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Chapter 953
Chapter 953: Dragon Souls Meeting (2)

The roaring air flowed across the sides of the hull and Lilian’s mood was as though the warm, dazzling sunlight reflecting off the golden hull .

“Lalala… How’s it, Sonia? I told you so, right? Those parliament idiots can’t stop me as long as I get the invitation!”

The little girl sitting on the throne rocked her legs and seemed so lively and anxious like she was about to go on a picnic with her family . Even though this behavior was normal for her age, it seemed pretty inappropriate for the situation .

“You’re right, Your Majesty . ”

Sonia responded with a smile . Of course, as a parliament member, she knew that the situation wasn’t as simple as Lilian thought . In fact, she didn’t expect the Country of Law had this much influence where even the Light Parliament couldn’t stop their emissaries from inviting Lilian to the ceremony . As a result, the parliament could only agree to the invitation and the main reason was because the ceremony was held in the Country of Law and not the Country of Light . It wouldn’t influence the people of the Country of Light too much . If not, they wouldn’t have accepted the invitation so straightforwardly .

But even so, Sonia clearly knew that the parliament had no intention of wasting this chance . She was aware that the parliament had sent their representatives to the Country of Law and planned to publicly confront Rhode about his violence and indiscriminate slaughter of their border army . Sonia just couldn’t figure out why the parliament was so daring . They were tormented by Rhode for a long time so hadn’t they understood that he wouldn’t fall into their trap? Moreover, the confrontation would be happening at a ceremony hosted by the Country of Law . Weren’t they afraid that this would cause dissatisfaction in the Country of Law?

Well… Forget it . Since I’m not the one doing the confrontation .

Sonia smiled at this thought . She poured the piping hot milk tea for the little girl in front of her . Back then, Sonia was concerned that the parliament would make her in charge of the confrontation . But now, since someone was willing to take the initiative and die in her place, she would gladly accept it .

But things weren’t as plain sailing, at least from what Sonia knew .

Even though Sonia followed Rhode’s orders and stirred as much trouble as possible among the humans of the internal department and external non-humans and successfully created several riots, it still was far from enough . Although the parliament faced a lot of challenges, the election managed to continue and the new chairman would soon be elected .

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And there was a problem… with that man .

Sonia was sure of that . As a politician, one had to consider interests before anything else . At the current stage, with a new dragon soul heir, the prime consideration should be to prevent him from joining the enemy . It was especially so after considering the Void Territory’s geographical location . Once the new dragon soul heir came into any agreement with the Country of Darkness, then the Country of Darkness could use it as a pedal to easily get past the Munn Kingdom and attack the Country of Light directly . Everyone knew that the reason why Rhode previously got involved in the war between the Country of Light and Country of Darkness was due to protecting his territory . On the other hand, if the Munn Kingdom lacked resources and firepower at war, he would also assist and care nothing about the life and death of the Country of Light .

Under such a circumstance, a certain degree of political negotiation was essential . Even though what the man did for the Light Parliament in the past was harmful, it was understandable that sacrifices were sometimes necessary in politics . There were rational parliament members who suggested not to clash with the Void Territory for now and to engage in further negotiations with the overlord instead . On the contrary, that particular man continued to raise proposals that were non-beneficial for the Country of Light . On surface, the banner was written with ‘the Country of Law is a nation that seeks law and Order and will definitely not turn a blind eye’ . It convinced many parliament members to pass the approval, but it was impossible for Sonia to not be aware that ‘Order’ in the Country of Law was actually referring to the ‘Order’ of the entire continent after being with Rhode for a long time . That man wouldn’t use the incident in Highland City against Rhode and she believed that the parliament was also aware of that . If not, why would they use the laws of the Light Mainland instead of the Country of Law’s creation code as a basis? All in all, they were also clear that the Country of Law wouldn’t care about their interests in this problem, wasn’t it?

The Country of Law, which consisted mainly of elves, wasn’t favorable to the Country of Light’s exclusion policies . It was especially so after the slave trafficking incident that happened by the border when humans captured elves as their slaves . Previously, the Country of Light’s army suffered gravely in Highland City and it was imaginable how many elves in the Country of Law clapped their hands in celebration, so why would they help the parliament to go against the Void Territory?

But that man actually suggested this proposal, and the other parliament members suspected he was insane . It was due to this reason that Sonia felt dubious of him . She didn’t know where the exact problem was but she knew that the man definitely wouldn’t commit such a mistake . Right now, he was as though pushing the Country of Light into the abyss, step by step . Besides… For some unknown reasons, Sonia felt uncomfortable about him . Just an exchange of glances left her disgusted as though her soul and body were corroded .

“I’m looking forward to meeting Big Brother Rhode… I’m wondering when I can meet him . ”

Lilian spoke with anticipation . Sonia looked at her with a gentle gaze .

No matter what, Master will have his solution .

At the same time, the other cabin was tense, unlike Lilian’s .

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“Sigh… Why are both of you so nervous? This won’t work, okay? We rarely have the chance to travel, so shouldn’t you relax a little more?”

Lydia spoke with a witty smile . She narrowed her eyes and curled up lazily on the sofa . Beside her was Gaya, who sat on her heels as usual, sweeping the harp strings with her delicate fingers and playing melodious music that livened up the cabin . But at the same time, two other people weren’t in the mood to appreciate the music .

“What exactly is going on, Your Royal Highness Lydia? Can you please tell me why your overlord became the new dragon soul heir?”

Boulder held the sword hilt by his waist and stood upright in front of the window . He shot a fierce look at Lydia, reminiscent of a sharp unsheathed blade . Even though Serene didn’t say a word beside him, her serious gaze also expressed her thoughts .

“Doesn’t it go without saying that buds that stand strong after the heavy storm will eventually bloom into beautiful flowers? Although I’m also surprised, what has it got to do with anything? At least for now, he isn’t our enemy . Isn’t that so, Boulder?”

Lydia answered with chuckles, but Boulder obviously wasn’t satisfied .

“So you knew that this would happen? Why didn’t you inform us beforehand? You’re aware of the serious consequences that this brings for us and Her Majesty, right?”

“Soft shoots are to be cherished and it will die if you water it excessively or give it too much attention . Besides…” Lydia lifted her head and her mesmerizing eyes glinted with unrelenting determination . “Exactly what serious consequences does this bring us? Isn’t it great news that we now have a new, powerful, and reliable ally?”

“Humans are greedy creatures . ”

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Boulder scoffed .

“A former friendship doesn’t mean that he will always stand on our side . Besides, he may even manipulate the feelings that Her Majesty has for him . From a certain aspect, isn’t he more dangerous than the Dark Dragon…”

Before Boulder finished his sentence, Lydia interrupted .

“Oh, you’re also aware that humans are greedy, Boulder? So why didn’t you and Serene do anything about that? You should be clearer than me about Her Majesty’s treatment in the Country of Light, so did either of you fulfill your responsibilities as guardians? As Her Majesty’s subjects, what have you done before pointing fingers at someone else? Why would Her Majesty trust an outsider instead of any of you?”

The melodious sound of harp stopped abruptly .

The boundless silence enveloped the cabin . Lydia sat on the sofa languidly and yet, seemed so incomparably solemn . After a few moments, Serene eradicated the awkward atmosphere .

“… We weren’t sure if she had the right to be served by us . ”

“No matter how many years have gone or how many changes one has experienced, earth will always be earth, sky will always be sky, and the sun will always be sun . Why? Could it be that both of you intend to continue waiting upon my lord to affirm her powers? The lord possesses dragon soul powers, or perhaps I’ve received the wrong knowledge?”

“But she…”

“We’re not discussing Her Majesty’s problems . We’re talking about ours . ”

Lydia airily waved her hand before staring at the two archangels .

“No matter how blunt the talons of the eagle soaring in the sky are, it will never team up with jackals and wolves . ”

Lydia closed her eyes .

“At the very least, I will do my best in my duties . So what will the both of you do?”

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