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Chapter 987
Chapter 987: Devil & Demon

Powerful airwaves from the clash of blades shook the ground . Celestina widened her wings, the black chain sword in her hand wrapping the scarlet sword of the Balor Devil . Flames of black and red splashed, burning everything around them into ashes . The devils around them shrieked . They tried to assist their master, only to be burned to ashes immediately . The rasps of blades screeched in their ears . Celestina lifted her head proudly and spiraled skyward . She lashed out the chain sword as a whip while the Balor Devil roared, widening its pupil-less eyes and emitting fiery laser beams at her . Celestina swiftly folded her wings around her and negated the attack effortlessly .

“Lowly bast*rd . You will never defeat me!”

Celestina brandished the chain sword at the Balor Devil again . The Balor Devil sensed the threat from the pitch-black flames and flapped its wings to retreat hurriedly . At the same time, it clutched its blazing sword with both hands, swinging it forward to unleash a conical flame . Celestina pushed her left hand forward when suddenly, the air by her palm twisted to reveal a void like a menacing mouth, devouring the blistering flames completely . Then, she darted forward and clashed with the Balor Devil once more .

“Erm… Should we help her?”

Richard asked in lingering fear . As a mage, he knew a lot about the underworld . The Balor Devil was well-known as a high-class devils . In fact, when the Balor Devil appeared moments ago, many apprentices were stricken into silence . Its incomparable presence and evil aura struck their faces, leaving them breathless . This almost shattered their will of fighting against the devils .

But in comparison, Celestina’s attacks were much more surprising to the apprentices . This slender high-class demon appeared to be stronger than the Balor Devil . Although she seemed like a tiny rascal in the face of the massive Balor Devil, her attacks were incredibly lethal and terrifying .

“No, it’s not necessary . You’re better off staying in safety . ”

Rhode shook his head decisively . His intention of sending Celestina out there was to lure Grazite to this place because a battle between a demon and the devils wouldn’t raise his suspicions . On the other hand, the situation would be different if he sent Celia out . No matter what, the combined attacks of a demon and angel would easily raise Grazite’s alertness . And now, they only needed to watch the show and wait for the mastermind to show up .

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Rhode wasn’t worried that Celestina would lose to the Balor Devil . This demon young lady was sharper than she looked .

The hall was in a complete mess . The devils swarmed the place like roaring waves, only to be repelled by the light beams from the metal guards and the powerful punches of the stone giants . The six-armed snake devils brandished their swords at the stone giants . Even though they had the upper hand from the start, the powers of the remaining stone giants were strengthened and they were now equally matched with the six-armed snake devils . On the other hand, the black and red flames from Celestina and the Balor Devil engulfed half the hall . Rhode and his group hid in the corner in the safety of the metal guards’ defense . Fortunately for them, the hall was wide enough . If not, they would have been squashed like sardines .

The battle between Celestina and the Balor Devil continued .

Demons and devils were experts in spell casting and spell casters from the human world were basically nothing in their eyes . In an instant, various lethal spells bombarded the hall . But this was only the start for Celestina and the Balor Devil .

“Die, bast*rd!”

Celestina’s crisp voice made the harsh-sounding, evil curses sound melodic . She extended her hand and cast a yellow cloud around the Balor Devil . The air around it instantly turned dry as though all water in the surroundings were absorbed . The sea of devils shriveled, before eventually vanishing into ashes entirely by the blazing flames . The Balor Devil raised its sword . As magical radiance flickered from its blade, another translucent barrier enveloped it entirely to resist the threat of the yellow cloud . Then, the Balor Devil stretched out its left hand . The dark magic of death surging inside its body coalesced on its palm and blasted ahead in a silent beam . But the beam was instantly devoured by the pitch-black flames burning around Celestina .

At the same time, Celestina was preparing the next spell . She swung the blazing chain sword at her target again, while her left hand gestured complicatedly in midair . At this moment, indistinct hell runes appeared around her . While the chain sword struck the Balor Devil, the runes around her completely coalesced . She retracted the chain sword and pointed her left index finger at the Balor Devil . Shortly after, a deep green laser emitted from her fingertip, instantly diminishing the Balor Devil’s barrier . At the same time, a dozen of dazzling magical missiles erupted from the hell runes, bombarding the defenseless devil who was caught unprepared . It howled in agony, crashing to the ground from midair .

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Scarlet flames erupted yet again, destroying a large number of its ‘allies’ on the surface .

“Oh, my goodness…”

The mages were stunned like rural farmers who witnessed spells for the first time . But they couldn’t be blamed for this reaction . This battle was enough for them to prostrate in admiration, especially after seeing the unique spells that Celestina cast .

The principle of this was actually really simple . Powerful figures who possessed large amounts of magical power could coalesce runes in midair . What Celestina did was nothing more than ‘simultaneous spell-casting’ . While her left hand was gesturing the spell, the runes around her were constructing a high-level barrage of missiles . When the timing of the runes and her hand gestures matched perfectly, she could cast two spells at once .

But the mages knew that this wasn’t achievable by ordinary people . Mages needed to focus with absolute attention to ensure there were no mistakes during the casting of spells . If not, a tiny mistake could result in total failure . But this demon young lady displayed how one should perfectly cast a spell . Moreover, she was also multitasking, brandishing her chain sword while casting two spells .

The perfect combination of sword skills and spells, as well as close-range and long-range attacks . This was Celestina’s true strength as a demon .

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“Not bad at all . ”

Rhode praised, gazing at Celestina who hovered in midair . In fact, even though she was usually arrogant and couldn’t lift her head proudly before the other holy sword spirits except Celia, that was because she hadn’t been able to find a worthy opponent for her to unleash her strength . With this strength of hers, most people in this world were only ants in her eyes .

“Damn this filthy demon!”

The Balor Devil crawled to its feet, glaring fiercely at Celestina in midair . Then, the demon young lady’s body suddenly became distorted and vanished before its eyes, only to be replaced by a devil that took her place . The devil trembled and bulged like a balloon .  Boom! It exploded and rained bloody flesh from above .


The Balor Devil’s heart sank immediately . It had gathered all its remaining strength to cast this explosion spell to get rid of the annoying demon . But it didn’t expect her to predict its move . The instant they exchanged glances, Celestina swapped places with a devil to suffer the devastation of the spell in her place .

And this was the end of the Balor Devil because at this moment, a razor-sharp chain sword struck and penetrated its chest . Then, Celestina snarled .

“Devils are always so predictable with those tedious attacks . Bast*rds like you should feel honored to die in my hands!”


The Balor Devil struggled to pull the chain sword out of its chest . But this time, the black flames exploded, engulfing it entirely .

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