .

“As you can see, we’re facing a small issue here . You wouldn’t mind helping us, would you?”

“Devil Monarch?”

Erin cocked her head to the side . Then, she spotted Grazite who stood up in the wild dust and debris . Her beautiful eyes narrowed dangerously . It was apparent that as a person of Order, she couldn’t allow Chaos beings to disrupt peace in this world .

“I didn’t expect to see a devil here…”

“Dragon, huh…”

Grazite gnashed his teeth . At this moment, he was in an extremely miserable state . He was already hurt from defending against the attacks by Rhode’s group and in addition to Erin’s overwhelming dragon aura, he wouldn’t have survived if he weren’t a Devil Monarch . But even so, he wasn’t feeling optimistic . His shield was scarred with damage while the iridescent sheen on the snake-shaped sword was now also very faint . His clothes had become ragged . The dim aura around him displayed his weakness in strength . And now, he could no longer go up against Rhode’s group .

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The dragon’s prestige suffusing from Erin was so apparent that even Rhode clearly sensed it . But perhaps due to the difference in level, Erin’s dragon’s prestige was much stronger than his . It wasn’t something as simple as just a ‘presence’, but instead, it was an offensive ‘aura’ . Rhode had no doubt that any ordinary person who was within the range of her all-out dragon’s prestige would be instantly frightened to death .

Fortunately, Rhode had restrained his dragon’s prestige earlier to avoid giving the game away . Erin gazed curiously at him, before turning around and looking at Grazite silently . Then, she opened her mouth wide .

The moon princess sucked in a deep breath of air…

At the next moment, a blinding radiance swept across the hall, eradicating every obstacle and debris . Grazite jumped to his feet, attempting to avoid the formidable attack . However, the powerful airstream pushed him back like an invisible palm smacking him, eliminating his faint aura like a gale gusting through the filthy dust . Then, a white light flashed and swept toward Grazite . He couldn’t retaliate anymore . Even though his movements were fast, Erin’s reactions were quicker . Grazite was devoured completely .

The exploding sonic barrier shook the entire hall . Dust and gravel scattered from above, while the remains and limbs of the devils turned into nothingness due to the overbearing dragon’s prestige . The entire hall had as though been cleaned entirely . On the other hand, the teleportation ritual was perfectly unscathed which was seemingly tougher than it seemed .

“Damn the dragons!”

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Grazite wasn’t dead yet . Even though he was in dire straits, he managed to survive the catastrophe . Suddenly, the space around him twisted . It was apparent that he couldn’t care less any longer . If he were in the Bottomless Abyss now, he wouldn’t be this afraid even if he were facing the Dark Dragon . But this was the main plane, the home field for the Creator Dragons . If he didn’t flee now, he might not have the chance anymore . Although ripping through space was extremely dangerous, as he would get swept by the spatial turbulence, it was still better than staying here . Even though he might die in the spatial turbulence, he would definitely lose his life if he remained here! There was no more time for hesitations . He must give it a shot no matter what!

But it was a pity for him that things didn’t turn out as he wished . At this moment, several ice-cold rays flashed!

Canary raised her hands high, the flames gathering in her hands forming a blazing, spiraling serpent that pounced on Grazite . Mini Bubble Gum chanted under her breath, pushing her arms forward to cast layers upon layers of crystal-clear light screens to block off the ruptured space . At the same time, Celestina’s black flames spread on the ground and erupted into a barrier . Grazite cursed, but it was too late…

Shira dashed through the black flames, slashing the scarlet sword in her hands and clashed on the snake-shaped sword, which Grazite struggled to lift . The snake-shaped sword was deflected away and flung to the side . At the same time, Rhode’s three shadow clones showed up on Grazite’s left and right, launching their attacks at him . In an instant, starry blade rays enveloped the devil completely, turning him into an indistinct presence within . Along the blood-curdling screeches and groans, the utterly destroyed iron shield in his hand flew out, followed by him . If it weren’t for his natural ability to fly as a devil, perhaps he would have plunged to the ground head first . But even so, he wasn’t looking great . He was covered in blood from his head to toes, while a turbid black aura diffused from his body . It wasn’t the premonition of a powerful spell, but was the sign of weakened Chaos instead .

But this wasn’t the end .

At this moment, Celestina’s chain sword and Angelina’s blood runes launched at him simultaneously . The claw-like end of the steel chains whistled across the air, lashing at Grazite’s back . The black flames erupted, leaving him shrieking in agony . Angelina expanded her wings and soared forward . She bit her finger and sprinkled blood from above, which turned into runes that encircled Grazite . Although she wasn’t strong enough to defeat this Devil Monarch, she could still delay his movements .

And that would be enough .

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The dark, blood runes held back his movements for only two seconds, just enough for a shimmering holy blade and scarlet red to fly across the air and slash into his body mercilessly .

“You will pay for your foolish acts!”

Grazite finally gave up resisting . He snarled unwillingly as the remaining spiritual power inside him coalesced like a time bomb . The electric current had finally been activated . Just a trigger would be enough to create a powerful blast to devour everything and teach these brazen enemies a lifelong lesson . But… things weren’t as simple as he imagined .


Rhode yelled . The young lady who had been missing since the start of the battle casually descending from above . She moved her right hand when suddenly, countless threads emanating white radiance appeared in the empty hall, wrapping Grazite like a spider web catching its prey . All of a sudden, the energy that was about to explode inside Grazite’s body reversed its flow . Then, an enormous black sphere appeared before Grazite’s chest . The Devil Monarch blanched at this sight .

“No, you can’t do…!”

Grazite didn’t complete his sentence because his body was already torn apart completely; sucked into the meat grinder of the black sphere by the reformed energy . The threads surrounding the black sphere flickered, transformed into golden rune lines, and spun quickly .

After a few moments, the runes disappeared . Everything returned to its peace, leaving a pitch-black spiritual crystal hovering before everyone .

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