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Chapter 993
Chapter 993: Advent of the Moon

This battle was equally tough for Grazite and Rhode’s groups as they struggled to break free from the vicious circle . Magic spells and spiritual spells clashed as blades confronted one another . The Glabrezus were becoming desperate under the attacks of Canary and Celestina, while Gracier and Madaras also played tricks behind their backs .

On the other hand, Rhode wasn’t having an easy time either .

Even though Mini Bubble Gum was providing support from the back and he had Shira as his sword, he only managed to reach a draw with Grazite . Of course, Grazite hadn’t unleashed all his strength and was still attempting to escape . Anyway, he had plenty of time to come up with new ways to destroy these bast*rds who provoked him . But now, he was extremely weak . If he were any other devil, he would have already caused a ruckus . But Grazite was special . Since he was known as the ‘devil who most resembled demons’, he had many more considerations and did not resort to risky actions . The supporting metal guards were destroyed during the battle between him and Rhode . Even though the metal guards were level 60 BOSSes of this floor, they didn’t stand a chance against the mighty Devil Monarch .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The holy sword clashed with the snake-shaped blade, forcing Rhode to retreat and dodge the splashing acid . Even though he was under the barrier of Mini Bubble Gum’s [Elemental Protection], he had no intention of meeting force with force . He swiftly released three shadow clones while Shira took his place instantly, brandishing the large, scarlet blade at Grazite’s waist along in the blustering gales . Grazite’s eyes glinted, swinging down the shield in his hand .  Clang! The rasp screeched in their ears and they took a few steps back . Grazite pointed a finger forward, emitting a maroon beam from the ring and hitting Shira directly . She stiffened as layers of rock grew over her body . But at the next moment, she felt a gentle breeze against her face . Then, the rocks fell off her body and she broke free from the petrification . Canary retracted her hand, welcoming Grazite’s raging gaze . She raised her right hand and strings of fireballs and blustering whirlwind became the theme of the battle .

It isn’t time yet .

Rhode retreated, staring attentively at Grazite . The two remaining Glabrezus were still alive, but it wasn’t because Canary and Celestina couldn’t defeat them . Even though they were only elite creatures, they became quite a handful after tensing up . But it wouldn’t usually take this long to eliminate them . In fact, Rhode had already received Angelina’s report through their contractual connection . At this moment, Erin and she were on their way to the Deepest Labyrinth . Just a while more and Rhode would have two more powerful reinforcements . He came up with an idea after hearing the report from Marlene before . He had never expected to face a Devil Monarch like Grazite in this adventure . Besides, he knew that there would be difficulties facing Grazite with his current party . Marlene was occupied with her work while Gillian was nowhere near them . God knew how long they needed to arrive here . This was why Rhode decided on his new assistants after learning that the Moon Princess was on her way to find him . Rhode was confident that Erin would provide assistance as she was a person of Order, after all . It wouldn’t be justifiable for her to not attack the Devil Monarch of Chaos . With her support, Rhode was sure that the weakened Grazite couldn’t escape, which was also why he got Canary and Celestina to delay time . Both sides needed more time . Grazite had to come up with ways to flee from this predicament, while Rhode had to wait for Erin’s arrival to capture that Devil Monarch .

“Damn it!”

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Just as Rhode predicted, Grazite became agitated and restless as time passed . Grazite realized that the plane signal restricting him wasn’t destroyed yet . Even though he still had two Glabrezus on his side and the other devils were also attacking the enemies, that wasn’t what he needed . Other than feeling worried that he would be defeated, another reason was that in the main plane, they, as creatures of Chaos, couldn’t replenish their strength . Therefore the longer the battle dragged on, the worse the situation would end up for him . Who knew what would happen if this stalemate continued!

“Masr, kiau, loy!”

Grazite snarled . The magical energy around him surged, coalescing into a strong power under the evil curse . Rhode’s heart sank instantly . He clutched the sword and looked over his shoulder at Celestina and Canary, who also realized the approaching danger . Canary gestured with her hands, instantly blasting an invisible sound wave in the shape of a fan forward, forcing the two Glabrezus who were caught unprepared to the corner . On the other hand, Celestina penetrated the chain sword into the skull of one of the Glabrezus . She flourished the sword and hauled its head out, spraying beads of blood up in midair . The Glabrezu collapsed, twitching constantly as its spine could be clearly seen . Before the other Glabrezu realized what happened to its companion, two blades appeared before it and punctured its eyes, squishing its brain into mush . Then, the two petite elven assassins flew back and dashed toward Grazite .

Everything happened in an instant .

It took less than five seconds after Grazite finished unleashing his powers—Celestina, Canary, Gracier, and Madaras eradicated the Glabrezus . But suddenly, Grazite vanished . It wasn’t a teleportation spell because no one could destroy the space imprisonment of the signal crystal . However, it was still possible for extreme speed to achieve this effect . Rhode saw the dark figure flit across before him and disappeared to nowhere . He remained calm, turning around immediately and slashing the sword in his hand in midair . At the next moment, dazzling, meteor-like blade rays erupted and struck toward the back . At the same time, Grazite arrived before Christie, growling and brandishing his sword at her . It was apparent that he knew who the culprit responsible for weakening his strength was . Besides, similar wisdom still existed even if this world wasn’t aware of the story of ‘besiege Wei and rescue Zhao'[1] .

Everyone else reacted quickly . The instant Grazite vanished, Canary pointed two fingers forward while pulling back her right hand like an arrow . Then, she released her right hand and a scorching flame arrow whistled across the air, aiming for Grazite’s back . On the other hand, Celestina snorted, lashing out the chain sword that was burning in pitch-black flames .

But Grazite disregarded their attacks . At this point in time, the fastest person would have the upper hand . He flourished the snake-shaped sword, unleashing the spell that he readied moments ago . All sorts of halos instantly encircled the blade as it swung .

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“Wishful thinking!”

Mini Bubble Gum snarled . A translucent, crystal barrier appeared in midair, clashing with the snake-shaped sword heavily . Mini Bubble Gum’s defense shield only lasted for less than two seconds, before shattering to this deadly blade . But these two precious seconds were enough .


Anne gnashed her teeth, lifting the shield quickly, and resisted Grazite’s powerful slash . Cracks started forming on the surface of her shield under the overwhelming force . Countless fragments scattered as the screeching rasp filled their ears . Anne’s feet sunk into the broken slate on the ground like a nail being hammered into the floor . Even though the holy barrier had eliminated the negative effects of the snake-shaped sword, Anne still couldn’t bear the immense force of the brandishing blade .

“Don’t look down on Anne!”

The young lady thrust the shield against the formidable pressure, her arms trembling from the overexertion of strength . But even so, she had to give her all to protect Christie behind her . Anne let out an outburst of anger, stomping firmly on her feet and overthrew the menacing snake-shaped sword .


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At this moment, two dazzling blade rays flashed in midair . Bell had silently jumped off the wall and arrived at Grazite’s right . She gnashed her teeth, flourishing the daggers at Grazite’s arm when suddenly, she was struck away by an unknown force, crashing into the wall behind her . But this was the end to Grazite’s aggression . He had no choice but to give up on his attack and raise his iron shield .

At the next moment, exploding flames, roaring holy light, dazzling, starry blade rays, and pitch-black flames enfolded Grazite’s tall, mighty stature .

“You can’t defeat me!”

A violent whirlwind erupted once again . Even though Grazite was injured all over, it could be seen that he still possessed a relatively large amount of strength . Moreover, he had successfully drawn himself away from Rhode’s group after the wave of attacks . But…

A dark energy boomed, enveloping him completely . The shrill of a dragon presence engulfed the hall and a beautiful, slender young lady appeared before Rhode .

“Seems like you’re having a lot of fun, Your Majesty Rhode . ”

The Moon Princess gracefully strolled into the hall, sizing up the place curiously . Then, she presented a mesmerizing smile at Rhode .

[1] In the Warring States period of Chinese history, the Battle of Guìlíng was fought between the states of Qí and Wei . In 354 BC, an army from Wèi was laying siege to Handan, the capital of the State of Zhao . Zhao turned to Qi for assistance the following year and Qi’s co-commanders, Tian Ji and Sun Bin, led an army to rescue Zhao .

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