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Chapter 964
Chapter 964: Loyalty and Responsibility

The peaceful, joyous night ended as the first rays of dawn spilled through the window . Rhode sat on the bed, leaning on the bed frame while Sonia laid nakedly in his embrace with a blissful, satisfied smile . Even though her snowy skin was covered with purple bruises as though she was ravaged and whipped, it seemed like the ‘sweet agony’ left her more thrilled than ever . Moreover, unlike the other young ladies who were always around him, this was a rare chance for her . It was due to this reason that absence made the heart grow fonder and in the end, she continued to crave for his torture and love despite feeling herself breaking apart . The crazy night finally ended after she completely lost her consciousness .

At this moment, her feelings of emptiness and loneliness were entirely filled with satisfaction . She smiled and pressed her slightly bulging stomach, where a stream of white, viscous fluid trickled from between her legs .

“You remembered what I told you, right? Sonia?”

“Yes, Master . ”

Even though they were in this erotic moment, Rhode’s tone didn’t soften at all . Instead, he spoke with his usual aloofness . Sonia immediately nodded .

Thereafter, Rhode explained to Sonia about the problems between Chaos and the Country of Light . The problems bewildered her . She thought that her enemy was only the parliament and didn’t expect such a troublesome enemy . She more or less knew about Chaos despite no one in the Country of Light treating ancient legends seriously .

“But according to the parliament, that was a lie fabricated by the Creator Dragon Souls to consolidate their rule and brainwash the people . ”

“Well, I wonder who became the brainwashed ones instead . ”

Rhode scoffed . This had always been the case for this world . The idiots from the Country of Light always announced that everyone except them were brainwashed while they were living in freedom . But how was this not a kind of brainwashing too? Come to think of it, in order for a country to have strong cohesion, it was necessary to publicize their benefits while concealing the unfavorable truth . No one was clean in this world . If this could be accused of as brainwashing, wouldn’t everyone be brainwashed everywhere?

“But you have to remember, Sonia . This matter has nothing to do with you . No matter what, don’t intervene . You just act like you don’t know anything . You will just be by Lilian’s side and complete the mission . Do you understand?”

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The reason why Rhode gave her these instructions wasn’t because he wanted her to investigate something . Instead, he was simply warning her to stay away from troubles within the Light Parliament . Even if as a last resort, she definitely shouldn’t risk the dangers . She had to be the last line of defense for Lilian and help her resist the possible threats from the Light Parliament . This was why Rhode warned her to not mess with any matters involving Chaos worshipers . Not only that, but he also gave her a necklace specially made by Alice as an amulet . No matter what, Sonia was the weakest among all the women around him . She didn’t know how to cast magic spells and only possessed some basic sword skills . If she were to face any threats, she would surely be doomed . This was why Rhode spent a lot of effort in getting this plain-looking necklace from Alice . Although this necklace seemed like an ordinary accessory, it could drag its owner into the historical vortex while in the face of Chaos . Moreover, it could bring her back to the past of the last 10 minutes . All in all, if this were in the game, this necklace would be an automatic archive reader where when the protagonist faced dangers and died, the necklace would read the archive and the protagonist would be reborn .

“I understand, Master . ”

Sonia nodded solemnly . She was clear of her master’s intention . Besides, she knew that she was only suitable to work behind the scenes . As soon as she took the front stage, she wouldn’t be far away from death .

“As for Nakvard…”

“Let me think…”

Rhode twitched his brow and pondered . He had also received intelligence from Sonia about Nakvard . According to her, the possibility of Nakvard being a Chaos worshiper was relatively high . Sonia was considered the people of the Country of Light and always followed Lilian around . As a result, her senses to dragon soul powers subconsciously became sharper than ordinary humans . Therefore, it wasn’t strange if she sensed something strange about some secret Chaos worshipers . In this case…

“The possibilities of Nakvard being a Chaos worshiper is indeed high . ”


Even though it was Sonia who suggested it, she was still surprised to hear this answer from Rhode .

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“But Master, Nakvard doesn’t seem like that sort of person . If I recall correctly, aren’t Chaos worshipers a group of crazy people?”

“You’re referring to the low-class worshipers . As for the high-class worshipers, they don’t look any different from ordinary people . In this case, Nakvard should have a high position among the Chaos worshipers . ”

“Don’t look any different from ordinary people?”

Sonia knitted her brows and couldn’t understand this logic . Rhode quickly explained to her . After all, he was much more experienced in dealing with Chaos worshipers than her .

“That’s right . High-class worshipers are usually similar to humans . But there is an essential difference between them… Sonia, what do you think is the reason people make precise plans?”

“Hmm… In order to ensure that they control the results?”

Although Sonia didn’t know why he asked this question, she swiftly answered .

“That’s right . This is the thinking of humans, but it is completely different for Chaos worshipers . Chaos worshipers may make precise plans, but the plans are only a means to reach the end . Therefore, as long as they reach the end, they don’t care about the results because to them, reaching the end is the result . And the true result to them is… meaningless . They don’t care about success or failure . ”

“… Is that possible?”

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Although Rhode said it like a tongue twister, Sonia quickly understood what he meant . This situation was as though a particular person in the parliament raised a proposal . In order for the proposal to pass, that man prepared a lot of materials, coaxed many talents, and used several means to ensure that it was approved . In the end, with his hard work, the proposal passed and gained a lot of support . But just as the materials were ready and about to be implemented to achieve results, the man suddenly said, “Sorry, I’m not playing anymore; I quit” and left… Wasn’t that nuts?

At this moment, Sonia discovered that the crazy person she imagined was too ‘shallow’ . She thought that the so-called Chaos worshipers were a group of protesters rushing to the streets and brandishing their weapons . But now, it seemed like they were only side characters . Such crazy people were the scariest .

“Will it really be fine, Master? Even though the result of the election hasn’t been announced, Nakvard seems to have a high chance of becoming the new parliament chairman . If that happened…”

The thought of working for an insane person left Sonia’s hair standing . In fact, she wouldn’t be that fearful if Nakvard was indeed one because she could counter him with her own vicious means . Besides, even if there were any conflicts, they could also use their common goal as a result to communicate and probe each other . But if Nakvard turned out like what Rhode said and Chaos worshipers were a group of insane people, Sonia wasn’t confident in dealing with them .

“This was why I told you to not get involved with their internal matters . I suppose the Chaos worshipers have already infiltrated the roots of the parliament . If not, they couldn’t have possibly done such a thing… Hmm?” At this moment, Rhode recalled something . He twitched his brows and the corner of his lips rolled up . “No, there is something that you can do, Sonia . You should be aware that I hate seeing stability in the Country of Light, right? And you also said that Nakvard and Greig have almost equal votes . ”

“Yes, Master . Both of them have a lot of supporters, but Nakvard has slightly more because there are many immigrants among the supporters . On the other hand, Greig’s supporters are mainly the people of the Country of Light . ”

Born in one of the five largest financial groups, Sonia naturally knew a lot about this .

“Good . So…”

Rhode leaned forward and whispered into her ear . Sonia revealed an astonished expression, which quickly turned into a look of admiration and respect .

“Your thoughts are brilliant, Master . But… Will this be alright? What if Nakvard…”

“We’ll discuss Nakvard’s problem in the future . It will be for the best if he is willing to strike . The weaker and more chaotic the Country of Light is, the easier it is for us to execute our plan . Besides…”

Rhode revealed a gracious smile .

“Isn’t it the perfect opportunity for us?”

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