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Chapter 965
Chapter 965: Smoke Signal

After parting ways with Sonia, Rhode didn’t return to his territory immediately . Instead, he went to look for Lydia and explained the situation he and Alice predicted . The confident and chic Lydia didn’t seem affected as she displayed a gentle smile, bowing respectfully to him .

“I’m really thankful for the information you provided me, Your Majesty Rhode . It seems like seeking your assistance is the right choice . I can’t be more grateful to receive such a detailed answer from you . ”

“Don’t you have any opinions, Your Royal Highness Lydia?”

Rhode twitched his brows curiously . He wasn’t too surprised because even though Lydia persisted in her own ways, the fact that she was devoted to the Creator Dragon Souls never changed . Therefore, Rhode had already guessed that Lydia wouldn’t treat Lilian differently based on the fact that she might be involved with Chaos . But what he didn’t expect was that Lydia wasn’t hesitant at all . Back then when he heard this news, he pondered for a few minutes . But now, Lydia was behaving as though she knew about this the whole time .

“I don’t have any opinions, Your Majesty Rhode . ”

Lydia said with a warm smile and shook her head . She strolled to the window and watched the beautiful view with narrowed eyes . After a few moments, she continued .

“The land will forever be the land while the sky will forever be the sky . Maintaining balance in the mind is the most important . Her Majesty Lilian isn’t at fault, so it isn’t a behavior worthy of praise to hurt and isolate a fragile sprout based on guesses . The atrocity of Chaos isn’t the responsibility of Her Majesty Lilian . In that case, why must I be bothered? The only thing that I can understand now is what my two rigid companions are thinking about . Although I’ve indeed deduced this situation through their actions…”

Lydia shook her head . Then, she turned around and displayed a teasing smile .

“Your Majesty Rhode, greed is a taboo . I’ve heard that the moon princess is a guest at your place now . Am I right?”

“If it were possible, I would rather not have that guest around . ”

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Rhode answered within a split second . In fact, this was his genuine opinion . On the other hand, Lydia giggled and curled her lips in displeasure . “That wasn’t nice, Your Majesty Rhode . Erin is a good person . As her close friend, I can’t possibly turn a blind eye to this . ”

Rhode rolled his eyes instantly .  Do you even know what you’re talking about, Madam Archangel? As one of the three archangels, aren’t you afraid of being suspected as having illicit relations with a foreign country for calling their princess your close friend? Forget it . Judging from her personality, perhaps she wasn’t even concerned about it .

“By the way, even though this isn’t for revenge…”

As Rhode cursed in his head, Lydia spoke, as though to make things difficult for him .

“How has Lize been doing, Your Majesty Rhode? As her elder sister, I’m really concerned about her happiness . Please pardon my rudeness, but I’m wondering what plans you have for her . For instance, her identity, position, et cetera…”

Rhode realized that this archangel with the vibrant smile was the most deceptive one .

Nakvard strolled in the dark passage as his elegant, luxurious noble attire accentuated his tall stature . Also, his neatly combed hair spoke much about his personality . He held the cane carved from jade, walking on the sloping stone path as though patrolling his territory . This place wasn’t clean at all and there were even stolons emerging from the slate covered with dirt and filth . Nakvard continued to stroll to the end of the passage . However, there was no secret room or mechanism . Instead, it was only a dead end .

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Suddenly, a dim radiance shone from above, but it didn’t eradicate the pitch-black darkness . On the contrary, it caused a chemical reaction like a solvent which turned darkness into a disgusting, turbid matter where several indistinct human figures appeared within .

Nakvard stooped over for a bow to express his respects .

“The fifth dragon soul heir has officially appeared and the Order barrier has become more secure . ”

Shortly after, one of them spoke with a voice that sounded discomforting like noise pollution . The others stood quietly in the turbid matter and gazed at the speaker .

“Our plans have been obstructed . Don’t you have any intention to do anything about it?”

The plain voice was as though this matter wasn’t troublesome at all .

“Our plans have indeed been obstructed, but this isn’t anything to be concerned about . ”

Nakvard lifted his head and answered plainly .

“As long as we follow the plans and control the Light Dragon’s vessel, all problems will be resolved . The structure of Order will ultimately be worth nothing before the face of mighty Chaos . As long as we keep our patience, the day Chaos devours this continent will eventually come . ”

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“Don’t forget . That isn’t our ultimate goal, Nakvard . ”

At his moment, another figure spoke . His sharp voice echoed in the passage like a pair of razor-sharp claws, leaving ghastly slashes on the walls . The dark, ancient passage shook in his voice as though it were about to collapse anytime . Nakvard sulked for a split second before responding with his calm, solemn voice .

“Of course, I’m well aware of it . Besides, I’ve had enough time to accomplish it . The Void Territory is currently the best option for us to exploit . Their overlord who is also the new Void Dragon has a strong sense of hatred against the Country of Light . If we make good use of them, the conflagration of war will spread throughout this continent as a sacrificial ceremony to welcome the arrival of Chaos . Besides…” Nakvard paused . At this moment, the person who was always by Lilian’s side appeared in his mind . As someone who could be exploited, the young lady left a deep impression on Nakvard . “… I’ve found the suitable person to inject Chaos into our vessel . ”

“Good . We’re looking forward to seeing success with your plan . After Chaos descends, you will receive the highest reward as we agreed . As for the results… Anything is fine for that sort of thing . ”

“Of course, I’ve always been doing my best . ”

Nakvard lowered his head deeply . Then, when he lifted his head, the strange radiance had vanished, leaving only the disgusting hue of Chaos within the pitch-black darkness . The disturbing presence continued to sway and distort into weird shapes .

“I’ll get that huge amount of strength just from summoning Chaos?”

Nakvard muttered under his breath while his eyes burned passionately as though proving his most fanatical belief and reverence to the ‘miracle’ occurring before him . This was what he wanted and fought for! Authority and power would be worth nothing after Chaos contaminated the world . All of these were meaningless to him! Although their plans to use the Country of Darkness to attack the Munn Kingdom and Country of Light failed, he had successfully found another replacement . The Void Territory—judging from their previous actions, not only did they have obvious hatred toward the Country of Light, but they also possessed adequate strength to destroy the Country of Light . They were the best replacement . Even though they weren’t as powerful as the Country of Darkness, they were still more than enough for him to exploit .

Although I don’t know why the Void Dragon detests the Country of Light so much, it looks like I shall add fuel to this burning hatred .

Nakvard revealed an excited smile like an innocent child .

It’s almost time for the next battle .

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