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Chapter 986
Chapter 986: Soldiers Against Soldiers and General Against General

The four devil emissaries swelled up, turning as long as snakes as their legs disappeared . Not only that, but three pairs of arm wielding swords also grew and widened from their bodies . The other devils were instantly thrilled . They charged ahead fearlessly, using their lives, blood, and corpses to pave way for victory . In an instant, everyone felt immense pressure .

“Six-armed snake devil… How interesting . ”

Rhode scoffed .

It’s time to release them .

Several green beams shot across the darkness instantly, turning everything into scorching flames . There was also the sound of operating mechanisms . Gabe looked around him anxiously, only to discover that the mysterious murals were falling off . One by one, enormous, octopuses-like metal creatures escaped from the walls . They had a pair of large golden eyes that emanated bright radiance like searchlights that illuminated the darkness . The metal, razor-sharp tentacles supported their massive bodies while a thin magic barrier enfolded them like in the shape of an egg .

They were the final BOSS of the tenth floor—Metal Guards Nazpark .

According to the game, players needed to defeat these metal guards in order to obtain teleportation rights to the ritual . But as the Void Dragon, Rhode didn’t need to go through the hassle . With the help of Karin, they quickly attained the controlling rights of the metal guards and modified their settings . And now, these idiotic devils who triggered the teleportation ritual was finally about to face their BOSS fight .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

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The metal guards widened their mouths, blasting energy spheres to the ground to absorb gravels at the surroundings . In the blink of an eye, two-meter-tall stone giants emerged from the energy spheres one after another .

In an instant, the situation took a turn . The arrogant devils were repelled as their flames and spells were useless against the stone giants . The tall stone giants ignored the evil aura and hurled punches, crushing the devils into bits .

“Oh-oh-oh, this is what I want to see!”

Mini Bubble Gum shrieked in excitement while the corners of Rhode’s lips lifted . Of course, he understood why this little rascal was so excited . In the Deepest Labyrinth, BOSSes on teleportation floors were much stronger than BOSSes on other floors, like the stone giants . They were level 65, immune to spells below the Middle Circle, and had a 50 percent damage reduction from spells above the Middle Circle . Moreover, they had regeneration attributes and high resistance against physical damage . In other words, spells were completely useless against them and only close-combat fights could defeat them . Not only that, but after defeating one stone giant, a mage was also required to freeze the stone giant’s core . If not, the stone giant would revive shortly after . But if players chose to destroy the core, the strength of the other stone giants would multiply accordingly . Of course, players could choose to continue fighting the stone giants with brute force, but the remaining stone giants would be extremely tough to defeat .

Therefore, the most effective way was to defeat one stone giant, freeze its core, and move on to defeat the other stone giants . Once all their cores were frozen, players could then destroy them altogether . Of course, a powerful group like Rhode’s could also grasp the timing perfectly to defeat the stone giants simultaneously . Then, they could freeze the cores and destroy them all at once . Sure, it was still possible to defeat the stone giants without deploying this strategy, but it would take up a lot more time and the devils obviously weren’t high enough in level to defeat the stone giants .

As ‘seniors’, Rhode, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum had the subtle pleasure of watching these ‘juniors’ seek their deaths unknowingly .

With the appearance of the true BOSS, the devils shifted their aggression away from Rhode’s group because Rhode’s group only acted in self-defense . On the contrary, the stone giants were set to destroy everyone apart from Rhode’s group . At this moment, they launched their attacks at the middle of the teleportation ritual . In order for the channel connecting to the Bottomless Abyss to not be cut off, the devils focused their energy in stopping them . Even though their levels weren’t high enough, the devils launched the ‘human’ wave attack and managed to defeat the three leading stone giants . In a series of loud booms, the exploding flames burst skyward, blasting the devils away with a powerful airstream . At the same time, the remaining stone giants snarled fiercely, their bodies growing in size and strength yet again .

“Heh, heh…”

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The three of them exchanged mischievous glances . No words were necessary .

As expected, the strength of the remaining stone giants immediately rose . The devils could no longer leave a single scratch on them, not to mention stop them from marching forward . The devils bravely darted ahead, brandishing their razor-sharp claws, only to be struck away . The four six-armed snake devils seemed to also realize that the enemies here were much harder to deal with . They shifted their attention over and charged at the stone giants .

Even though the stone giants were strong, slow movement speed was their weakness where they couldn’t hit the nimble six-armed snake devils at all . On the other hand, even though the six-armed snake devils brandished their blades and struck the massive stone giants, they failed to deal too much damage .

It’s almost time . Alright then, I shall apply more pressure on them .

Rhode extended his right hand . Several cards appeared above his palm, revolving beautifully . He grabbed them in a single swipe and clenched his fist to shatter them into bits .


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Spear Defenders clad in thick armor marched out of the darkness with spears and shields on hand . They roared, equipping the spears above the shields and taking an offensive stance . Meanwhile, Ultimate Judges clad in holy robes lifted their staffs to release a dazzling magical radiance . At the same time, Rhode activated [Taboo Halo] . As the halo flickered, the Spear Defenders’ steel armor glowed . Not only that, but their spears also changed in shape . The dazzling sacred beams from the Ultimate Judges turned into artillery fire, bombarding the devils .


The Spear Defenders marched ahead in unison . Rhode swung his right arm to the side and a card appeared in his hand . Then, a bright light shone on the Spear Defenders . In an instant, hundreds of thousands of razor-sharp steel spears appeared in midair, pointing forward and threatening anything that tried to stop them .

“Oh my God . This is…”

The mages widened their eyes in bewilderment . They had never seen such summoned creatures in groups . Besides, wasn’t this young man a swordsman? How was it possible that he possessed such amazing summoning skills? Also, why were the summoned creatures so powerful…?

“Damn it, you lowly maggots!”

Gabe flustered . Although he had cast a protective magic barrier over himself, the strong resistance enraged him . He widened his eyes and gnashed his teeth, glaring fiercely at Rhode’s group, which was enjoying the show .

“You will regret this!”

Gabe had decided . He started chanting curses under his breath as the ice-cold temperature in the hall suddenly rose . Then, a fire storm rained from the void above him, hitting heavily on the teleportation ritual . Then, scarlet flames erupted with lava and hot molten iron . A tall, enormous creature covered in flames appeared from within . Its eyes glinted in a white radiance filled with the aura of death .

“It’s the Balor Devil! This shameless bast*rd!”

Celestina growled . She flapped her wings and flew toward the Balor Devil, brandishing her chain sword . The Balor Devil snarled . In the blink of an eye, a blazing sword appeared in its hand, swinging to stop Celestina’s attack .

“Damn it!”

At this moment, a bloody battle between devil and demon began .

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